Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Favorites:The Body Shop

Winter Picks from The Body Shop
By the time the end of winter rolls around I'm officially sick & tired of struggling with dry skin & all of the oils, lotions & potions that I use to combat the scaly skin. This time I loaded up on a bunch of the Body Shop's products & my skin has not given me nearly as many problems as it usually would. There really is something to be said about staying on a consistent skin/body care routine & using great products to help with your biggest skin issues. 
 I've always been a huge fan of the Body Shop, but this winter I really spent some time trying new things out & I'm really impressed with everything. If you are frustrated by an on-going battle with dry skin this winter, check out my Winter Picks from The Body Shop below...

Body Butters

(From top picture down...Honeymania, Cranberry Joy & Vanilla Bliss)
The Body Butters are my all time favorite Body Shop product. Thanks to one of my Aunts when I was growing up I've never found a brand or lotion or anything that I love using as much as these body butters. They are creamy, extremely hydrating & they smell AMAZING! They are a really rich body butter & some of them leave behind a lot of moisture after they are applied. To avoid the annoying clothes sticking to my body butter situation (especially jeans!), I just apply them in the evening as I usually sleep in shorts & a tank top so my skin can soak up their goodness & I don't have to feel all sticky. 
Back in December I stopped into our Anchorage store to pick up a few new things since the 40% off holiday was happening. I did not expect to fall for a brand new scent (I've been a loyal Satsuma junkie for years!) but when I smelled the Honeymania I knew a connection had been made. It is a sweet smelling honey scent that I just adore! Then I picked up a Vanilla Bliss as it's my favorite holiday scent & I wish they would just make it a part of their permanent line already. Later in the month I placed an online order & scored the Cranberry Joy for $5! If you are looking to try Body Shop products keep an eye out for their online or in store sales because they are always AMAZING! 
Since you can no longer get the holiday scents (unless your local store still has some), I would recommend trying Satsuma, Mango, Strawberry or Honeymania. There is a new Atlas Rose scent & a Blueberry one available now...just get yourself to the nearest Body Shop & smell everything! You want to make sure you pick a scent you are happy with because the fragrance will linger on your skin for hours. 

Bath/Shower Products
I wasn't kidding when I said I fell in love with the Honeymania scent. ;) When I placed an online order I saw this bath melt & I just had to try it out. I'm a loyal Lushie as many of you know, so for me to try a different brands bath products is a pretty big deal. This bath melt is soooooo lovely! It has the distinct Honeymania scent & it is a very luxurious bubble product. It creates a bath full of bubbles with just a small amount & my skin feels hydrated & refreshed when I finally bring myself to get out of the tub. We have a jet-tub so the amount of bubble bath melt I use may not be the same for those of you who do not have a jet tub. I'm not sure if this is available in Body Shop stores as I haven't found it at ours yet, but it is currently still available online. Now The Body Shop just needs to make bubble bath melt for all of their scents! Satsuma, anyone?! 

Honeymania Body Scrub
This is the BEST winter exfoliator ever. I try to avoid exfoliating in the heart of winter as much as possible as it is kind of tough on my skin & any extra time I spend in the shower seems to do more damage than good. This was another online purchase that I made just because curiosity got the best of me. It. Is. Fantastic. The consistency is much thicker than a lot of body scrubs, similar to a really thick hair mask really, with just a touch of grit. It gently exfoliates away dead skin & impurities, leaving a bit of moisture behind. Now if only I could get myself to take a cooler shower in the winter, my skin would be radiant & perfect. I just love a good, steamy hot shower on cold days! 

Mini Body Butters
(Mini Body Butters in Vanilla Bliss, Ginger Sparkle, & Cranberry Joy)
The Body Shops online sale really got the best of me, as this trio was a part of my haul back in December. I think the set was originally around $20 & I got it on sale for $8 plus 20% off my overall order! I like to keep a mini body butter in my purse, one in my car, one in the on-the-go bag I have for the kids & one at my desk. I primarily use them on my hands as I'm always applying some on my body before I leave the house. I've tried so many different hand creams & there is nothing that works as well for my skin as these body butters. The convenience of these mini's is just perfect! I have a Satsuma one, as well as a Strawberry one that I just refill from my full sized products as they run out. 
***The empty full size Body Butter containers are great for packing bracelets & earrings when traveling!*** 

This perfume has nothing to do with winter body care, but it was a purchase back in December & I just love it! I've actually added a few new fragrances to my collection so I haven't used this as much lately, but it smells so wonderful. The Body Shop has some amazing fragrances, just go smell'll be in love.

All of my must-haves from The Body Shop for getting my skin through these long, harsh Alaskan winters. There are a couple of products missing from this line up as I have run out & haven't replaced them just yet. The Lip Butters are quite superb & I also really like the shower gels. Now, there are a few other products that I use to keep my skin healthy in the winter time, if you would like to see more of a daily routine-product post just let me know! 

If you are wanting to try out Body Shop products I recommend going into a local store when you have some time & smell, smell, smell, they really have something for everyone. Be sure to sign up for their rewards program & like them on Facebook. I ended up using a $10 Facebook promotion, & my birthday reward, during the 40% off sale in December & I walked out of the store with 2 full size body butters, the Night Jasmine Perfume & a lip butter for around $25!!! Since the Body Butters are usually $20 each that was quite a deal! :) 

Are there any products from the Body Shop that you just love??? 

as always, love from alaska