Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photo Challenge | Days 6-10

Oh photography challenges, I'm terrible at you. ;) Really, I'm terrible at finding the time to edit this pictures & post them. But here we are with days 6 through 10 of my own 14 Day Photography Challenge. Days 11 through 14 are soon to come, once I can edit them. 
For Days 6 through 10 the challenges were: Someone You Love, Art, Bed, Morning, & Something You Adore

Someone You Love
Of course I love all of my children & Justin & my family & my friends. But on this early morning Danielle was the first to awake out of our wolf pack & since she always starts her day off with a bath I thought I would use the opportunity to get some pictures. My kids are so used to the camera being in their face that she just relaxed & began to play in her bubbles & toys. I love this mini photo series because you can really see her go from her freshly awoken self to her wide awake & spunky self in a matter of minutes. Seriously, like 2. Kids are amazing...I've been awake for hours & I'm still not as awake as she is. 

There are so many chairs/places these two could lounge in the morning. Yet, they seem to like my desk chair in the living room best...there is a chair just like this one in the dining room (where this chair belongs) but here they are...Every morning I have to shoo them out of it so I can drink my coffee/blog/get ready....

One thing I'm going to miss with the kids being on summer break is all of the art work they bring home..okay that's a half-lie. They brought home at least 4 trees worth of paper this year in coloring pages, art work & activities. But there were some that were just to precious I had to keep them & display them. All of the ones that are hanging up now are from their last few weeks of school. The Mother's Day flowers might just be my favorite thing they made all year...according to the twins I'm good at bowling & I'm smart because I know when to send them to bed, 7 o'clock. 

"My side" It is not lost on me how often one of the sides of our bed has been/will be empty due to Justin & I both working out of town so soften for so long. While I'm home more now, there is always a chance that will change....

Something I Adore
Never has a drop of coffee been in this cup...I was on the hunt for it around the holidays & I could not find it anywhere. Then my mom came to visit in November & I found it (one of the last ones in the entire state of AK!), at the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage. Now I keep it on my desk area as a reminder of my mom's visit & how much fun we had together when she was here. 

I hope if you've decided to give this 14 Day Photography Challenge a try that you are enjoying it as much as I have. If you would like to join in, check out my original post for the challenge. (LINK) If you post your photos to instagram or twitter use the hashtag #aklove12pic