Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weekending | Alaska State Fair | Justin Leaving for Work, Again

A Weekend | Fair | Fun
If I could repeat a weekend over & over without any consequences to the flow of time, I totally would be repeating this past one. Not only was it the first official weekend of the Alaska State Fair, but Justin was home to attend with the kids & I for the first time in 2 or 3 years. Yes, I have lost track of how many years he has missed the fair, & Christmas, & birthdays. It is just to upsetting to think about, instead I focus on all of the ones that he is able to be home for & I make way too big of a deal out of them. 
This weekend was no exception to my, let's put too-much-pressure-on-the-little-things-while-Justin-is-home. Although we had a ton of things to get done to have Justin ready to leave for 2+ months of work yesterday, we both agreed that no matter what was or wasn't done, we would attend the fair together as a family. 
We weren't able to spend an entire day from fair opening to fair close like we have in the past, but we made it to the Motocross show, rode some rides & ate classic AK-State Fair food. Yes, we skipped the live stock barn & the gigantic vegetables. We didn't check out every single vendor or new exhibit. Even though it wasn't a perfect day at the fair, we had a great time as a family, made some new memories, & for me that is all that counts. 
I only managed to snap a few photos, most of them from the Motocross show, check them out below. Then I will share some of the pictures I captured of Justin getting various things ready to go out to work. 
As you can see Danielle LOVED the Motocross show. While it was amazing to watch this year, all 3 of the kids want to be racing in the kids super cross event next year. We are already gearing up for snowmachine racing this year & dirt bikes are certainly in the kids future. I'm so glad we began taking the kids to events like this one at a young age, they enjoy watching motorsports. After we got home from the fair that night we even watched a bit of the Slednecks 17 movie. ;) 

Although the fair was a great break from the chaos of getting Justin loaded up to leave for Manley for work, all fun things must come to an end. Sunday & Monday were a flurry of getting Justin ready, he managed to be somewhat still long enough for me to capture some photos...
Usually when Justin is home he is outside working on something. I never know exactly what he is up to, but I know that it is something important when he is blasting music & leaves me alone for more than 20 minutes. Haha! 
Our garages & driveways probably appeared to be a mess while we were unloading & then reloading the trailer. It wasn't actually a MESS but an organized chaos of Justin't out of town necessities, water, tools, RV anti-freeze & of course life at home with Luna, the kids & an nice outside dinner. 

Now that the driveway is empty (aside from my car & some toys), Justin is in Manley & the kids are at school, I feel a bit empty. While I was fully aware that we were preparing Justin to be gone for months, I didn't have the time to truly comprehend what that would mean in my reality. He has been gone for this long before, but the kids were so much younger & time seemed to pass so much quicker when they were all at home with me all day. Now, the house is too quiet, too still, & I'm not quite sure how these next couple of months will go. Luckily I have this blog, my Youtube Channel (Link), & of course the kids to keep me focused & busy while he is away. 

Stay tuned for updates on our journey while Justin is gone. I have some fun ideas to keep the kids connected to Justin while he is working somewhere that there is not cell service & wireless connections are limited. If any of you have lived & thrived while your significant other is away, please leave some comments below! 

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