Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Muses #7

Mondays are for Muses
Is it seriously March already? I mean where did the first 2 months of 2014 disappear to? Although I wish life would slow down a bit sometimes, I'm ready accept the arrival of spring & say goodbye to the final reaches of another Alaskan winter. 

For this weeks muses I thought I would share a few of the things that I have been really loving lately...

This Greek Yogurt-PB Dip that is oh sooooo good! I've whipped about 4 batches in the last couple of weeks & the kids love it just as much as I do. One batch makes enough for me to send some with the twins in their lunches & for Danielle & I to snack on throughout the day. Link.

Baby Daddy. After seeing that Lucy Hepler was going to be on an episode of Baby Daddy I was kind of curious to see what the show was like. I watch a lot of really serious, drama based shows....House of Cards final episode of Season 1 really got to me & don't even let me get started about the return of Scandal. Between the political dramas & the insanity that is PLL I'm really enjoying Baby Daddy. Although I'm not quite sure how realistic the plot line truly is...I guess that's why its so fun to just get lost in some ABC lightheaded reality for 20 minutes.

Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Roth. The buzz surrounding this book series has been intense for a while now & with the Divergent movie coming out on the 21st I just had to find out what all the chatter was about. If you are looking for a great new book to read I highly recommend Divergent, just watch out because you might find yourself reading two complete books in 48 hours & following that up with starting Allegiant & watching the movie trailer for Divergent 20 times. Link.

Lavender & Light...I found this blog by the amazing Kristan through a Facebook link someone posted of her 10 Things I Would Miss About Alaska post. (Link.) I've poured over about 20 pages of Kristan's blog & it's is just so wonderful. Plus she is living in Fairbanks, which I miss quite dearly this days. It's been far too long since I've been north of Cantwell. 

Justin spends quite a bit of time away from home at work & lately I find myself really missing him. You would think that after years of us both working out of town I could just suck it up & not get so bummed out when he is gone. At the end of the day I'm so thankful for Justin & his career, as it has allowed our family to do so many things & he really is awesome at what he does...but I just want him home more to take out the trash okay? ;) On a serious note, those 800+ miles that are between us for weeks to a month at a time do not seem so far when he can call me at 10:30PM & help me laugh my way through whatever truly got to me that day.

Our weekends that we have spent out in Big Lake watching the kids participate in the 120 races have been some of my favorite of the entire winter. All of the families involved are so nice & it's a great way to end our weekends...

love from alaska,