Monday, February 8, 2016

Catching Up | January 2016

In This Life | January 2016
Life just keeps happening. It's as if I go to bed each evening & time just propels forward at a pace I struggle to keep up with. The kids personalities just keep getting more & more defined, the amount of coffee I drink daily continues to increase & there is this constant feeling of an endless to do list & overall rushing about. 
Weeks go by & then suddenly, without warning, something happens that brings me back to the present. A little moment becomes resoundingly significant. Since I want to be able to look back & remember these little moments, I naturally attempt to photograph them. I've become obsessed with lifestyle photography. I want to capture more moments of our life, naturally, as it happens. For now, each month I'm going to share a round up of snapshots from each month of life & I hope you'll all enjoy seeing life through my lens. Overtime, I hope to use my big girl camera more than my iPhone & hope to capture natural moments rather than posed ones happening within life's most significant happenings. 

This was January 2016. 

We see some breathtaking sights everyday living in Alaska. Often, they just fall into the background of everyday life, on rare occasions I stop to take it all in. On this day I was running random errands with Justin & a turn on a back road in Palmer caught my attention & this moment became a photography. A truly poor quality iPhone photography, but still it will always remind me of that simple moment in our day.
 Another winter weekend. Another road trip to a snowmachine race. We spend most of our weekends from January to May at various races around Alaska. All 3 little wolves fell asleep on our way back from Eureka, but the way Lilliana pulled her hat over her face just made me smile. It reminded me of the way I used to attempt to sleep on many long bus rides for sports when I was younger. 
 Hair cuts for the wolf pack. Everyone's hair was getting seriously wild. I looked at the kids one Sunday & all of a sudden I realized that I couldn't even see their adorable little faces as all of them were overwhelmed with hair! Nikoli had been attempting to grow his out, but I could tell that it was starting to be an annoyance to him. The girls just wanted shorter hair for months, so on a random grey Sunday, I gave in & off to Great Clips we went. In under 40 minutes I walked out with three different kids. 
 I still haven't decided how I feel about the "Selfie". It seems to lack authenticity & genuineness for me, but I do like being able to look back & see what my makeup looks were. So much of what I do with makeup is dependent upon my mood or feelings about myself on any given day.
 Our little green man! Nikoli is obsessed with hi-vis or neon or lime green at the moment. Most of his race gear, including the custom wrap on his snowmachine feature some form of bright green. 
We are so often consumed by getting from one thing to the next while Justin is home as his time is always limited. There is always the chance that his phone will ring & regardless of plans, he will have to pack up & return to work. While I have had my moments of pure frustration with this aspect of our lifestyle, the reality is, that his dedication to work is what provides for our entire family.

That was our January. I hope to share other posts between now & the end of February. But if it doesn't happen I will share moments from our entire second month of 2016.