Tuesday, May 13, 2014

14 Day Photo Challenge

14 Photos. 14 Days.

I have attempted many a photo challenge in the last couple of years. While my intentions are to use my big-girl Canon DSLR to capture the challenge pictures, I usually end up using my i-phone. Then around the two week mark of a one month challenge, I just stop taking pictures altogether. My most recent photo-challenge-fail was during December season when I attempted to do a 30 Day Holiday version & I made it 4 days in & never took another picture for the challenge again. Whoopsie. 

Recently I have been feeling like I should take on some sort of a photo-challenge again. I feel like there are so many moments & subtle little things that I want to capture in photographs that I just never seem to make the time for, especially with my fancy-Canon. I attempted to find a 2-week challenge that included things that I actually wanted to take pictures of, but I didn't find one that was completely suited to what I was looking for. proper alaskalove12 fashion, I made my own! 

I kept things short with only 14 photos or days for the entire challenge. Although I initially thought I wanted all of the pictures to be centered around the kids, I realized that there are many other things in my life I would like to have pictures of as well & the kids didn't need 14 straight days of me shoving a camera in their face trying to get a challenge picture. 
I also selected things like, a bad habit, guilty pleasure & something you adore so that I could give you guys a little deeper glimpse into my life through some of these photos. 
Now, I'm challenging myself to take ALL of these pictures with my Canon Rebel t3i while using the Manual settings. I feel like it is extremely easy to treat my camera like it is a simple point & shoot camera, when it is really a powerhouse that deserves to be used properly. I too, want to improve as a photographer so I'm using this challenge as a way to do that as well. :) 

I will be starting this challenge tomorrow & I haven't decided if I'm going to share each photo daily or a couple at a time or an entire week at once in a photo-journaly type post....stay tuned. 

If you choose to do this challenge with me, please leave a comment below. Although, I will be using my big-girl camera, please feel free to use whatever camera you have, your i-Phone, really any camera you have available to you. I just want to step-up my photo skills with my Canon. ;) 

happy photographing!