Thursday, March 27, 2014

Whimseybox|DIY Soft Hands Scrub & Lotion Set

Whimseybox is a monthly craft subscription that has been on my must-try list for months. I had the chance to try out a box curtesy of Whimseybox & I have to say that I'm totally hooked! From the adorable packaging to the detailed photo-instructions the entire experience was one I would like to do again & again, with a different craft each time of course. 
I received the DIY Soft Hands Scrub & Lotion Set. I'm going to break down what was in the box & how easy it was to create a set of amazing hand-care sets in under an hour last night. 

The packaging is just so sweet & adorable. From the cute peach ribbon & the macaroon art work by Diana Evans(Link), I just loved it! 

Unfortunately my Whimseybox had a couple minor spills while in transit to me. Nothing was really ruined & there was plenty of product to complete each project. The worst is shown here & in the photo above, just a rather-large but totally manageable almond oil & honey spill. :) 

Each individual supply was well packaged & it was easy to tell what each item was using the little photo-info-card that Whimseybox included. I set everything out & realized there was one thing missing...

Just a glass or small box of wine. The kids were all asleep in bed, Justin was working on some stuff on the computer & I decided to make this craft session a mini-me-time session as well. It was so nice drinking a chilled box of wine (hehe!) & doing a DIY project without any interruptions. 

Now back to the DIY-ing. :) Whimseybox included this very detailed, photo-info card, & they mentioned having some more detailed instructions & videos online, but I didn't find that I needed them to complete either project. 

Out of the supplies shown above these were the ones needed for the Lemon Honey Hand Scrub. Sugar, honey, half of the almond oil & 15 drops of the lemon essential oil. The next couple of images show what the almond oil, honey & essential oil look like mixed together. 
After I added the sugar my Lemon Honey Hand Scrub was complete. I filled out the label & put the lid on my little jar of hand scrub & began to work on the Lemon Honey Hand Creme. The scrub was so easy to do & I'm obsessed with how good the lemon & honey smell together! 

I totally didn't snap a picture of the supplies needed for the Lemon Honey Hand Creme. Whimseybox included beeswax pastilles, shea butter, coconut oil, honey, sweet almond oil, & lemon essential oil to create the lovely hand lotion. I used a spoon, small spatula, & mason jar/small pot for a double boiler set up from home to complete the project. 

I added the beeswax pastilles to a mason jar & then set the entire jar into a small pot of simmering water. The melting process of the beeswax was the longest of the entire process. I think it took about 15 minutes for it to be completely melted. Then it was time to add everything else...

I followed the instructions set by Whimseybox. I added the shea butter, followed by the coconut oil, honey & sweet almond oil. 

I poured the entire mixture back into the jar Whimseybox provided & then added 15 drops of the Lemon Essential Oil. That little bottle is still half full after completing both projects! Whimseybox does mention that you can add more essential oil to either product if you prefer a stronger scent. 

This was my hand creme about 20 minutes after I put it in the fridge & gave it a stir. I ended up leaving it in the fridge overnight to chill & then whipped it with my kitchen aid this morning while making the kids breakfast. I have it chilling again & will probably go through the chill/whip process about 2-3 more times to get it to the perfect consistency. :) All in all I LOVED these DIY creations & look forward to trying out another Whimseybox again soon.

Whimseybox Subsciptions start at $15 monthly with options to purchase 3 or 6 month subscriptions as well as an annual one. If you are interested in trying out Whimseybox for yourself or gifting it to someone who loves a good DIY-time I will include a link below for you to click & subscribe with.

Snazzy Linky-Link...HERE!

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***Whimseybox sent me this box to review but any thoughts, randomness or extras expressed within this post are totally rad & totally my own. The link above is a referral link. :) ****