Thursday, April 17, 2014

Playroom Rules & A Free Printable

Over the last few months I have been chugging along with the DIY project of making over the kids playroom. Originally the space was Justin's Grandfather's office & last year I took all of the toys from the kids bedrooms & shoved them into the former office, claiming it as a playroom. Over time we slowly realized that the bins we were using for storage as well as the number of toys the kids had...was not working. The room was a wreck & the kids kept taking toys from the playroom back to their bedrooms to play with. Causing the entire downstairs to be trashed all the time...

(A view of part of the cabinet...I promise I will do a full room tour!)

Now the the space has a cabinet I ordered from a few bins that are much more functional than the other ones & the kids are down about 20 toys a piece. About every two months we go through everything & the kids pull toys to be thrown away or donated. It has helped keep the amount of clutter down & overall the downstairs stays a bit tidier. I won't like to you though...most days the playroom gets trashed. Danielle likes to dump EVERYTHING out at once when she plays. As long as she puts it all away I really don't have a problem with it...anymore. I spent months trying to get her to play with 1 or 2 things at a time so that when it was time for her to clean up she wouldn't have a 20 minute task ahead of her. The girl just likes to dump the stuff out & since it is a PLAYROOM I've just let it go. Pick your battles mommas. Pick. Your. Battles. 

I had mentioned wanting to get a custom Playroom Rules wall decal months ago when I finished painting the room. While I still LOVE the idea of one, I just don't want to spend the $$$ on one right now & since I had a spare frame hanging out. Which led to me creating one yesterday using PicMonkey. (Link)
I posted a picture of the finished, framed, printout yesterday on my Instagram (@alaskalove12) & my personal Facebook page. 

The rules I used are a combination of rules we have at home for playing & ones that I saw on some of the wall decals I was looking at purchasing. So now that our new Playroom Rules are posted, do I believe that all of them will be followed 100% or even 25% of the time? Nope. But its a totally adorable edition to the playroom & that's fine with me. 

Here are some free printable versions you can use! Leave me a comment below if you do. :) 

Here is our sign with the kids well loved Maddy...