Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekending | Spring in Alaska

I can't believe that last week I was sharing our snow filled photos from Valdez Snowfest & this weekend there wasn't a speck of snow in sight at our house. Even though we are all sad to see the snow go, we had a lot of fun going on bike rides & playing outside. As the weather continues to improve & spring makes it way to Alaska I'm really looking forward to getting outside & having even more fun with our little crew. 

The biggest moment of the weekend happened on Friday while we were out on a walk/bike ride. Lilliana decided she wanted to try out Nikoli's bike since it didn't have any training wheels. Now, the mom in me had to take a deep breath & prepare for the worst. The twins got their "big kid" bikes last year & Nikoli was riding around without training wheels in under a week. Lilliana on the other hand, seriously struggled to just stay upright with training wheels! :) 

I decided to let her try out Nikoli's bike, we were on a relatively straight stretch of road & it had minimal traffic for the time we were out. I will be honest, I have absolutely no idea how to teach my kids how to ride a bike. With Nikoli Justin popped the training wheels off & away he went. Lilliana, rode off of a curb into oncoming traffic in Seward last summer, with training wheels. 
When it came time for her to test out Nikoli's bike on Friday, I held the bike so that she could get started. At first I held the middle-front of the handle bars & then I moved to holding the back of the seat. After 20 or so steps, I let go & braced myself for Lilliana to wreck....then something amazing happened...
She rode a bike without training wheels all by herself!!!! All the way down the road & when she wanted to stop she just used the breaks & hopped right off the bike. No crashes, no wrecks, no tears. Even Nikoli & Danielle were cheering as she took off down the road. 

Lilliana asked if we could head back home so I could take her training wheels off of her bike. I was literally about to burst into happy tears! Lilliana was fanning her face saying she felt like she was going to happy-burst. Haha. I think our feelings were quite similar in that moment. So we rode back home, I removed her training wheels & away she went, riding all over the driveway & yard. 

On Saturday we went out on another bike riding adventure & this time Danielle rode along in the bike trailer & the twins were off on their bikes. I brought my camera along as well & snapped some fun pictures of the kids. 

Look at this little guy! He says one of his favorite things about weekends are his ripped jeans! He says they are his most comfortable ones. The kid literally has 7 or 8 pairs that look just like these. If someone can point me in the direction of tough, durable jeans for little boys, I would appreciate it! :) 

From training wheels to tricks in 24 hours! 

Now that Lilliana is riding without training wheels the twins are all about racing each other. So we have found a straight stretch of road that doesn't have a lot of traffic & the twins race each other up & down the road for hours. Danielle loves to be the race official & she counts down the start of each & every race. 

We loved every minute out riding on bikes & enjoying the nice spring weather. Here are some more pictures from our wonderful bike rides....

That was how we spent most of our weekend. :) I hope all of you are having a fantastic start to spring! 

 love from alaska,