Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Fresh Picks! 

Hey guys! It's that time again...ipsy time! Let's all get excited for the amazing little gift that arrives each month from ipsy. :) 

This months bag is a soft cottony-burlap material & I LOVE it! I'm really into green earth prints right now for summer, so this is going to be perfect for holding my on-the-go make-up must haves in my purse. 

eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask
This was the first product I plucked out of my bag this month & I'm pretty happy about it. I really adore the packaging & the mask itself seems comparable to the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle one that I'm already super fond of. I will give it a try tonight as my hair is seeming a little drier than usual lately & report back with the outcome. :) 

Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50
Sunscreen might just be my least favorite thing to get in a subscription bag/box. I always break out when I use sunscreen directly on my face. I prefer to use a moisturizer that has an SPF already packed in as my skin seems to respond to it better. I will probably save this to use on the kids when we have used up all of our other sunscreen. It is a convenient travel size though! 

Me*e Beauty Bee Nourished Night Cream
I'll be the first to admit that my nighttime skincare routine can use a little work. Right now it consists of me stumbling to bed around midnight-2AM, brushing my teeth, reaching for some form of make-up remover, splashing water on my face, applying a night mask & falling asleep. Those things really only happen 4 nights receiving this night cream has inspired a reminder that I need to get my sh*t together in the nighttime skincare department. 5 stars for that! 

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo 1
At first swatch this was not a match made in make-up heaven. Both shades seemed chalky & lacking in pigment. Then I tried them out with this amazing invention, that some of you may know...a make-up brush. They were great! Seriously, sometimes I get so caught up in "swatching" new products that I forget that they are generally created with a make-up brush or applicator beyond a finger in mind. I haven't wore them on my eyes yet & I do know that I will need a primer or eyeshadow base to make them *POP*. All in all it's a fun little duo that will pair well with my blue eyes. :) 

Lulu Blossom Dreamsicle Body Balm
This is my favorite product from my May ipsy so far. I'm obsessed with how it smells & it is great for smoothing out my rough skin-elbows, hands, applies so nicely & is not greasy at all. Plus I'm a sucker for anything with vintage-pin-up motif & it's in a totally cute little tin. Consider me a consumer on this one, I fell for this product dreamsicle scent & all. 

All of ipsy's Fresh Picks for May! I really liked this bag & I can't wait to use up everything, besides the sunscreen. LOL! If you are interested in getting your own little bag of happiness each month click the referral link below! The cost is $10 a month & you will receive a personalized bag of beauty-must-haves each month. 

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Also, you can check out my YouTube video for this month's ipsy! (LINK) Spoilers, I squirt sunscreen all over my hand & break my Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo packaging. ;)