Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perspective. Parenting, & Preparing for a Weekend Away

I swear I have the best intentions when it comes to blogging consistently. I want to continue to grow my blog & YouTube channel, to do so I KNOW that I need to make a schedule & stick like super glue to it. However, my life is not ruled by the time on the clock or which day of the week it is. My life is unpredictable, messy & honestly quiet chaotic. My days sometimes consist of cleaning paint out of tea sets, washing off faces covered in sidewalk chalk & sometimes getting spilled wine out of the $30 (clearance price, originally $180) area rug in my living room. 
Right now my life isn't so much about making sure I blog or film consistently. It's about finding balance as a wife, mother, WI-to AK transplant & of course still figuring out who exactly I am. I LOVE blogging, I LOVE social media, seriously I have been involved in something with the two since I was 12. But I just can't seem to get my schedule right for posts/filming/editing...
I dove haphazardly, head-first into this whole motherhood thing. Someday I will share my story with the world-wide-web, but right now I'm still so deeply trying to navigate the whole thing that I'm just not sure where to start. 
So, if you want to follow along with a slightly-inconsistant-rambling-wanderer of a blogger, please stay a while & browse what I have created so far. If not, I understand. :) 

This week posts are delayed because Justin just got home last night after being gone for an entire month, we started a brand new business, & we are preparing to head to Alyeska for our kids final 120 snowmachine race of the year. This race is different for us than the rest of them have been because we are pulling our travel trailer down to Alyeska on Thursday & staying for the entire weekend. Getting the trailer ready is a week long project in itself! 
Our trailer parked at Finger Mountain on the Dalton Highway Summer of 2010. 

We have so many memories in our trailer. It was the first "big" purchase Justin & I ever made together. Honestly, I think everyone who knew us thought we were nuts! We combined checking accounts the day we signed the loan for the trailer. Less than a year in & I knew the guy was my forever. In so many ways the trailer was our first home. I'm so glad that our kids have been able to share in the love & memories that have been made every time we haul the big behemoth of a trailer somewhere for another adventure. 

So this weekend we are off again, I will be back soon with more posts SOON! I would love to say it will be tomorrow or Friday, but I just can't make those kinds of promises. Upcoming posts care routine, April Favorites, Super Undie Care & LOVE, Surviving Life with a Child Who Wets the Bed, & of course MONDAY MUSES! 
Until my regularly, not so scheduled return, here are some pictures of our Alaskan life lately....

For now, I'm off to run so many errands I'll probably leave my phone somewhere & lose my phone at least 6 times. If you aren't following me on instagram you can find me at @alaskalove12. If you want to read what randomly comes out of my head come find me on twitter @alaskalove12. If you just want to follow along with the random love I try to create on this blog, just stay here. :) 

So much love.

Friday, April 25, 2014

LUSHing Out! 2014 Mother's Day Collection

It is no secret that I'm ADDICTED to LUSH. If my stash gets to 3 or less bath products I feel like a part of my soul is missing. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but who do you think writes this blog? 
When I saw that LUSH was releasing a Limited Edition Mother's Day Collection for 2014 I knew that I would be checking it out as soon as it released. I have looked at all of the products online a billion times already! If you are looking for an amazing gift for any of the women you will be sharing Mother's Day with LUSH has you covered. I'm going to share my top picks from the Mother's Day Limited Edition Collection as well as my all time faves that I think would make fantastic gifts! 

Any time LUSH comes out with a bath product that has glitter it instantly becomes a must-have for me. There is just something that makes a bath feel sooooo Harry Potter whimsically when glitter is floating about. Add in a gorgeous fragrance like the Brazillian Orange & sandalwood combination that LUSH blended into this bubble bar & you have a perfect pampering gift for any lady on your Mother's Day gift list. Wrap it in this (link) Knot-Wrap, add a card & some beautiful wild flowers & you have a sweet surprise for your Mom, Grandma, Aunt or even your sister! 

Is there anything more pampering than a hot bubble bath, candles & the sweet silence of your kids tucked in bed snoozing the night away? In my dream land that is what I'm able to do every night, in reality...I mostly fold laundry & load the dish washer. If you want to create the perfect escape for your  significant other for Mother's Day stock up on a couple of the Rose Bubble Bar. With fair trade, organic cocoa butter & a beautiful glimmer wrapped in this bubble bar this might be the best thing since Pink Moscato. LUSH made this bar with a new-condensed formula, which means your loved one can break it in half for double the bath-time, escape from reality-pampering session.

