Thursday, March 20, 2014

Current Nail Polish Obsessions|Shades of Mint & Red

Shades of mint & red? I know what you guys are thinking...I've officially lost it. Like Jack Nicholson in the Shining lost it. Although living through another Alaskan winter can sometimes make it feel like I'm on an extended stay at the Overlook Hotel, I promise most of my marbles are still intact. 
I have just been obsessed with wearing shades of red or shades of mint on my nails lately. While mint is nothing new or outside of the box for me & reds are a classic for nails, I was more drawn to dark plums & nude shades for most of the winter. 
I raided my nail polish collection & have found my favorite mint & red shades. Don't worry there is still some sort of glitter involved, I will be 96 & wearing glitter on my accent nail! haha! 

Seeing them all together makes me want to get a little adventurous & wear a red mani with a mint accent nail or vice versa...

Mint shades will always have a special place in my heart. Recently, I painted our dining room a mint shade by Olympic & the plan is to also do the kitchen the same color. I really need to finish that DIY project. 

Among my minty hued polish colors are essie's First Timer which is more of a green-mint. I have really liked all of the Revlon polish duos I've purchased, they usually come with a solid polish shade & a glitter. It totally takes the guesswork out of selecting a shade to use as an accent nail. Just go with glitter! The mint shade that is in the Sun Shower duo is my current fave! Revlon also recently launched a bunch of scented polishes in their Parfumerie line, Wintermint is my go to when I want to wear a mint shade with a little dimension as there are flecks of glitter mixed within the polish. 

Then there is my final love...Julep's Portia. I have had this polish for so long it's a little crazy. Since I only use it on an accent nail here & there it has lasted forever. It goes great with all of my mint polishes because it sort of picks up what ever hue is within the polish, making it great with any mint, green or blue toned polishes.

I have to admit that until recently, I was not the biggest fan of red polish on my nails. I sort of liked it on my toes, but when it came to my mani's shades of red were the last thing I ever reached for. Then I started watching the Saccone-Joly's Daily Vlogs on Youtube(Link) & Anna seemed to have the best red-mani's. It was one of those life-eye-opening moments when it came to my own personal approach to style/beauty. I had this mini-appifany, basically I acknowledged the fact that I was now in my mid-20s, a mother, married....I could wear a big girl red shade on my nails now. I know it seems ridiculous, but I literally do not know when I have ever worn red on my nails until recently! 

Popsugar must have read my mind, the next month I had Rodeo Drive Royalty in my box. When I filmed my unboxing video I thought it was a deep almost burgundy shade, it's actually just a beautiful true classic red. Out of the 3 shades I have it is the one that I would keep if I HAD to get rid of the other two. I purchased Caught Red Handed by LOreal about a month ago & I've already worn it twice! It is a brighter red with a more orangey undertone. 

Forever Festive by CoverGirl has been in my collection the longest, I wore it on an accent nail around the holidays, the rest of my nails were green...see I really did try to avoid red! It is a really pretty blue toned red with streaks of golden shimmer throughout. 

Those are my current nail obsessions. Shades of mint are an old, lifelong favorite & I have First Timer on my nails right now with Portia on my accent nail. I think I will be putting Caught Red Handed on my toes today, as I'm itching to wear some open toed sandals! I do not care if there is snow, the sun is shining! 

essie|first timer|link

loreal|caught red handed|link
ncla|rodeo drive royalty|link
cover girl| forever festive|link

Do you have some nail polish shades you've loved forever? What about new loves? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment below.

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