Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photography Challenge | Day 1 | Hands

When I began to create my photography challenge I knew that I wanted hands to be one of the "subjects." There is something so raw, so human, so captivating about a persons hands. I've always thought that hands tell such a detailed story about ones life. 
I wish that Justin was home so that I could of taken some pictures of his rugged, manly hands. His hands are always covered in some sort of grease with bits of dirt & a few scars. They would of been great to capture for this first challenge! Luckily I found a few other hands to take his place. ;) 

If you want to join in on the fun of this 14 Day Photography Challenge you can check it out here & if you post to twitter or instagram use the hashtag #aklove12pic. You can also tag me in your pictures, @alaskalove12 for both instagram & twitter! 

Now, for today's pictures...

After the twins returned home from school today we spend a few hours working together out in our yard. I transplanted some of our planty-friends & spray painting more things gold...per usual lots of paint ended up on my hands & my nail polish is as chipped as ever. In my own hands I see my mother's hands, my Dayma's hands. When I look down at my hands they remind me of the strength of our family & the bond that never weakens, no matter how many years I live thousands of miles away...
The kids hands are something I just wish I could keep this tiny forever. From their tiny fingers to the dirt under their finger nails. Seeing this photos of their hands holding wheel barrow handles & sticks as we worked together to tidy up our yard, make me feel so happy. I especially love how the pictures of the girls holding hands. I always wished I had a sister, so seeing the bond Lilliana & Danielle share is so special to me. I hope that they always stay close & find comfort in holding each others hands. 

If you participated in this first photo challenge, please share your pictures with me! Don't fret if you missed today & you start taking pictures tomorrow, next week or next month. 

Tomorrow's challenge is Something New.