Could LUSH products get any more adorable? Instead of a traditional flower bouquet scoop up a mixture of the Mum Tulip, Madame Butterfly & Mum, bubble wands & create a wonderful LUSH gift any Mom would adore. I'm particularly excited about the Mum Tulip because LUSH used the fragrance from their Sex Bomb bath fizz (jasmine, clary sage & ylang ylang) & a single tulip can create up to 6 bubble baths! Madame Butterfly is scented with rose petal & lemon oil & Mum was made with the Honey I Washed the Kids Toffee fragrance. A combination of all 3 of the limited edition bubble wands will be sure to keep you at the top of your Mom's favorites list for some time! ;)

I thought LUSH had perfected their gift sets during the holiday season, then they went & released this baby! I wish I could have a few in my bathroom at all times. If you are looking for a no-fuss, already beautifully put together gift this one is for you! With 7 different LUSH products the Mum Gift is a must have. This one is totally worth it for the Dream Cream alone! ;) 

Bathos is a new bubble bar that LUSH released separate from their Mother's Day collection. It is the ultimate in bath time relaxation, as it is scented with rose, jasmine, ylang yang & balanced with a hint of clove oil. This might be the holy grail of perfect pre-bedtime bubble bars. (Only available online!)
The Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon is one of my personal all time favorites. The orangey-chocolate fragrance is amazing & my skin always feels like it's been through a spa pampering session after I take a bath with it. Plus the super fluffy white bubbles are pretty spectacular. 

Finally we have the most amazing lotion on the planet. Seriously, whenever my skin is in need of some serious TLC this stuff gets it done! If you are planning on truly spoiling your #1 Mother's Day gift recipient this year, you cannot leave out Dream Cream. It is so luxurious & extremely hydrating you will create a LUSH addict out of anyone you gift this body lotion to.

Those are my must-have/must-gift picks from LUSH for Mother's Day. I hope you are all having an amazing weekend & if you do purchase some of the products mentioned here leave a comment! 

You can find these products at your nearest LUSH store or online! (LINK)

***This was not a sponsored post in anyway. I'm literally just this obsessed/addicted to LUSH products & whenever they release a limited addition collection & I have time to make a post....I do.***

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday-Mommy Struggles.

Here I go again. I'm going to attempt to get back into a consisteint blog-posting schedule. I know a lot of people like to post throwback pictures & what not on Thursdays, but I do not have any childhood pictures with me here in Alaska. Mom, I promise that some day I will come get all of my crap from your house. :) Until then, Thoughtful Thursday it is. 

This week my thoughts are resting heavily on the type of mother I am & the type of mother that I want to be. Lately I feel as if I'm spending 90% of my time disciplining, defusing sibling arguments, cleaning lotion off of a kitten, or trying to stay awake long enough to put laundry away. To be honest, I feel like I've been riding my broom more than I have been spending quality time with our kids. 
Often I wonder if I'm really doing the best possible job as a parent...I usually find myself on the verge of a mommy meltdown at least once a week when Justin is away at work. If any of you reading this are North Slope wives, or wives whose spouses are away for more than a week each month...I get it. I sooooo get it. If it's been 3 days since you have had a proper shower & your house looks like a hurricane collided with a tornado, we need to be best friends. 

All humor aside. I really want to improve my mothering skills. I want to find my patience again, to be able to withstand temper tantrums & multiple potty accidents a day with some sort of grace. I've lost my cool more times than I care to admit lately & while I feel like we are sometimes headed in the right direction, most of the time I just feel a little out of sorts.

I saw this on Pinterest today & something about it really made me stop & consider a few things...

How often am I really getting down on my kids level & engaging with them?

Do I discipline certain situations a certain way because I really believe that's how they should be handled? OR... Have I handled things a certain way because I feel like I need to make up for Justin being gone for work?

Can I make a better routine for all of us that will make our day-to-day struggles easier?

Do I really know the best way to communicate with each one of the kids as individuals or have I just generalized things to make it easier on me? (Re-read, Love Languages for Kids. ASAP!)

I really want to carve out time each week to spend one-on-one moments with each of the kids.

Nothing is more important than our kids feeling loved, adored, happy, healthy, inspired, & loved a little more. 

