Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm Still Here!!! | A Hello from Our Latest AK Adventure.

Summer Sweetness & Falling in Love with Alaska, Again.
Hello friends, if you are all still here. I've been out of touch with this social media corner of my world for a while. Although I let my YouTube followers know what was going on, I realized this morning that I never made a post over here! Whoopsie. 
No worries, it is nothing serious or life altering...just a little mini-Alaska adventure a couple of hours from home. When Justin first found out where he would be working this summer I told myself (and him), that the kids and I would only be coming out to visit on weekends & that we wouldn't be able to stay for more than that with the pets at home & all of the stuff I wanted to get done around the house/yard this summer. 
Well, that lasted for one weekend! Fast forward to a couple weeks later & we are nearing the end of an almost 2 week stay in the trailer. Considering how much I love camping & getting away from the reality of day-to-day life I can't say I'm too surprised that I only stuck to my "weekends only" plan for one trip. 
I will be posting more about our time up here with some photos from my grown-girl camera later in the week, but for now I just wanted to check in, share some snaps from my instagram & let you all know that I will be back posting here regularly soon. Just let me get home & get our laundry situation under control first. 
Hell, who am I kidding, that's never going to happen. I'll just be back to regular bloggity-Youtubing stuff by Wednesday. :) 

Do you have an idea now why I might be hesitant to pack up & head back to reality...So many s'mores fests, sunsets, campfires, mini-road trips to Talkeetna (my favorite place, more on that soon!) & of course great food & amazing beer. 

Lots of AK love to you!