Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photo Challenge | Days 6-10

Oh photography challenges, I'm terrible at you. ;) Really, I'm terrible at finding the time to edit this pictures & post them. But here we are with days 6 through 10 of my own 14 Day Photography Challenge. Days 11 through 14 are soon to come, once I can edit them. 
For Days 6 through 10 the challenges were: Someone You Love, Art, Bed, Morning, & Something You Adore

Someone You Love
Of course I love all of my children & Justin & my family & my friends. But on this early morning Danielle was the first to awake out of our wolf pack & since she always starts her day off with a bath I thought I would use the opportunity to get some pictures. My kids are so used to the camera being in their face that she just relaxed & began to play in her bubbles & toys. I love this mini photo series because you can really see her go from her freshly awoken self to her wide awake & spunky self in a matter of minutes. Seriously, like 2. Kids are amazing...I've been awake for hours & I'm still not as awake as she is. 

There are so many chairs/places these two could lounge in the morning. Yet, they seem to like my desk chair in the living room best...there is a chair just like this one in the dining room (where this chair belongs) but here they are...Every morning I have to shoo them out of it so I can drink my coffee/blog/get ready....

One thing I'm going to miss with the kids being on summer break is all of the art work they bring home..okay that's a half-lie. They brought home at least 4 trees worth of paper this year in coloring pages, art work & activities. But there were some that were just to precious I had to keep them & display them. All of the ones that are hanging up now are from their last few weeks of school. The Mother's Day flowers might just be my favorite thing they made all year...according to the twins I'm good at bowling & I'm smart because I know when to send them to bed, 7 o'clock. 

"My side" It is not lost on me how often one of the sides of our bed has been/will be empty due to Justin & I both working out of town so soften for so long. While I'm home more now, there is always a chance that will change....

Something I Adore
Never has a drop of coffee been in this cup...I was on the hunt for it around the holidays & I could not find it anywhere. Then my mom came to visit in November & I found it (one of the last ones in the entire state of AK!), at the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage. Now I keep it on my desk area as a reminder of my mom's visit & how much fun we had together when she was here. 

I hope if you've decided to give this 14 Day Photography Challenge a try that you are enjoying it as much as I have. If you would like to join in, check out my original post for the challenge. (LINK) If you post your photos to instagram or twitter use the hashtag #aklove12pic

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Fresh Picks! 

Hey guys! It's that time again...ipsy time! Let's all get excited for the amazing little gift that arrives each month from ipsy. :) 

This months bag is a soft cottony-burlap material & I LOVE it! I'm really into green earth prints right now for summer, so this is going to be perfect for holding my on-the-go make-up must haves in my purse. 

eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask
This was the first product I plucked out of my bag this month & I'm pretty happy about it. I really adore the packaging & the mask itself seems comparable to the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle one that I'm already super fond of. I will give it a try tonight as my hair is seeming a little drier than usual lately & report back with the outcome. :) 

Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50
Sunscreen might just be my least favorite thing to get in a subscription bag/box. I always break out when I use sunscreen directly on my face. I prefer to use a moisturizer that has an SPF already packed in as my skin seems to respond to it better. I will probably save this to use on the kids when we have used up all of our other sunscreen. It is a convenient travel size though! 

Me*e Beauty Bee Nourished Night Cream
I'll be the first to admit that my nighttime skincare routine can use a little work. Right now it consists of me stumbling to bed around midnight-2AM, brushing my teeth, reaching for some form of make-up remover, splashing water on my face, applying a night mask & falling asleep. Those things really only happen 4 nights receiving this night cream has inspired a reminder that I need to get my sh*t together in the nighttime skincare department. 5 stars for that! 

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo 1
At first swatch this was not a match made in make-up heaven. Both shades seemed chalky & lacking in pigment. Then I tried them out with this amazing invention, that some of you may know...a make-up brush. They were great! Seriously, sometimes I get so caught up in "swatching" new products that I forget that they are generally created with a make-up brush or applicator beyond a finger in mind. I haven't wore them on my eyes yet & I do know that I will need a primer or eyeshadow base to make them *POP*. All in all it's a fun little duo that will pair well with my blue eyes. :) 

Lulu Blossom Dreamsicle Body Balm
This is my favorite product from my May ipsy so far. I'm obsessed with how it smells & it is great for smoothing out my rough skin-elbows, hands, applies so nicely & is not greasy at all. Plus I'm a sucker for anything with vintage-pin-up motif & it's in a totally cute little tin. Consider me a consumer on this one, I fell for this product dreamsicle scent & all. 

All of ipsy's Fresh Picks for May! I really liked this bag & I can't wait to use up everything, besides the sunscreen. LOL! If you are interested in getting your own little bag of happiness each month click the referral link below! The cost is $10 a month & you will receive a personalized bag of beauty-must-haves each month. 

(Link) Referral Link! 

Also, you can check out my YouTube video for this month's ipsy! (LINK) Spoilers, I squirt sunscreen all over my hand & break my Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo packaging. ;) 

Monday, May 19, 2014

14 Day Photography Challenge | Days 3-5

Photography Challenge | Days 3-5
Here are my pictures from the 14 Day Photography Challenge. If you would like to try the challenge out yourself you can read the post all about!  

Day 3. A Bad Habit.

I have a horrible-no-good-very-bad-habit...make-up hoarding. Especially when it comes to mascara! I will be cleaning out this collection in a video soon! 

Day 4. Breakfast.