There you have it. Those are the thoughts fresh out of my noggin. Now, my parenting situation is probably a bit unique to some. But for a lot of Alaskan families it is really quite "normal." For those of you who might not be familiar with what we have going on...
Justin is a member of a union. The Local 302 Operating Engineers to be specific. He is a heavy-equipment mechanic & his line of work primarily places him working on Alaska's North Slope. Although he has worked at different locations throughout the state, he has been based in Prudhoe Bay for the last couple of years. 
His work schedule has him away from 2 to 6 weeks at a time. 2 weeks is a sprint, I can handle it with some pretty decent ease at this point. The 3-6 week point is where life gets a little too cray-cray for me. So if you ever see me at the grocery store double fisting a 16oz white mocha breve & a shaken passion know which week we are on. ;)
Right now we are closing in on a month of Justin being at work. The 817 mile distance has me a bit wore down, the kids are missing their dad & I just needed to let these thoughts out..

Here's a little bit of humor to lighten this post up a bit...

If you're a mother & you're struggling a little bit this week too...I'm sending lots of love & hugs. If I could I'd send all of you; a maid to clean your house, a tutor to help your kids with homework & a nanny so you can shower/shave & take a nap. ;) 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 Years of Living in Alaska, 9 Things I Have Learned

Almost 5 years ago today I boarded the first of three flights that would bring me to my final destination in Alaska. My physical journey started out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & ended in Coldfoot, Alaska. My personal & emotional journey had started many years before & is still a work in progress now. 
My decision to leave my life in Wisconsin for a 6 month job in Coldfoot was a rather impulsive one. I had a full-time job, two part-time jobs, friends, a rental house & a pretty decent social life. When an email from my mom landed itself in my work inbox, every element in my life suddenly seemed wrong. I had allowed myself to get trapped in a mundane day-to-day lifestyle. I worked in a cubicle, enjoyed Applebee's appetizers at least twice a week & preferred heels to my hiking boots. 
If any of those things currently described you or someone you know, please do not feel offended. My life, in most respects was perfectly acceptable & wonderful to a lot of people. For me, the girl born with a bit of wanderlust in her bones & adventure seeking genes, it was just plain boring. 
I responded to my mother's email with my 79 words per minute typing efficiency. While placing an incoming work call on hold, I filled out & submitted a work application to work in Coldfoot, Alaska. 
A refreshing shock to my life occurred 3 days later when I was contacted by the hiring company for Coldfoot Camp & less than a week later I was officially hired & preparing to leave for my new job. 

As the weeks passed by & I made my journey to Alaska I begun to feel nervous, excited, & completely & utterly unprepared for what was ahead of me. I had packed 3 rather large bags filled with all of the things that I thought were necessities, it turns out half of the contents were a waste of precious packing space & nothing could of prepared me for the things I was about to learn that summer. 
Coldfoot is the rarest of places. Where sleeping in a tent, climbing a mountain & enjoying a midnight fire back lit by the midnight sun are all possible within a single day. Where people from all walks of life from all corners of the globe gather each summer to capture aspects of Alaska that are only possible in a place where adventure is nestled amongst mountains & nature's most beautiful views can be seen from a plane flying a path through those very mountains. 

I could ramble on & on about Coldfoot, my first summer in Alaska & the totally random & sometimes weird moments from my initial months living in the Last Frontier. But I want to share 9 things that I have learned since arriving in Alaska, 5 years ago. The first couple of course, I learned that summer in Coldfoot. 

1. Trust your instincts. I was a bit naive & unprepared for some of the personal situations I would encounter within the first few months in Alaska. Over time I learned to allow my gut-feeling to be the leader when it came to deciding which person to trust or which person to politely leave behind. I wish I could say that I caught on immediately & saved myself some heartache & tears, but I had lessons to learn & this was one of the first that life in Alaska made very clear for me.

2. Be prepared for anything. When people say Alaska is the Last Frontier they are not joking. I thought growing up in central Wisconsin gave me a good sense of being ready to accept the unexpected. But Alaska comes with it's very own sense of wild possibilities. From catching a glimpse of the Aurora's midnight dances to driving a side-by-side through peanut butter textured mud, Alaska allows you to explore with endless excitement & surprises. 

3. Dream big, then dream bigger. Alaska is full of opportunity. Whether you are looking for a place to start over (sort of like I was) or you just need to escape your everyday life for a while, Alaska will welcome you with open arms. The job opportunities during the peak tourism season are pretty fantastic & by taking one you could find yourself working in some of the most amazing places in the entire US.

