Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NYX Butter Glosses

I have an addiction. It is taking over the bottom of my purse. The tops of my dressers & bathroom counters. If you are ever in need of a lippy recommendation please seek me out, I probably have a few unopened new finds for you to try & lots of old faves that I just can't give up. Now, you would think that due to my already extensive collection that I would be avoiding any & all lip products in order to help curb my addiction...yeah right! Especially when I discover a new-to-me product that is as amazing as the NYX Butter Glosses. 
I discovered these beautiful babies at Target a few months back when the NYX line finally arrived at our Wasilla Target. It started with a single butter gloss & now I'm up to a few. By mid-summer I'm sure my collection is going to be quite a bit larger as the shade range is extensive & the price point is super affordable. I give these wonderful tubes of beauty a 10 out of 10 & by the end of this post, you'll know why. ;)

This obsession all started with one butter gloss. I randomly selected the shade Eclair at Target. Since there weren't any testers to help me find a shade I knew I would love I just went with one that was slightly different from anything else I had at the time. My love for the soft-baby-pink Eclair led me to the more blue-hued-ballet-slipper pink, Merengue. Then a peak of spring happened here in Alaska & I just had to add the 3 peachy-coral-nudes, Maple Blonde, Apple Strudel & Peaches & Cream. 

As you can see there is only a slight difference between Eclair & Merengue. If you are looking for a gloss that will help your teeth POP a little bit, go for Merengue as it's subtle blue-tone will make your teeth appear whiter. Eclair is your lips but better kind of pink. Apple Strudel is a little peek of peach shade & I will get some major wear out of this one during the summer. Maple Blonde is a coral-y shade & my new favorite! Last, but certainly not least...Peaches & Cream is a cross between a vivid pink & the coral hue shown in Maple Blonde. I was totally surprised when I got home & swatched it! There are at least 17 more shades in the collection & I think I may have to get them all. :) The collections of shades range from nudes to bright pinks, reds & even some deep plum colors. 

Each gloss retails for around $4.99 & they are available in multiple retailers. Locally I have found them at Target & now, Fred Meyer! (Seriously the display at Freddie's was STOCKED full of NXY goodness the other day.) You can also buy them online from Ulta (Link) & NYX (Link). The consistency of these butter glosses is fab. They apply with a sticky texture similar to the MAC Lipglass' & then they settle with a much less tacky feel while still maintaining a glossy look. Plus the smell is WON-der-FUL! It is a bit sweet like vanilla & I just love it. 

If you are looking for a new lip product to try do not hesitate to check these NYX Butter Glosses out. I will be picking up Creme Brûlée, Raspberry Tart & Devil's Food the next time I'm at the drugstore for sure. See, once an addiction takes ahold of me, I just can't let go...

alaska love,