Usually my breakfast consists of water & coffee. Lately I have been trying to add something more substantial. Although the eggs made their way to one of our beloved pups, I have really been enjoying my coffee out on the patio in the morning sun. 

Day 5. Flowers.

I shared some pictures of this little butterfly in my Photo Diary post over the weekend. (Link) But I went back for more when I saw that this little friend was fluttering about our Chinese Rose Bush again this morning. 

If you do decide to join in on my photo challenge, please use the hashtag #aklove12pic for instagram & twitter. :) 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life Lately | A Photo Diary

Life Lately
I know I'm in the middle of a 14 Day Photo Challenge, but here are some pictures of life lately. 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Photography Challenge | Day 2 | Something New

Something New.

New things. Freshly painted mini mason jars for my plant friends. Succulents plant life... 

Join in on the 14 Day Photography Challenge. (Link.)

Day 1-Hands. (Link.)

DIY Mercury Glass | With Rust-Oleum's Mirror Effect Spray Paint

DIY Mercury Glass

I have many obsessions, it's probably unhealthy. Over the past couple of years my obsessions have grown to include, ikat prints, cross body bags, statement necklaces & most importantly for this post.... mercury & mirrored glass. 
I've purchased candles, frames, ornaments & other random decor items that are various shades of Mercury Glass. I love all of them. About 6 months ago my Pinterest feed was flooded with DIY projects with Krylon's Looking Glass Spray Paint. I was so excited! I could finally create mercury or mirrored glass EVERYTHING!!! Well....I could, if anyone, I mean anyone in Alaska stocked the Looking Glass Spray Paint. I have called every store between Anchorage & the Valley that could potentially have it, from Lowe's to Michael's...not a can. :( 

Last weekend on a trip to Home Depot for Krylon's Metallic Gold Spray Paint, I saw the tiniest can of spray paint. Amongst all of the giant full size bottles was a undiscovered gem. With a *new* sticker posting it's arrival (it's probably been available in the Lower 48 for a year. haha!), I grabbed a can. I should of grabbed 2 or 12, but it was priced rather high at $8.99. 

Rust-Oleum's Mirror Effect Spray Paint! For those of you who have been able to use Krylon's Looking Glass you're probably judging me, but I promise as soon as I can find some it will be added to my spray paint hoarder level collection. :) As soon as I got home with this find, I busted out a former beverage dispenser that ended up cracking about a month after I bought it last summer. I saved it just so that I could eventually transform it into a Mercury Glass piece of beauty. 

I'm so very happy to say that as of May 10th 2014, my cracked glass beverage dispenser is now a beautiful Mercury Glass decor piece. Here's how I DIY-ed it! 

My lovely cracked beverage dispenser. :( 

-Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint
-An Old Sheet or anything you don't mind using as a drop cloth that will become covered in paint.
-Something to paint. From Mason Jars, Vases & Old Bath and Body Works Candles. Most glass things can be transformed into Mercury or Mirrored Glass. Just don't use anything you plan on eating/drinking out of.
-Vinegar & Water Mixture. Use a 1:1 ratio. 
-Paper Towels (Sort of Optional, I'll Explain)
-Bug Dope. AKA a survival necessity for Alaskan Spring/Summers. This is not required for the DIY steps, but if you're going to attempt this outside & you live somewhere that mosquitos are vicious, you're gonna want it! 

-Lay out your sheet/drop cloth. 
-Make sure you have washed (soap & h20 or glass cleaner) the glass surface you will be painting on & that it is tried throughly. Bonus if you do so with a microfiber cloth. I used my t-shirt.
-Prepare your can of paint. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it like a polaroid picture. Preferably for at least a minute like the can says. 

-Spray your glass with paint. Rust-Oleum recommends holding the can upright 10-12 inches from the surface & spray in a steady back & forth motion. Use very thin coats. 

-Spray the painted area with the Vinegar/Water Mixture. Hold the spray bottle 10-12 inches away from the surface & spritz lightly. Allow to dry for about 30 seconds to a minute.

-Dab the Vinegar/Water sprayed area with paper towel. (I found this to be optional, while it added texture it sort of wiped a lot of paint away.) Experiment with what looks the best to you. 
-Repeat the Painting-Vinegar/Water Mixture Spraying Steps until the entire surface is coated & you have achieved the coverage you desire. I used about 6 coats & did the beverage dispenser in sections because it was so large. 
-Allow to dry completely. Then display proudly in your home or give away as a gift! 

-The Rust-Oleum paint is really thin & runny. Spray evenly & hold the can upright to avoid drip marks. 
-The paper towel method adds texture but it is pretty obvious that it is the texture of a paper towel. I preferred to paint, spray with Vinegar/Water, allow to dry a bit & repeat. Keep the paper towel on hand for any drip marks or large water droplets that you need to dab away. 
-The more coats the darker your Mercury Glass will be. If you want something more subtle just do a couple of coats but if you want a great darker silver appearance use 6-8 coats. 
-Check out Rust-Oleum's Mirror Effect Project Page for more info on the paint itself & how to apply. (Link.)

Here is the final product amongst some of my other DIY projects & the most amazing smelling candle(more on that in a favorites post soon!). How about that smear/streak action on my window?! A wonderful little child attempted to "clean" that area with some tissue & hair mousse. I really need to clean my windows! 

I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I do want it to be a little shinier, so I may add a top coat to it, eventually.

All in all I like the performance of the Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint. It was rather runny compared to regular spray paints. I wish I could compare it to Krylon's Looking Glass version, but that is not in my cards right now. ;) 

Let me know if any of you have used this paint & what you thought!