Monday, April 25, 2016

Out of the Fog | Part Two | New Routines

Living Intentionally with Routines

Over the years our day to day routines have changed & adapted based upon multiple things. Work schedules, the start of public school, moods, seasons & total lack of intentionally living. 
Recently, the total lack of routine has left our family's progression through the day in shambles. Mornings are spent frantic & disorganized. Nighttime, especially bed time is chaotic & stressful. I've realized, when it comes to raising children, these times of the day are apparently very important to everyones survival. 
Now that I am focused on getting our family back on track, it seems appropriate to try to find Morning & Nighttime routines that will equal daily success of each of us. 
Image from Clean & Sensible

Before I started making out what our routines would consist of I knew I needed to determine what success means when it comes to our day. These goals are based on the kids all being homeschooled for the upcoming school year. I will be sharing more on all things homeschool very soon! For now the routines I'm looking to establish are before after our homeschool activities.

-Everyone is ready by 10AM on Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays-
-Everyone is ready to leave the house by 8:30AM on Tuesdays & Wednesdays-
-We each complete 1-2 tidying tasks before 10AM-
-Breakfast is made, eaten & cleaned up before 9AM-
-Everyone has time to ease into their morning without being rushed or frustrated-
-Everyone has a chance for a one-on-one moment with me before homeschool starts-

-Everyone is settled in bed by 8:30-9:00PM-
-We follow a consistent routine each weekday evening & weekends have more freedom-
-Everyone completes 1-2 tidying tasks before 8:00PM-
-We read one bedtime story or chapter from a book-
-The kids each read for 10-20 minutes before sleep time-
-Our bedtime routine is soothing & calming-

Knowing what my goals are for our routines has given me ideas on activities for adding structure to those specific times of the day. Of course I consulted Pinterest for ideas on specific things we could be doing with our time. Some of these ideas I found on Pinterest & will be linked, others are things we have already done that I want to consistently have throughout our routines. 
(Image from Design-Milk)
-Coffee for me, Tea for the kids-
-Playing Music-
-Morning Baskets (Do a quick search on Pinterest for them)-
-Morning Yoga (Stylish Eve)-
(Image from Writing Lunacies)
-Soothing music- (SADA)
-Chore Charts-
-Help, Thanks, Wow (Anne Lamott)-
-Drawing Journal-
-Sleepytime Lotion (Homemade or Earth's Best)-

Since I have taken the time to sort out new ideas for our daily routines I feel more centered as I approach each day. I know that by getting the kids on track with their routines they will be happier & I will be able to spend more time doing things that need to be done. With the chaos of our current lack of routine, there is a lot of time being wasted. There are also a lot of ugly moods being experienced in the morning & at bed time. Over the next few weeks I'm hopeful about seeing positive changes in everyone. 

If you have been going through the motions without being mindful of the routines that your family needs, the routines that YOU need, I encourage you to begin to map out your own routines. It can be small at first, simply write out what your current issues are. Then set some new goals for what your ideal routines would be. Every family is different & every child is different, take the time to organize things that will lead to everyones individual success & the things that will allow all of you to function together. 
Each of my kids are quite different from one another, which means they each require different things from me in the mornings & evenings. By truly organizing & being consistent with our routines I can take the time to allow each of them to receive what they need from me. 
Overall I want each of my children to be mindful little humans & I want to provide them with the time in their day to be able to explore the journey to mindful living with me. I will be writing an update to this post in a few weeks to let you all know how we are doing with our fresh new routines! 

Until then, check out the links throughout this post & leave a comment if you are going through your own journey to better routines.