Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Nordstrom Sale Picks
If you love Nordstrom as much as I do, not is the perfect time to get your N-shopping on! Nordstrom is in the midst of it's anniversary sale & the prices will run until August 4th. Then the great deals go bye-bye & we all have to go back to shopping at regular prices. Boo! Time to get the good stuff at amazing prices while they last. I'm going to share my fave picks from the sale below. Be sure to leave a comment with what you are most excited about from the #nsale. 

I have wanted to try out some candles from Voluspa forever. Rachel Talbott or CheckintheMirror on YouTube has mentioned Voluspa a few times & it made me want to try them even more. Since this set of 3 was such a great deal I already ordered them & HOLY candle wow, I LOVE them! The French Bourbon Vanille is my fave, but I'm sure I will adore burning the other two in the winter time. Sometimes I end up really disappointed by candles because our living room is rather large & the scent most candles throw off isn't strong enough for the entire room. Not with these 3 wick beauties, the whole room smelled of vanilla within a few minutes. I also really love how chic they are without any brand labeling. Plus the tins are going to make great little storage containers after the candle is all burned away. I promise that this is NOT a Voluspa candle review. ;) There are quite a few other options from Voluspa if these scents aren't meant to be for you. 

A few months ago when I was shopping at Nordstrom in the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall I tried on quite a few pairs of sunnies. I was totally stuck on these rose gold babies from Michael Kors. I wasn't sure about purchasing such expensive sunglasses as I tend to loose 90% of the pairs I own. I challenged myself to not lose my other aviators for even a few minutes for over 6 months, since I was able to do that I decided I really am a grown up & I can handle some high end sunnies. ;) 

I'm obsessed with this 3 piece set from Deborah Lippman! I think the shades are perfect for transitioning from summer into fall manis & who doesn't love a good glitter polish?! :) The shades featured are; You Got Me-A Dusty Dove Grey Creme, Make Someone Happy-Blooming Blush Bling Glitter, Let's Stay Together-Mysterious Mauve Plum Creme. 

*Swoons* I adore this little sweatshirt! It is available in sizes for little girls from toddlers to little kid size 8. I haven't purchased one for the girls yet, but I keep thinking about it...

Speaking of totally adorable little girls somethings...a fox wearing a floral crown, with those cuffed sleeves & a ruffle hem. *Adorbs!* I'm thinking of getting the Little Deer Sweatshirt for Lilliana & this cutie for my little cutie, Danielley. This one is also available in multiple sizes from toddler on up! 

I have been SEARCHING for a duvet cover for our master bedroom for ages. This one is so vibrant & bold, I think it's a perfect match. I have plans to paint our room sometime this summer & I think this will help pull the color palette I have inside my head together. My only issue is that the pillow covers have to be purchased separately, I think that's just a tad annoying when spending $99 on a duvet cover alone. 

Rose Gold & a floral print? That's just how you spell my middle name. ;) If I was going to splurge on any one item for myself during this sale, it would be these headphones. I think they are such a statement piece when it comes to technology so often things are white, grey & black so I love the burst of color & sort of architectural boldness these headphones have. 

Those are my picks for the 2014 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you are planning on shopping the sale either in store or online leave me a comment with your must haves!