Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Around Our Home | Summer Edition 1

Home is Where...
If I haven't mentioned it before, I love summer time in Alaska. There is this balance of weeks of warmth & light, often followed by days of rain & dewy air. It's a juxtaposition of Mother Nature's essence & I can not get enough. 
On Sunday the kids & I spent the day outside working around the yard & by 6:00 we were all exhausted. Well, I was. I decided to stop weeding, mowing, pruning, planting...and take some pictures around our yard. I love watching things come to life & sprout, bloom, & push forward with new life each summer. 
Here are some pictures from that beautiful Alaskan summer day. I have a post coming soon about a hike we went on over the weekend & our time spent at Colony Days in Palmer as well. :) 

Amongst all of the plants that were so full of life...I found a couple little creatures hanging about in a tree. 

Lilliana was missing from this photos because around 6:15PM she had a breakdown of epic Lilliana level & I decided it was best for her to just go to bed. We had a late night on Saturday & an early morning on Sunday. When Lilliana is overtired, it's rather frightening. Hehe! 

I also found a piece of the girls beaded jewelry hidden amongst weeds & dandelions. 

That is what was happening around our property last weekend. How are things looking in your corner of the world? 
I will be back with some new posts soon & I've got a couple youtube videos set to go live this week as well. 

Happy Summer!