4. Surviving the winter takes some intense mental, emotional, physical, preparation. I spent my first Alaskan Winter in Deadhorse...6 months of total Arctic chill. (I'll save that journey for another post.) I have since spent winters in Wasilla & other parts of the North Slope region. No matter what anyone tries to tell you, the winters are brutal. It's not the cold or the snow that gets to me (I'm a WI girl after all.), but the darkness that occurs from mid-December to the end of January. Each year I have found that the winters seem to stretch a little longer & more draining on me than the one before. If you're going to venture to Alaska for the winter, bring lots of books to read because you are going to want an escape...even if it is a fictional one.

5. I'm pretty much awful at keeping my thoughts to myself. Seriously, I knew this was problem before my life in Alaska. But I have found that my personal beliefs & views clash a bit more with people here than they did back in WI. I used to be able to keep a lid on myself, but now I just feel like  keeping my mouth shut is almost impossible. Good thing I like to freely share my thoughts on the internet via my blog, youtube channel & twitter. HAHA!

6. Time is everything. It seems like everyone here is always trying to make the most of every moment. It's as if the thirst for life is greater here in the north. The everyday, mundane tasks like grocery shopping &, are just a necessary evil so that we can all enjoy the wild, freedom & fun that Alaska has to offer. Seriously, if you don't believe me go stand in a Fred Meyer on a beautiful summer day & tell me what you see. :) 

7. Embrace your strengths & face your fears. Alaska is pretty overwhelming & extreme no matter where you go. I had to learn to embrace the things I was good at while keeping my fears at bay then entire first 2 years I lived here. Amongst my fear list....bears, guns, the dark & spiders. In the 5 years I have been here I have faced one bear personally, witnessed the process of my husband hunting/killing another. Purchased my first gun & sometimes I can go get my dogs in the dark without having to mentally prepare myself. The spider thing is still pretty intense, luckily for me Alaska doesn't have the densest spider population on the planet. 

8. How the rest of the world perceives Alaska/Alaskans is a but off, but sometimes painfully accurate. Now maybe my stance on this whole issue is slightly skewed because I spent 20 years growing up & living in another place. But Alaska is an odd place, where the modern world meets the rugged intensity that only the 49th state has. Alaskans are deeply proud of their home state & they will defend it forever. But seriously, sometimes all I can think is... the odds are good, but the goods are odd. ;) 

9. Love knows no bounds. While I have adored the last 5 years I have spent living & learning in Alaska, being away from my family & friends in WI has been tough. I have some of the best friends in the world & an amazing family. Most days I can tolerate the 4,000+ mile distance, but I have a lot of days where I just want to lock myself in the bathroom until I can get on a plane to return to the people I miss. Luckily technology is quite advanced on the communication front, while I love getting snail mail from everyone, having them available at my finger tips when I'm feeling a bit home-sick is pretty great. If you are thinking about moving to Alaska please keep in mind that your average plane ticket to anywhere in the Lower 48 is going to be at least $1,000 round trip & that doesn't include the steep increase in prices when tourism season hits. I've spent anywhere from $800 to $1,800 on a round trip ticket to WI/CO over the last few years. 

Well if you are reading stuck with me on this rather long rambling post. Thanks! I have truly loved the last 5 years in Alaska & I'm looking forward to spending many more here. Of course since moving to Alaska I became a wife & mother & this entire post could of been about the things I've learned from that part of my journey, but I wanted to keep things rather generalized...focusing on things I have learned aside from being a wacky mommy with a side of wifey-life. 

Here is a rather long Facebook post from earlier you can see I'm feeling rather sentimental about the years I've spent in Alaska. I promise I will return to the beauty topics you've come to love soon, it's just something about the 5 year aspect that has me searching for perspective a bit more than usual. 

All of the pictures in this post were from my first summer in Coldfoot, Alaska. Obviously I have worked/traveled/lived in other places in the state, but I just really love looking at the first pictures I ever captured here. Something about them just seems perfect to me because they were the first things that truly caught my eye when I arrived in this wild, free, intense place. I just wish I had invested in a better camera before making the trip....

