Saturday, November 15, 2014

Name Your Color | Spenard Builder Supply & PPG Voice of Color Contest |

Name Your Color
If you are anything like me home renovations & improvements are always on your mind. I constantly look for inspiration for our home, from magazines & Pinterest, to renovation shows & my favorite movies, I love gathering inspiration. 
One of my biggest sources of inspiration when starting to plan for our major home renovations is our home, Alaska. Every time I step out of my door I'm touched with so many thing that are beautiful. Just this morning I saw one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen & instantly I thought that those colors would be perfect accents for a crisp white office. Inspiring, vibrant, & awakening. 
It seems I'm not the only one inspired by the beauty that surrounds us here in Alaska as Spaniard Builder Supply (SBS) has partnered with PPG paint to create 6 Alaska-themed paint palettes. A couple of the shades of paint in each palette are missing names, this is where YOU come in! Whoever comes up with the most fitting names for the missing shades will win some amazing prizes! 
There will be a link to enter at the bottom of this post & for those of you who are close to an SBS location you can also enter in store. If you are interested in entering, the contest closes tomorrow! 
I really love the shades in the Coastal Sunset Collection & I think it would be perfect for our master bedroom/bathroom. The colors are all neutral toned with enough brightness to make the room feel open & calming. I also really love Neutral Landscapes, of course because it has amazing neutral toned shades. ;) I think the shades in Summer Meadow are wonderful & I'm reconsidering the shades I've picked for the girls future bedrooms. The 5th shade reminds me of the fields of fireweed that bloom throughout Alaska in the summer time. 
What are you waiting for? I could ramble about paint shades & inspiration all day long! Go put your creative selves to use & enter this contest. Post a comment below of your favorite of the collections, shades & the names you come up with! 

Enter the contest here.