Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday-Mommy Struggles.

Here I go again. I'm going to attempt to get back into a consisteint blog-posting schedule. I know a lot of people like to post throwback pictures & what not on Thursdays, but I do not have any childhood pictures with me here in Alaska. Mom, I promise that some day I will come get all of my crap from your house. :) Until then, Thoughtful Thursday it is. 

This week my thoughts are resting heavily on the type of mother I am & the type of mother that I want to be. Lately I feel as if I'm spending 90% of my time disciplining, defusing sibling arguments, cleaning lotion off of a kitten, or trying to stay awake long enough to put laundry away. To be honest, I feel like I've been riding my broom more than I have been spending quality time with our kids. 
Often I wonder if I'm really doing the best possible job as a parent...I usually find myself on the verge of a mommy meltdown at least once a week when Justin is away at work. If any of you reading this are North Slope wives, or wives whose spouses are away for more than a week each month...I get it. I sooooo get it. If it's been 3 days since you have had a proper shower & your house looks like a hurricane collided with a tornado, we need to be best friends. 

All humor aside. I really want to improve my mothering skills. I want to find my patience again, to be able to withstand temper tantrums & multiple potty accidents a day with some sort of grace. I've lost my cool more times than I care to admit lately & while I feel like we are sometimes headed in the right direction, most of the time I just feel a little out of sorts.

I saw this on Pinterest today & something about it really made me stop & consider a few things...

How often am I really getting down on my kids level & engaging with them?

Do I discipline certain situations a certain way because I really believe that's how they should be handled? OR... Have I handled things a certain way because I feel like I need to make up for Justin being gone for work?

Can I make a better routine for all of us that will make our day-to-day struggles easier?

Do I really know the best way to communicate with each one of the kids as individuals or have I just generalized things to make it easier on me? (Re-read, Love Languages for Kids. ASAP!)

I really want to carve out time each week to spend one-on-one moments with each of the kids.

Nothing is more important than our kids feeling loved, adored, happy, healthy, inspired, & loved a little more. 

There you have it. Those are the thoughts fresh out of my noggin. Now, my parenting situation is probably a bit unique to some. But for a lot of Alaskan families it is really quite "normal." For those of you who might not be familiar with what we have going on...
Justin is a member of a union. The Local 302 Operating Engineers to be specific. He is a heavy-equipment mechanic & his line of work primarily places him working on Alaska's North Slope. Although he has worked at different locations throughout the state, he has been based in Prudhoe Bay for the last couple of years. 
His work schedule has him away from 2 to 6 weeks at a time. 2 weeks is a sprint, I can handle it with some pretty decent ease at this point. The 3-6 week point is where life gets a little too cray-cray for me. So if you ever see me at the grocery store double fisting a 16oz white mocha breve & a shaken passion know which week we are on. ;)
Right now we are closing in on a month of Justin being at work. The 817 mile distance has me a bit wore down, the kids are missing their dad & I just needed to let these thoughts out..

Here's a little bit of humor to lighten this post up a bit...

If you're a mother & you're struggling a little bit this week too...I'm sending lots of love & hugs. If I could I'd send all of you; a maid to clean your house, a tutor to help your kids with homework & a nanny so you can shower/shave & take a nap. ;)