Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perspective. Parenting, & Preparing for a Weekend Away

I swear I have the best intentions when it comes to blogging consistently. I want to continue to grow my blog & YouTube channel, to do so I KNOW that I need to make a schedule & stick like super glue to it. However, my life is not ruled by the time on the clock or which day of the week it is. My life is unpredictable, messy & honestly quiet chaotic. My days sometimes consist of cleaning paint out of tea sets, washing off faces covered in sidewalk chalk & sometimes getting spilled wine out of the $30 (clearance price, originally $180) area rug in my living room. 
Right now my life isn't so much about making sure I blog or film consistently. It's about finding balance as a wife, mother, WI-to AK transplant & of course still figuring out who exactly I am. I LOVE blogging, I LOVE social media, seriously I have been involved in something with the two since I was 12. But I just can't seem to get my schedule right for posts/filming/editing...
I dove haphazardly, head-first into this whole motherhood thing. Someday I will share my story with the world-wide-web, but right now I'm still so deeply trying to navigate the whole thing that I'm just not sure where to start. 
So, if you want to follow along with a slightly-inconsistant-rambling-wanderer of a blogger, please stay a while & browse what I have created so far. If not, I understand. :) 

This week posts are delayed because Justin just got home last night after being gone for an entire month, we started a brand new business, & we are preparing to head to Alyeska for our kids final 120 snowmachine race of the year. This race is different for us than the rest of them have been because we are pulling our travel trailer down to Alyeska on Thursday & staying for the entire weekend. Getting the trailer ready is a week long project in itself! 
Our trailer parked at Finger Mountain on the Dalton Highway Summer of 2010. 

We have so many memories in our trailer. It was the first "big" purchase Justin & I ever made together. Honestly, I think everyone who knew us thought we were nuts! We combined checking accounts the day we signed the loan for the trailer. Less than a year in & I knew the guy was my forever. In so many ways the trailer was our first home. I'm so glad that our kids have been able to share in the love & memories that have been made every time we haul the big behemoth of a trailer somewhere for another adventure. 

So this weekend we are off again, I will be back soon with more posts SOON! I would love to say it will be tomorrow or Friday, but I just can't make those kinds of promises. Upcoming posts care routine, April Favorites, Super Undie Care & LOVE, Surviving Life with a Child Who Wets the Bed, & of course MONDAY MUSES! 
Until my regularly, not so scheduled return, here are some pictures of our Alaskan life lately....

For now, I'm off to run so many errands I'll probably leave my phone somewhere & lose my phone at least 6 times. If you aren't following me on instagram you can find me at @alaskalove12. If you want to read what randomly comes out of my head come find me on twitter @alaskalove12. If you just want to follow along with the random love I try to create on this blog, just stay here. :) 

So much love.