Monday, September 1, 2014

Renovation Daydreams | Kitchen & Dining Room

Renovation Daydreams Part I
I'm so excited to be sharing this post with all of you, because it means that we are one step closer to beginning on our massive home renovations. We have finally begun to prepare & plan to remodel our house. Over a year ago I shared a post with my inspirations for Lilliana & Danielle's room-makeover (Link). Although I really wanted to start on their room as soon as we closed on the house, Justin & I realized that their room, if we renovated the house the way we wanted to wouldn't be their room. 
I tabled my ideas for their room & honestly thanks to life, we didn't even start planning anything for the house until recently. As of now we will be starting on the downstairs with the kids rooms (Lilliana & Danielle are now going to have their own rooms.), & then moving onto the kitchen/dining room space. I will be sure to blog & vlog the entire process. 
A huge part of the process for me is being able to take the kitchen/dining room space that I have been dreaming of my entire life & forming it into a realistic design. Some girls dream of their perfect wedding throughout their childhood...I, was always thinking my dream kitchen. Back then it included a hot pink spiral staircase, pie covered wallpaper, glittery appliances & all of it was floating atop a bunch of fluffy white clouds. Okay, I have to admit that in my little day-dream land, this kitchen still exists, but since I live in a grown up reality I have to blend my childhood day dream kitchen with something more...feasible. ;) 
Of course I took to Pinterest as a starting point for my inspiration & I'm sure I will be picking up magazines, books & other things along the way. There are a few things for sure that I know I want to have in our new kitchen/dining room space, I'm going to list them & then share my Pinterest finds along with them. 
Open Shelves & A Farm House Sink
One of the main things that I want to see in our kitchen/dining room space is a more open layout with tons of natural light. Our current space has 1 window in the entire space & it's above the kitchen sink.  When we remodel the current area I know that we will be adding a bunch of windows which will allow more light as well as create a more open feeling throughout the area. In addition to the windows I do not want any top cabinets above the counters. I feel like the open shelving will add to the open-feeling of the space as well as save us some $$$ since we will not have to invest in top cabinets. 
As long as I can remember I have wanted a farmhouse style sink. I just love the way they look! The only thing I'm debating on now is if I want one that is just a single sink or one that comes divided, allowing for 2 sinks. :) 
Dark Floors & French Doors
If you only knew how long it has taken me to bring Justin over to the dark-hardwood floor side of life. Haha! Seriously, three years...three years & he has finally agreed for hardwood floors/tile in every room aside from the bed rooms! 
While I love the look of reclaimed wood floors like the one shown in the top right picture, I'm not sure how possible it is here in Alaska. There just aren't as many places to salvage material from. If it isn't possible I know we will be going with a dark hardwood option. 
One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is having a small porch off of the kitchen/dining room. The only door option I can even imagine there are French Doors. My grandparents have french doors throughout their house & they are one of my favorite things when I see homes/pictures of design ideas. 
Industrial-Rustic Accents & Chalk Board Spaces
The one thing that I keep being rather undecided on, is the color palette for the entire space. I go back & forth between a white on white look or something that is much more dramatic & dark. With the addition of the windows & french doors, I feel like darker colors will be possible. I'm just not sure yet! 
I do love the rustic-industrial look of the kitchens I've shown here. I especially like the contrast of the chalkboard against the wood accents. I have always wanted a chalkboard wall in my home & I think the kitchen/dining room space will be just perfect for it. 
I'm pretty much obsessed with the kitchen in the top left picture. It was really the one that started my inspiration for a darker color palette for the entire space. 
This is one of the color palettes that I'm looking at for inspiration. I really love the super dark shade in the middle & of course the teal! 
Well guys, those are my current inspirations for our soon-but-not-too-soon to be renovated/remodeled kitchen/dining room space. We are probably about a year away from starting this process since we need to start with the downstairs first, but I will be sure to keep all of you updated with what we are doing & I will be sharing my inspirations for all of the rooms/spaces we are planning on working on. :) 
If you want to see more posts that have inspired my ideas for our house you can check out my Pinterest! I will link the board that these pictures came from as well as my entire Pinterest account below!
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