Monday, March 17, 2014

Where Have I Been & Monday Muses...

I have been on a bit of an unplanned hiatus from blogging this last week. The twins were on spring break & it was a week filled with friends coming over, sleepovers & lots of laughter. Instead of trying to balance it all, I just let blogging slip to the side & focused on my family. Along with blogging taking a bit of a hit, our house looks like a boat that was wrecked on an island...inside & out. So this week I will be returning to the world of blogging as well as filming for my Youtube channel (Link.) & cleaning the house. 
Until I get back to the usual AlaskaLove12 blogging/filming scheduling here are the weekly dose of Monday Muses. :)

Hello St. Patricks Day! You guys....I'm a total failure when it comes to celebrating this holiday with the kids. I had plans of creating some evidence of a leprechaun sneaking into the house & leaving these Lucky Charm treats from Sally's Baking Addiction (Link). Now that did not happen. So...what's a mom to do? Make the leprechaun evidence arrive tonight & act like he visits some families the night before & some the night of St. Patricks Day. That's going to work, right? 

Sometimes I find myself feeling a bit afraid to commit to something or try new things. I want to begin to say yes before I talk myself out of things. 

Fabkids! (Link) Last month I signed the kids up for the monthly clothing subscription from FabKids. When I heard it was a team of parents & Christina Applegate behind the subscription service I just had to check it out. They founded the company to empower kids to express their individuality through personalized fashion. The kids each picked an outfit last month after taking the personalized styling quiz & we are so happy with our items! I will be filming a short look-book style video with them sometime in the next couple of weeks, so keep an out for that. For now if you would like to check out some of the FAQ for FabKids (including pricing & monthly skip options) just check out this (Link).

Contouring is not one of my strongest make-up tricks. I really have struggled to figure out which type of contouring style works the best for my face shape. So anytime there is a contoring/highlighting guide circulating around the web like this one, I save it to a folder on my computer & reference back to it for inspiration. 

Spring is springing! Although we spent Sunday in Big Lake for the kids 120 snow machine races again it feels as if spring is truly right around the corner. To get us in the new season spirit I want to re-create this fun, bright mural with the kids this upcoming weekend & hang it in our art space in the dining room.

For some humor on this St. Patricks Day-Monday. The amount of accuracy to my life from this e-card is perfection! Although today I went from pj pants to clean(er) pj pants. HAHA! The life of the glamorous mom!