Lesson #10...Buy a badass fricken camera if you are going to come to Alaska. Whether it is for business, travel or a life change...make sure you are prepared to capture all of it with the quality it deserves. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Playroom Rules & A Free Printable

Over the last few months I have been chugging along with the DIY project of making over the kids playroom. Originally the space was Justin's Grandfather's office & last year I took all of the toys from the kids bedrooms & shoved them into the former office, claiming it as a playroom. Over time we slowly realized that the bins we were using for storage as well as the number of toys the kids had...was not working. The room was a wreck & the kids kept taking toys from the playroom back to their bedrooms to play with. Causing the entire downstairs to be trashed all the time...

(A view of part of the cabinet...I promise I will do a full room tour!)

Now the the space has a cabinet I ordered from a few bins that are much more functional than the other ones & the kids are down about 20 toys a piece. About every two months we go through everything & the kids pull toys to be thrown away or donated. It has helped keep the amount of clutter down & overall the downstairs stays a bit tidier. I won't like to you though...most days the playroom gets trashed. Danielle likes to dump EVERYTHING out at once when she plays. As long as she puts it all away I really don't have a problem with it...anymore. I spent months trying to get her to play with 1 or 2 things at a time so that when it was time for her to clean up she wouldn't have a 20 minute task ahead of her. The girl just likes to dump the stuff out & since it is a PLAYROOM I've just let it go. Pick your battles mommas. Pick. Your. Battles. 

I had mentioned wanting to get a custom Playroom Rules wall decal months ago when I finished painting the room. While I still LOVE the idea of one, I just don't want to spend the $$$ on one right now & since I had a spare frame hanging out. Which led to me creating one yesterday using PicMonkey. (Link)
I posted a picture of the finished, framed, printout yesterday on my Instagram (@alaskalove12) & my personal Facebook page. 

The rules I used are a combination of rules we have at home for playing & ones that I saw on some of the wall decals I was looking at purchasing. So now that our new Playroom Rules are posted, do I believe that all of them will be followed 100% or even 25% of the time? Nope. But its a totally adorable edition to the playroom & that's fine with me. 

Here are some free printable versions you can use! Leave me a comment below if you do. :) 

Here is our sign with the kids well loved Maddy...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Themed Crafts

Well hello there. I know it has been a matter of weeks since I was consistently posting on this blog of mine. I could give you a million reasons why I've fallen off the regularly-scheduled-blogging-wagon. Really, it just comes down to me being super sick lately with a sinus/respiratory thing that I can't seem to kick & I just haven't had the energy to blog/film/create content. But I'm pushing through this week because Easter is on Sunday & I need to infuse some springy-Eastery-energy into my life. 
I have been pouring over pin after pin on Pinterest & I've gathered together some of my favorite craft ideas to do with the kids as well as some others that I just think are brilliant. 
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
When it comes to crafts for the kids I like things to be simple & straight forward. My artistic talent ends at sharpening colored pencils, so I prefer projects that allow the kids to be creative without a ton of involvement needed from me. 
The carrots & bunnies fingerprint art from SassyDealz is perfect for an after school project & I already have all items needed! Now the glue batik eggs are a much more challenging project that I think would be great for older kids or for someone who likes to get their late night crafting on. It was just to beautiful for me not to include. There are TONS of tutorials out there for Easter Egg sun catchers, but this one is my favorite. It utilizes paper confetti & contact paper. 

| 1 | 2 | 3 |

Of course it would just be silly to celebrate Easter without dyeing eggs. This year I wanted to find some new fun ways to color our eggs. The kids are always game for more creative & challenging projects & I really want to choose one of these options as a part of our Easter Egg dyeing extravaganza this year. I think the kids would really have fun each selecting a natural item to use as a dye, I think I will let them each pick something at the store for this project. How neat looking are the Glow Eggs from Growing a Jeweled Rose!? Now I'm not sure if the eggs are edible after using Glow or Fluorescent Paint on them,  so this might be a fun project to do but it would seem a little wasteful not to eat the eggs after. I LOVE the marbleized look of the DIY Nail Polish Easter Eggs. I keep seeking out projects that use nail polish because I have so many old bottles/shades that I just don't seem to wear much anymore. Again, with this project are the eggs even edible anymore?? We always eat/make egg salad/deviled eggs with our dyed creations, do you guys decorate & then toss the eggs after Easter? 

