Monday, August 4, 2014


Summer Surge Shopping
These end of summer sales are making it harder, & harder for me to maintain some will power when it comes to shopping. This was the first year I really shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary sale & now Sephora's Summer Surge has started. The Summer Surge is not necessarily a sale, but it is amazing anyway. 
If you aren't familiar with the rewards program Sephora has, now is a great time to make your purchase(s) & become a Beauty Insider. There are 3 levels to the Beauty Insider program, to become a Beauty Insider you must spend $350 in a calender year, once you cross past that point you become a VIB Insider, & then...when you have a serious beauty-product problem & spend $1,000 a year you can become beauty-insane & join me as a VIB Rouge member. ;) 
Each tier comes with it's own rewards & benefits that you can check out on Sephora's site or ask a Sephora employee about the next time you're in a store.
The Summer Surge is great because if you are a Beauty Insider you will receive 2x the rewards points for each purchase between today & Sunday August 10th. On the VIB level you will get 3X the points & those of us that are VIB Rouge will get 4x the points! It's an amazing way to score some points to redeem on future purchases for various items. These points do not apply to the dollar amounts that you need to spend for move into different VIB levels, as far as I understand. 
 Once you reach VIB Rouge, there are multiple perks, including going to private events at Sephora stores. I have been invited to a few VIB Rouge only events at our Sephora in Anchorage's 5th Avenue Mall, but I haven't been able to make it to one, hopefully I will soon! For now here are my picks for purchasing & scoring some extra points during Sephora's Summer Surge! You can shop in store or online. :)

Most of these items I've had hanging out in my online shopping cart for weeks...

I'm a little too obsessed with Bite Beauty. From their company, concept to the actual products. Some girls go MAC lipstick cray-cray, I just want to own one of every shade from Bite's Luminous Creme Line. For now I have Vouvray, which has been my go-to shade when I want a nude lip this summer. I've had the shade Musk in my cart for at least 2 months so I think it is time to make the commitment. It has that Kylie Jenner, 90's dark nude shade look to it & I'm hoping I can pull it off. Shades like this really remind me of my Aunt's, as I started to really pay attention to their makeup in the late 90's-early 2000's. I always thought they had the best style in their makeup & hair choices, although they may argue with me about it now. HAHA! If this shade doesn't suit you there are 30 or more shades to choose from! 

I have been in a nude-taupe-brown-blah eyeshadow rut ALL summer long. I feel like this Pretty Rebel Palette will help ease me into some more daring looks as we transition from summer to fall. It features 10 shades, from metallics to jewel toned beauties. Dainty, Charming, Ring Leader & Gansta are close companions to the shades I have been using all summer so I won't be too far outside my comfort zone. ;) The remaining shades give me a lot of potential looks to play around with & I love every other Too Faced product I've ever tried, so I trust the brand's creations alot! I'm still sort of on the fence about this palette though as almost half of the shades are something I already have...multiples of.

I have been looking for a new daily cleanser for what seems like is forever. Really, it's just been a couple months since I realized my previous regimen was causing me to breakout & have some serious overall dryness. I've changed up my entire skin care routine but the missing piece is still a daily cleanser. This version from First Aid Beauty has a whipped texture & is available in a smaller 2.0 ounce size, this way if it doesn't work for my skin I only have a smaller tube instead of a full size. 

I feel like I will never find a perfect foundation for my skin. I deal with some black heads, occasional dry patches, hormonal breakouts, redness & dark circles. I've tried so many foundations in the last year, I honestly feel a little defeated. I want to give this Estée Lauder version a go, as it has received great reviews on Sephora's site from people with skin similar to mine, plus Anna Saccone gives it a stamp of approval so that's good enough for me! I'm going to go with the shade Ecru 1N2-Pale Ivory Beige with Neutral Undertones. I have done so many online tests to determine what my "undertones" are & half the time I get cool & the other half I get warm. So, I'm sticking with neutral, although Estée Lauder does offer a mixture of warm/cool undertone options for those of you who know your match much better than I do. 

Since I do deal with some constant redness in my skin I've wanted to give this primer a try for a couple of years. I just didn't want to spend $39 on the full size & have it not work out. So now that there is a travel size 0.4 fl. oz version for $10 I figure I might as well try it out! Plus I'm going to get 4x the points with the Summer Surge deal! The good news? If this primer doesn't work out, Smashbox has at least 7 others for me to try.

Contouring has become such a huge trend & I'm totally on board. I wanted to get the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Limited Edition Contour kit, but I waited way toooooo long & now it's sold out. Boo! I have read great reviews for this Smashbox version & while I have various contour products, I have really been wanting one that has everything together & more organized. 

I used to be a 100% natural deodorant girl, but BO is not anyone's friend. Unfortunately I couldn't ever find one that was effective enough for me. I've wanted to try one of the LAVANILA deodorants for a while as they are aluminum free & 100% natural. I selected the Vanilla Summer scent as I'm just wanting to hold onto the last bits of summer, even in my deodorant scent. 

I love all of Boscia's Tsubaki oil products! I have been using the Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask for months & it has helped with my dryness issues. This little trio is a great deal at $20! I'm really excited to try the cleansing sponge, it is infused with deep hydrating clay which I think will be really great when it comes to fall/winter skin care. 

 Those are my current picks for the Sephora Summer Surge. I did decide not to order the Pretty Rebel Palette, I still think it's a great little palette, but I do have versions of 4 of the shades already. Let me know if you are taking advantage of the points bonuses that can be earned during this week!