Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap | Summer Soap Box | Candy Aisle

Fortune Cookie Soap has done it 
again! I'm always excited when each Soap Box ships but this time the anticipation & not knowing what was in the box was driving me nuts. When my box finally arrived I opened it immediately & of course it was filled with amazing products that left me wishing it was fall already so that the next box was on it's way to me. 
The Sweet Spot-Sparkle Me
This stuff smells like a summer sweet treat! Fortune Cookie Soap blended melon, strawberries, peaches, sour mandarin oranges & pineapple to create this scent. Of course they had to top it off with lots of sparkle. The only bummer about this is that the scent literally lasts like 5 minutes and then it needs to be re-applied. I think I'm going to give it to the girls to use since they are always asking me to use my sprays & such, but there just is something not quite right about a 6 year old wearing Love Spell. HAHA! 
Captain's Berried Booty Whipped Body Butter
I never imagined that I would smell/own a body butter that smells like Captain's Crunch Mixed Berries cereal. This is also an extremely sweet scent as it is a combination of powdery vanilla, raspberries, & tonka bean notes. As always the consistency of the body butter is amazing & it is a totally luxurious & hydrating product. It absorbs into the skin so rapidly & the scent lingers for a long while, much longer than that of the Sparkle Me! 
Blow Me Talkin' Smack Lip Scrub
This is probably my least favorite product from the summer soap box. It is not because of the type of product or quality though! I just really dislike bubblegum scents. My little jar of lip scrub is not overwhelmingly bubble-gum scented though as FCS blended it with some lemon & berries. Sometimes it smells just sweet and lemony & then other times it's all bubblegum. I will totally use it as I love lip scrubs, but if I ever purchase another one from FCS it will not be bubble gum scented. :) 
Lollipop Your Cherry-OCD Hand Sanitizer
Another scent I usually do not care for is...cherry. So when I went ahead and sniffed this & then loved it, I was quite shocked when I read the label & discovered that it was totally a cherry scent! I think the reason I like this so much is because FCS mixed the cherry scent with vanilla, & a hint of orange & pineapple. At one point the hand sanitizers from FCS were very thin & watery, but they seem to have re-formulated them & the last few I have gotten have had a great consistency. 
Lemon Drop it Like it's Hot-Microdermabrasion Scrub
Whoo hoo! Skin care from FCS! I was so excited to see this in my soap box & even more excited when I left the coarse nature of the scrub itself. Sometimes microdermabrasion scrubs do not have enough "scrub" to them, but this one is spot on! The lemony-citrus scent is quite refreshing as well. 
Rock Your Socks Off-Sugar Scrub
This scrub is 110% grape candy scented. It is like having a Pop Rock scented scrub to rub all over your body. Unfortunately the scrub wasn't the best I have tried & I'm really addicted to using the ones I have purchased from Meadow Creek Boutique. I really like the Rock Your Socks Off Scent & would purchase it in an OCD Hand Sanitizer & maybe a Whipped Cream Body Butter.
Sweet Dreamsicle-Wax Tart
 Citrusy & floral scents are my jam in the spring/summer time! This wax tart smelled so perfectly citrusy with a blend of pineapple, bright orange citrus, & some luscious vanilla creme. When I put it in my Scentsy burner there was almost zero scent coming off of it though. I did put it in my living room which is a relatively large room, when I use Scentsy Bars I need at least 3-squares of whatever bar to make the room fill with scent. I don't know if I just got a dud tart or if I just needed more of it to bring the Sweet Dreamsicle to life in the room. 
Lick Your Lips-Fortune Cookie Soap
I'm such a fan of FCS, Fortune Cookie Soaps. I think they are such a creative spin on a "bar" of soap & each one is so artfully created that you just have to display them in your bathroom. This version is peppermint ice cream with flecks of dark chocolate. 

There you have it! You've officially been through the Candy Aisle with Fortune Cookie Soap! 

If you are interested in signing up for the Fall 2014 Box, I will leave a link below. Sign up now because I believe the boxes ship in August! Boxes are $19.99 every 3 months & soooo totally worth it. :) 

FCS Soap Box Sign Up Link.... CLICK HERE!