| 1 | 2 | 3 |

Growing up I remember LOVING Easter Trees. From the branches to the tiny little egg, bunny & flower ornaments I adored the little trees. Some how I have made it to this point in my life with out owning/creating a proper Easter Egg Tree. I have decided that this year will be the time I bust out my limited DIY stills & create a tree of my very own. All three of these shown here I found via Pinterest  (Cue eye rolls for the over-use of Pinterest in this post). The Sparkle Egg Tree from Momtastic is so simple but cute, I think it would be a fun project with the kids & is a great choice if you already have some eggs on hand & you are low on DIY time. Okay, this second one, from Aunt Peaches is just too fantastic! It is a Swedish Easter Tree & I think I want one in my house year round. I do not have the time to create one this large or beautiful this year, but I think it is a decor item I can add to over the years. PS. The "vase" for this Swedish Easter tree is made from a laundry detergent container &  other empty bottles! Then there is the sweet floral & pastel tree from Adventures in Decorating. this one is the closest to the trees I remember so fondly from my childhood, with the little carrots & fake dogwood branches it is so precious. 

I will be creating some form of an Easter Tree this week & as always I will document the process to share with all of you. I just wish I had the time/felt better to do it sooner so that you could all make a tree before Easter. :) 

How stinkin adorable is this Washi Tape Bunny Silhouette from Craft-O-Maniac! (Link) I think there are endless possibilities for washi tape & I may even try making my own version of this tonight after the kids go to sleep. Sometimes I like to give projects a "road" test before doing them with the kids to make sure that they will work or if I need to make any tweaks to them before allowing the kids to dive in & create. 

There are my Pinterest-curated finds for Easter Crafts this year. Have any of you done some Easter themed projects already? Any one have some additional ideas for me? 

I promise that as I start to feel better I will be back on track with blogging/filming soon. I just can't seem to kick this cold & I'm starting to wonder if a trip to the Dr's office is in order. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekending | Spring in Alaska

I can't believe that last week I was sharing our snow filled photos from Valdez Snowfest & this weekend there wasn't a speck of snow in sight at our house. Even though we are all sad to see the snow go, we had a lot of fun going on bike rides & playing outside. As the weather continues to improve & spring makes it way to Alaska I'm really looking forward to getting outside & having even more fun with our little crew. 

The biggest moment of the weekend happened on Friday while we were out on a walk/bike ride. Lilliana decided she wanted to try out Nikoli's bike since it didn't have any training wheels. Now, the mom in me had to take a deep breath & prepare for the worst. The twins got their "big kid" bikes last year & Nikoli was riding around without training wheels in under a week. Lilliana on the other hand, seriously struggled to just stay upright with training wheels! :) 

I decided to let her try out Nikoli's bike, we were on a relatively straight stretch of road & it had minimal traffic for the time we were out. I will be honest, I have absolutely no idea how to teach my kids how to ride a bike. With Nikoli Justin popped the training wheels off & away he went. Lilliana, rode off of a curb into oncoming traffic in Seward last summer, with training wheels. 
When it came time for her to test out Nikoli's bike on Friday, I held the bike so that she could get started. At first I held the middle-front of the handle bars & then I moved to holding the back of the seat. After 20 or so steps, I let go & braced myself for Lilliana to wreck....then something amazing happened...
She rode a bike without training wheels all by herself!!!! All the way down the road & when she wanted to stop she just used the breaks & hopped right off the bike. No crashes, no wrecks, no tears. Even Nikoli & Danielle were cheering as she took off down the road. 

Lilliana asked if we could head back home so I could take her training wheels off of her bike. I was literally about to burst into happy tears! Lilliana was fanning her face saying she felt like she was going to happy-burst. Haha. I think our feelings were quite similar in that moment. So we rode back home, I removed her training wheels & away she went, riding all over the driveway & yard. 

On Saturday we went out on another bike riding adventure & this time Danielle rode along in the bike trailer & the twins were off on their bikes. I brought my camera along as well & snapped some fun pictures of the kids. 

Look at this little guy! He says one of his favorite things about weekends are his ripped jeans! He says they are his most comfortable ones. The kid literally has 7 or 8 pairs that look just like these. If someone can point me in the direction of tough, durable jeans for little boys, I would appreciate it! :) 

From training wheels to tricks in 24 hours! 

Now that Lilliana is riding without training wheels the twins are all about racing each other. So we have found a straight stretch of road that doesn't have a lot of traffic & the twins race each other up & down the road for hours. Danielle loves to be the race official & she counts down the start of each & every race. 

We loved every minute out riding on bikes & enjoying the nice spring weather. Here are some more pictures from our wonderful bike rides....

That was how we spent most of our weekend. :) I hope all of you are having a fantastic start to spring! 

 love from alaska,