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Our Wedding Inspirations. From Pinterest to Reality.

Not all too long ago I was deep in the process of planning our wedding. From Pinterest to wedding magazines I was collecting so many ideas that it got to the point where I didn't even know what I liked, loved or just didn't care for. Eventually I was able to get it together & found my true inspirations & on August 4th, 2012 it all came together & it was certainly our version of perfect. 

Now, if you are wondering where this random wedding post is coming from...we recently purchased a new desktop computer & over the last couple of days Justin was able to transfer our iPhoto library & in the thousands of photos was my Wedding Inspirations album. Before deleting it altogether I thought it would be fun to show all of you some of the things that I found inspiring & was able to incorporate into our wedding day. 

None of these photos are my own & I have no idea where any of the "inspiration" images came from. All of the pictures from our wedding were taken by the lovely Katie of Love, Katie Photography. (Link) If you are getting married in Wisconsin or the general midwestern area check out Katie! She is phenomenal! 

***I will link all of our wedding vendors at the end of this post.***

Inspiration #1. BARNS!

 I do not even know how it happened, but once we made our plan to for sure have our wedding in Wisconsin (we were torn on WI or AK for almost a year), Justin & I both became obsessed with the idea of having our wedding in a barn. Luck must of been on our side because I found the Cedar Hill Barn in Markesan WI, online while working in the middle-of-nowhere-Alaska. After a couple phone calls & many emails we booked the venue for our August 2012 date.

Cedar Hill Barn on our wedding day! For more images of the barn itself go to the Cedar Hill Farm site. 

Inspiration #2 Bridesmaids Shoes & Flowers

I went back & forth on the idea of my 7 wonderful bridesmaids each wearing a different colored dress or doing 7 dresses in the same color but different shades forever! Finally when we were at Bella Bridesmaids in Milwaukee an idea came together....all of the girls would wear Two Birds dresses in Navy & they would have the choice between the short or long dress. When it came to shoes, hair, & make-up I wanted the girls to be able to choose what they loved in whatever color, shades, & style they wanted....

7 lovely bridesmaids. 7 different shades of shoes! Our wedding colors were peach & navy, but each bridesmaid had a different color/style of shoe & their bouquets of hydrangeas were painted/dyed to match.  

Here I am with all of the bridesmaids & you can see how gorgeous they all looked! I love how well their dresses, shoes & flowers all came together. Although it was pretty crazy trying to figure out how to tie some of the styles of dresses. Two Birds dresses can be tied 15 different ways so each of them was able to pick which style they liked best. :) 

Inspiration #3 Romantic Entrance 

This was probably my favorite inspiration picture. I think I looked at it over 100 times. I loved the romantic feel of the outdoor ceremony & the little details that were incorporated. By having guests walk through that doorway to wait for the ceremony to begin it was as if they were being taken somewhere magical. 

My grandparents made those beautiful doors for our ceremony. Unfortunately there was a random thunderstorm about an hour before our wedding was set to start & due to the timing restrictions for the reception & dinner, we had to move the ceremony into the pole barn as everything was already set up for the reception/dinner in the main barn. I was a total wreck you guys, all we wanted was an outdoor ceremony & within moments it was just not possible. Everytime I see this picture I get a bit upset still, there were so many details here that just weren't possible in the pole barn. But at the end of the day our ceremony was beautiful & about 2 minutes after we said I-do the sun was shinning. We should of just held the ceremony off for 15 more minutes! LOL! But with mother nature there is no way to know for certain what will happen. 

Inspiration #4 CAKE

For as long as I can remember I wanted an armadillo cake, just like the one from Steel Magnolias at my wedding. Now, in the movie it is the grooms cake & it is not well received. At our wedding it was front & center & we loved it! 

Our armadillo wedding cake. Not only did it look just like an armadillo, it tasted delicious! 

To offset the silliness of the armadillo cake we also had 2 different types of cupcakes. Complete with flying pigs of course.

Inspiration #5 Our Theme
When we were planning our wedding a lot of people/magazines/blogs suggested we have an actual theme for our wedding. At first I had no idea where to even begin. Then I remember always saying to everyone I knew..."I will get married when pigs fly!" Since I was obviously about to get married I thought it would be so funny to have that as a theme. It fit in with the barn & I knew we could make it something to remember. Imagine our surprise a year later when we walked into the Cedar Hill Farm for the first time & there was a framed print of a flying pig! Oh yeah, did I mention we booked our wedding venue without ever setting foot on the property??? 

Inspiration #6 Decor

Before we had even decided to get married in a barn we loved the decor that was very rustic. From wooden tables to wild flowers it was our favorite inspiration. Now, for me I was all about the details but for Justin I would just hold up or show him 2 very different weddings & ask him to pick which one he liked best. From ballrooms to beaches, the rustic outdoor wedding always won him over. Luckily, getting married at barn in the heart of the midwest it all came together.

I just adore all of the little rustic details from our wedding. There are so many elements that our friends & family worked so hard to make happen, I just can't even thank them enough & I loved each one of them so much! 

Inspiration #7 My Bouquet

Now, my all time favorite flower is peonies. Since our wedding was happening in the summer it wasn't really possible to have peonies. But I knew I wanted a big, overstated bouquet like the ones shown here. I loved the mixture of colors & how simple but gorgeous these bouquets were.

I just loved that bouquet! I wish we had done something to preserve it or at least some of the petals. But we had to leave WI to drive back to AK, 2 days after our wedding. We were only able to take some of our stuff from the wedding back with us. :( 

There are some of inspirations behind our wedding! I have about a dozen more but I figured I would keep this post kind of short so that you can go on with your lives. ;) If you ever want details on our food, my dress, what the kids were up-to that day or anything else, just leave me a comment! Also, all of these images were just screen the quality might not be the best. I just couldn't find the disc with our actual pictures on it. :( 

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