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Green Kid Crafts Review|Kitchen Science|March 2014

Kitchen Science with Green Kid Crafts
Before the holidays last year I knew that I wanted to sign each of the kids up to receive a monthly subscription of their very own. All of them get so excited when Justin & I receive packages, I just wanted them to share the fun. When selecting boxes I had some criteria that I wanted each subscription to be able to meet.

a.) I wanted them to be age appropriate. Some boxes are put together for certain age ranges & I wanted to ensure we were getting items that would work for 5-7 year olds. 

b.) The boxes had to be activity based. I did not want the kids to just get boxes of toys or snacks. I'm horrible at coming up with projects for all of us to do together so their boxes needed to come ready for projects without me having to use my noggin too much. 

c.) Affordability. I didn't want to spend more than $75 monthly for all 3 of the kids on boxes. (This was the price of Justin's monthly MANTRY (Link) that we cancelled for the winter due to multiple items arriving frozen & busted open.) 

After a couple months of searching around, stalking Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her amazing subscription box reviews I knew there were 2 boxes that would work for sure. Kiwi Crate(Link) for Danielle (post coming soon!) & Green Kid Crafts for Lilliana & Nikoli. I'm still trying to track down a box for Nikoli that I feel will keep him interested. The Cooper Kit (Link) looks fantastic, it is $78 every 3 months, which breaks down to $26 a month. Which would be great if the boxes came once a month, but they arrive every 3 months. I don't think it would work too well if the girls are getting boxes monthly & Nikoli has months at a time without a box. 

I signed up with Green Kid Crafts on February 4th 2014. With their new subscriber policy I knew we wouldn't be receiving a box until mid-March. You have to be signed up by the 1st of the month if you want to get THAT month's box. Otherwise you will a box the following month that will ship by the 7th. When I selected a subscription I chose the month-to-month option at $19.95 monthly, then I added the sibling option & my monthly amount would be $29.95. 

Now for the fun part! The twin's Green Kid Crafts Box arrived this month & over spring break Lilliana & myself stayed up until almost midnight doing/making every activity that was in the box. Nikoli still hasn't done his portion yet as I'm trying to be able to have the boxes be a 1-on-1 time activity & I just haven't been able to pull it off yet. 

We had Discovery Box #25-Kitchen Science. I'll break down the contents below.

2-Bubbling Volcanos Kits (Lilliana is doing hers in the photo above.)
2-Fizzy Bath Bombs Kits
1-Homemade Soap Kit (The kit contains enough for the twins to each make their own soap!)
Bonus! Digital Guide. 

I was totally impressed with everything that was in our little green box. Each item came well packaged & labeled, making each project super easy to lay out for Lilliana to complete. 

The first project we tried was the Bubbling Volcanos. Since I'm a blogging failure....I didn't snap any pictures of the supplies for this particular activity. The kit came with a ziplock pouch of baking soda, 1 pipette, 3 fizzy color tabs, 3 eco cups & a mixing stick. All that was needed from home was 1 plate (we selected our trusty BFF Hello Kitty), & some white vinegar. The information/instruction card is well written & included picture step-by-step instructions. Basically we added vinegar to the eco-cups, dropped a color tab in each one, dumped the baking soda on our Hello Kitty plate & then Lilliana used the pipette to add the colored vinegar to the baking soda. I wish I had caught her reaction on camera when the vinegar first hit the baking soda! It was as if the whole world of science just exploded right in front of her eyes. :) 

The next project was Homemade Soap! Again Green Kid Crafts included a very helpful information/instruction card & almost all of the things needed to make some soap. This time I actually got a picture of everything before we started!

Included in this kit... 2 chunks of glycerine melt/soap base, 2 stir sticks, 1 sea creatures themed silicone mold, 1 container green glitter, 10 little erasers. All I had to add from home was a very dull knife, & a microwaveable, pourable container. 

Whoo hoo! Homemade soap! I was pleasantly surprised at how simple this was to complete. I helped Lilliana here & there when it was time to move to the next step, all in all she did about 90% all by herself & she LOOOOVED her finished soap. Without even thinking about it we used all of the little nautical themed erasers in Lilliana's soap, so I will have to find some new one's for Nikoli to add when he makes his soap.

Our 3rd & final project adventure of the night lead us to making Fizzy Bath Bombs. This project was as easy to do & follow along with Green Kid Crafts instructions as the previous two. At would of been if I wasn't such a craft-flunkie! But more on that later...

Once again Green Kid Crafts Included almost everything needed for this Fizzy Bath Bomb adventure.  1 pouch each of baking soda, citric acid powder, 1 Chamomile tea bag, & an Easter Egg mold. There were a few more items that I needed to have on hand, some coconut oil (or any oil), a mixing bowl, water, a fork, essential oils (optional, we used Doterra On Guard), & a dish towel. I also randomly added some green food coloring to give Lilliana's Fizzy Bath Bombs a teal tint.

The steps for this activity were so basic, it's hilarious how I messed them all up at the end. Basically you add everything in the measurements listed to the mixing bow, stir it with the fork after each addition, be sure to spill the Chamomile tea everywhere like we did. LOL! The final step before pressing the mixture into the egg mold was to add a LITTLE bit of water. This is where I messed it all up! I added way too much water, which resulted in some serious fizzing action right before our eyes. Then to sort of fix the problem I added some more baking soda from our baking cabinet & for a minute it looked as if everything was A-okay. Then the fizz-pocolypse 2 happened. Lilliana thought it was soooooo funny. I just decided to keep the mixture in the mixing bowl since it came with a lid.

After we finished a little cleaning up from our fizzy mishap Lilliana wanted to take a bath to try out her bowl of fizz. Since it was spring break I figured a late night bath couldn't hurt. She was in the bath for almost 2 hours! Our entire master bath/bedroom smelled like Doterra's On Guard essential oil blend & Lilliana fell right to sleep afterwards. The fizz has calmed down a bit in the week since we first made it, but each time it is added to the bath it fizzes into the water. The food coloring doesn't leave behind any lingering pigment after the water is rinsed out of the tub. Actually, the only thing left behind are the Chamomile Tea bits, when I make these with Nikoli I think we will leave it out all together since we are using essential oils. :) 

We LOVED this Green Kid Crafts box. 10 thumbs up for Kitchen Science! I'm excited to do all of this all over again with Nikoli & for our April Box to arrive next month. 

If you & your kids are looking for some fun, totally do-able, stress free, activities together please check out Green Kid Crafts! (Link)

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