Thursday, June 2, 2016

Out of the Fog | Part Four | Boating Adventures

Out of the Fog | Part Four | Boating Adventures

We have a boat! Actually, this boat has been a part of our lives for a while now, but in May we were really able to experience quite a few new adventures on our Bayliner. While I cannot give you all of the specifics of the specs of our particular boat, I can share with you some photos & tales of our recent adventures.

The start of each boat trip always begins with launching the boat. On this particular day there were some mechanical issues Justin needed to address so the kids & I had some spare time on the dock. I took a chance on a rather overcast day & let the kids pose away while I snapped some photos. 
 The girls lounging away. 
One of the aspects I adore the most about having a boat is that all of us are able to experience the same adventure together. Although our perspectives might be slightly different, we are all on the same vessel. When we are snowmachining, biking or hiking we are all on individual machines or hiking at different points on a trail. When we are on the boat, we are together in a different way & in the little moments- a plane landing, spotting a loon, or a large wake crashing into the side of the boat, we all share the same moments of wonder.
 Nikoli at the bow. It is by far his favorite spot on our boat. He likes to pretend he is a pirate on the high seas & that he is on an adventure of epic challenges & treasure hunting.
Lilliana has spent a few days learning to drive the boat now. Always under the watchful eye of her Dad of course. I've loved being able to see her approach this new challenge with excitement. Each time she drives the boat I can see her confidence within herself growing. 
 The man behind it all. I will admit that when this boat first came into our lives in the form of a potentially very expensive project, I was quite frustrated. I assumed that the boat was beyond repair when it came to the engine that we were told was a complete goner. Thanks to Justin's extensive knowledge of all things that have motors, engines, metal, screws, & other endless mechanical elements, he had the boat up & running rather quickly. 
Now it is one of my favorite things we have ever purchased. Each time we are in the boat Justin & I share a smirk or two about my initial reaction & attitude when he brought it home. 
 Snacks. There is something special about a packed cooler of snacks on a family outing that just makes my heart happy. We have a pack of yogurt covered pretzel addicts so we rarely venture out without them. The boat is no exception. 
 On Memorial Day weekend we spent time at Justin's parents home & the kids experienced their first paddle boat rides. After a couple trips they were ready to venture out on their own. As each day passes the kids are starting to become more adventurous all on their own. Although I have always wanted to instill a sense of adventure in each of them, I feel a slight pang when they do begin to take off on their own. 
Of course they still very much need me to be present for new experiences. With the boat we also purchased a set up for tubing. Somewhere along the way they have become frightened by the activity & recently I found myself fully clothed, on a tube, being pulled through the water on Finger Lake with each one of them. They still haven't gotten on that tube on their own & claim they will only go if "Mom comes with me." 
Although I know they will be off on adventures of their very own, all too soon, I'm content with being soaking wet, in the middle of a crisp lake, on a hot Alaskan summers day with each of them for as long as they will allow it.
Justin has also been able to wake board with requires me to be driving the boat. There may have been a full fledged panic attack brewing the first time he asked me to drive around a lake. But we've gotten through that now & I genuinely look forward to each day that I get to be the captain of our little vessel. 

I included these adventures with the Out of the Fog series because a few months ago, when I was trapped within my own issues I wouldn't of been capable of enjoying our time together on the boat. Sometimes, with an open minded approach to something new, an experience can give us so much more than we are even capable of realizing. I do not know what my future holds, but if it includes beautiful days with my family, trying new things, & a cooler full of snacks, you can of course count me in.