Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Day in the Life | Travel Trailer | Gravel Pit Camping Edition

Summer Travel Trailer Life
Hey guys! I'm baaaaaack! Too excited for a Sunday blog post? Too bad. ;) 
Seriously though, I ended up taking an unexpected month long break from this little corner of the internet that I adore so much. I could give you the entire list of reasons why June/July went down this way. The reality is that between going up to stay with Justin for a week or two here or there & coming home, our lives just got a little extra chaotic. 
Essentially having the trailer all set up & Justin staying in it for work this summer has created a dual household with the same people kind of situation. Does that make sense to you? Sometimes I think I have been living this Alaskan lifestyle for so long that when I try to explain it to people they immediately think I'm nuts. Which, to be fair, I am. ;) 
Hopefully this post will help set some things into a perspective that makes sense to those of you who do not live this lifestyle. I don't know about you, but I love reading day in a life/watch YouTube vlogs of peoples everyday, day-to-day life. So here is a day of our life in the travel trailer... 
Justin usually gets up for work between 5:15-5:30. If I was a space-cadet & forgot to prep the coffee pot for him the night before, I stumble down stairs as quietly as possible as the kids are still asleep & make a pot of coffee for him. Luckily our children are heavy sleepers, because sometimes I was extra spacey & forgot to even grind the coffee & fill the mason jar the night before. 
After making Justin's coffee & chatting with him (which I"m pretty sure is mostly grunts at this time in the morning), I head back up to bed to check emails/read/listen to a book on Audible. The last couple of months I started listening to this random series by Barbra Annino. Basically when it comes to Audible lately, I haven't wanted anything serious or non-fiction, just a fun-light thing to zone out to while cleaning/trying to stay awake at 5:45AM. 

The cinnamon roll pic above? Yeah, that occurred around 7:45AM after the kids had gotten up/"showered"/ dressed/ brushed teeth/ playing with Legos. I didn't get pictures of all of those things because they all usually wake up within 2.5 seconds of each other since they all sleep in the loft together & it is a dash in about 25 feet of space to get all of them ready. So, here is just a time breakdown of how the earlier part of the morning goes...
 Then there are the dishes. No matter where we go or what we are doing. Dishes. These are from the night before. Whoopsie. 
At this point the kids have eaten breakfast, which included yogurt & oatmeal. So don't freak about the cinnamon rolls. We only have them when we are "camping." After breakfast we have our workbook time, which depending on the day we spend an hour to two hours working on the workbooks. 
(Yes, this pictures are from different days because I "cheated" when it came to taking photos. It actually took me almost a week to get a full days worth of images for this post.) 
This might have been the saddest moment of the entire summer. Poor Sweetie Pies. These formerly delicious pastries are from Sweetie Pies, a locally owned/operated business that makes these wonderful treats filled with homemade fillings. Unfortunately for the two left from the six I picked up  at the Bear Paw Festival, they met a sad, sad ending in the oven. I totally forgot about them while getting the kids started on workbooks. :( 

This is the part of the day that is the most subject to change from day to day. After the kids finish their workbooks they have a snack (I didn't get pictures of course), & then head out side for some playtime while I prepare lunch. 

 In the summer time our favorite lunches are mixture of all sorts of things. On this day I cut up a nectarine, apple and added some granola, nuts & dried cherries. The kids also had some sting cheese and crackers. :)  
This is from another day. But it had been raining all day so we spent most of our time inside. Danielle had been having a rough morning so she was down for a nap. The twins were eating lunch, this time with some snap peas, granola, kettle corn & ramen. I utilized this time while the twins watched a movie & Danielle napped to clean up the trailer and prep whatever we will be having for dinner. Danielle usually wakes up from her nap around 2-2:30. Then we all head outside for the rest of the day, unless Mother Nature has other plans. Luckily for 95% of the time we've been able to visit Justin the weather has been beautiful! 

In the midst of the kids having lunch & what not, Justin is fueling generators in the gravel pit everyone is camping in. We usually make him a hot lunch of some sort & then one or all of the kids help me "deliver" it to him. Lilliana has dropped about 6 cans of Coke this summer...haha! 
Daddy's Lunch Delivery! 
Our favorite guy! ;) 
 Lilliana Marie after helping me bring her Daddy lunch one day. 
2:00 Something PM-5:00PM
We spend the majority of our afternoon outside. The kids ride their bikes, play with toys & friends, have dance parties & go "real" camping. Apparently, our travel trailer life is not real enough when it comes to camping! HAHA! 
Gravel pit kids. :) 
 Rock throwing at it's best. 

 Lilliana found a caterpillar and the kids had lots of fun checking the little critter out. 
5:00 Something PM-8:00PM 
Around 5PM I usually have the kids head back to our trailer for a snack, as we like to wait to eat dinner with Justin whenever he gets off of work. We then take care of the random chores that are so much a part of travel trailer life. I pump in water from the poly-drums we haul water from home with.  We also do bucket laundry (I will hopefully be able to do a full post on this alone at some point), vacuum the trailer, prepare dinner & the kids get ready for bed. 
 Dirt bike dryer 2.0! 
 Depending on what time Justin gets home from work we all eat dinner & usually we play a board game or cards. Then the kids change into pajamas, brush their teeth, listen to some bed time stories & they head to bed. Justin & I will then talk for a while, maybe play a game ourselves. Justin also takes a shower at some point & then we head to bed. 

That is a basic Day in the Life when we are up by Justin this summer. To sort of explain why he has our trailer & we have to travel to see him right his line of work sometimes he works on the road system & sometimes he doesn't. This particular location is about 2 hours from our house in Wasilla, so we planned out our summer for the kids & I to be able to go & spend at least a week at a time up there. It has been a really fun summer for all of us, the kids love camping & I really enjoy being able to see Justin on a more regular basis. :) 

Random moments where I have some time to do something other than mind the kids. ;) Making hair ties & headbands. ;) I will let you all know when these are available in my etsy shop as well as at a shop locally for those of you in AK. 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer! If you've done a day in the life post or a VLOG please leave me a comment and let me know below!