Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Themed Crafts

Well hello there. I know it has been a matter of weeks since I was consistently posting on this blog of mine. I could give you a million reasons why I've fallen off the regularly-scheduled-blogging-wagon. Really, it just comes down to me being super sick lately with a sinus/respiratory thing that I can't seem to kick & I just haven't had the energy to blog/film/create content. But I'm pushing through this week because Easter is on Sunday & I need to infuse some springy-Eastery-energy into my life. 
I have been pouring over pin after pin on Pinterest & I've gathered together some of my favorite craft ideas to do with the kids as well as some others that I just think are brilliant. 
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When it comes to crafts for the kids I like things to be simple & straight forward. My artistic talent ends at sharpening colored pencils, so I prefer projects that allow the kids to be creative without a ton of involvement needed from me. 
The carrots & bunnies fingerprint art from SassyDealz is perfect for an after school project & I already have all items needed! Now the glue batik eggs are a much more challenging project that I think would be great for older kids or for someone who likes to get their late night crafting on. It was just to beautiful for me not to include. There are TONS of tutorials out there for Easter Egg sun catchers, but this one is my favorite. It utilizes paper confetti & contact paper. 

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Of course it would just be silly to celebrate Easter without dyeing eggs. This year I wanted to find some new fun ways to color our eggs. The kids are always game for more creative & challenging projects & I really want to choose one of these options as a part of our Easter Egg dyeing extravaganza this year. I think the kids would really have fun each selecting a natural item to use as a dye, I think I will let them each pick something at the store for this project. How neat looking are the Glow Eggs from Growing a Jeweled Rose!? Now I'm not sure if the eggs are edible after using Glow or Fluorescent Paint on them,  so this might be a fun project to do but it would seem a little wasteful not to eat the eggs after. I LOVE the marbleized look of the DIY Nail Polish Easter Eggs. I keep seeking out projects that use nail polish because I have so many old bottles/shades that I just don't seem to wear much anymore. Again, with this project are the eggs even edible anymore?? We always eat/make egg salad/deviled eggs with our dyed creations, do you guys decorate & then toss the eggs after Easter? 

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Growing up I remember LOVING Easter Trees. From the branches to the tiny little egg, bunny & flower ornaments I adored the little trees. Some how I have made it to this point in my life with out owning/creating a proper Easter Egg Tree. I have decided that this year will be the time I bust out my limited DIY stills & create a tree of my very own. All three of these shown here I found via Pinterest  (Cue eye rolls for the over-use of Pinterest in this post). The Sparkle Egg Tree from Momtastic is so simple but cute, I think it would be a fun project with the kids & is a great choice if you already have some eggs on hand & you are low on DIY time. Okay, this second one, from Aunt Peaches is just too fantastic! It is a Swedish Easter Tree & I think I want one in my house year round. I do not have the time to create one this large or beautiful this year, but I think it is a decor item I can add to over the years. PS. The "vase" for this Swedish Easter tree is made from a laundry detergent container &  other empty bottles! Then there is the sweet floral & pastel tree from Adventures in Decorating. this one is the closest to the trees I remember so fondly from my childhood, with the little carrots & fake dogwood branches it is so precious. 

I will be creating some form of an Easter Tree this week & as always I will document the process to share with all of you. I just wish I had the time/felt better to do it sooner so that you could all make a tree before Easter. :) 

How stinkin adorable is this Washi Tape Bunny Silhouette from Craft-O-Maniac! (Link) I think there are endless possibilities for washi tape & I may even try making my own version of this tonight after the kids go to sleep. Sometimes I like to give projects a "road" test before doing them with the kids to make sure that they will work or if I need to make any tweaks to them before allowing the kids to dive in & create. 

There are my Pinterest-curated finds for Easter Crafts this year. Have any of you done some Easter themed projects already? Any one have some additional ideas for me? 

I promise that as I start to feel better I will be back on track with blogging/filming soon. I just can't seem to kick this cold & I'm starting to wonder if a trip to the Dr's office is in order.