Monday, May 19, 2014

14 Day Photography Challenge | Days 3-5

Photography Challenge | Days 3-5
Here are my pictures from the 14 Day Photography Challenge. If you would like to try the challenge out yourself you can read the post all about!  

Day 3. A Bad Habit.

I have a horrible-no-good-very-bad-habit...make-up hoarding. Especially when it comes to mascara! I will be cleaning out this collection in a video soon! 

Day 4. Breakfast.

Usually my breakfast consists of water & coffee. Lately I have been trying to add something more substantial. Although the eggs made their way to one of our beloved pups, I have really been enjoying my coffee out on the patio in the morning sun. 

Day 5. Flowers.

I shared some pictures of this little butterfly in my Photo Diary post over the weekend. (Link) But I went back for more when I saw that this little friend was fluttering about our Chinese Rose Bush again this morning. 

If you do decide to join in on my photo challenge, please use the hashtag #aklove12pic for instagram & twitter. :)