Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Muses-Our Weekend

A Perfect Weekend
We have been having some amazing weather here in our corner of Alaska over the last few weeks. January was just fantastic with warm temperatures up to 50 degrees & sunshine for days. Then February rolled in & the temperature cooled down but our hours of daylight are making a comeback & we have been getting out & enjoying the last of our winter season. 
This weekend was such a great one I thought I would share it with all of you. Justin came home last Wednesday & while he is home we always seem to be so much busier than usual, this weekend was no exception with the twins Valentine's Party at school, Nikoli's snowmachine race Saturday & the Iron Dog Start & Iron Pup race on Sunday. :) 

The twins had a small Valentine's Day Party in the afternoon & Justin, Danielle, & I all attended for the length of the celebration. Lilliana passed out handmade Valentine's (which I forgot to get pictures of!) that we put some organic Vitamin C fruit snack pouches in & Nikoli gave Cars 2 tattoo valentines. I let each of the kids pick a treat to bring from Pinterest, Lilliana chose Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods with pink & red sprinkes & Nikoli picked Sweetheart Buddies, which is a lot like Puppy Chow but much sweeter & perfect for a Valentine's Celebration. 

Lilliana with a mouthful of candy & a sweet smile.

Nikoli checking out one of his many, many treat bags. Thank you to all of the kids & families who participated in the class party. :) 

Twins! Taking a moment to let mom take a picture or two. 

The twins really enjoyed their class party & I think they really loved having us there with them to celebrate the love-love holiday. 

On Saturday Justin took Nikoli out to Big Lake to participate in the 120 snowmachine races. It was Nikoli's first ever time racing & he was so excited! I stayed home with the girls as we were all feeling a bit under the weather, as we had planned to be in Big Lake for the Iron Dogs Start & Iron Pup races all day Sunday. 
None of these pictures were ones I took as I wasn't there. So, a huge thank-you, thank-you to my sister in law for taking these amazing pictures! Her son has been racing in the 120 races for most of the season & Nikoli just loved watching him race so we thought we would give him a chance to try it out himself. 
(Some of these pictures were also taken by Justin)

Nikoli all geared out & ready to go for the 2014 Big Lake Winterfest 120 race! 

A father & son moment before the race. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the two of them of the last couple years. Thanks Jess for capturing this moment! 

Nikoli racing. 

3rd place overall in the 120 Stock Class! We are so proud of Nikoli for how he handled himself during the race. Now he just wants to do it all of the time! 

Sunday was the official start of the 2014 Iron Dog Race & the Iron Pup 120 Race. The Iron Dog is considered the World's Longest &Toughest snowmachine race, each year teams of 2 racers compete across Alaska from Big Lake to the halfway point in Nome & then finishing in Fairbanks. The race started in 1984 & has been growing ever since. Justin is a huge fan of the race & would like to participate himself someday. This year he was just happy to race with Nikoli in the Iron Pup race that took place after the Iron Dog teams had all taken off from Big Lake. 

Nikoli & Justin discussing the race route before they took off. For the Iron Pup team of 2, consisting of a child & an adult race together down the shoot that the Iron Dog teams left from & across Big Lake, then back down the shoot to the finish line. :) 

Nikoli pre race.

Our little racer!! 

Justin & Nikoli. 

Lilliana. She has the most beautiful eyes. 

Michael & Aidan finishing in 1st place in the 2014 Iron Pup Improved Stock Class! 

Aidan racing towards the finishing line.

Nikoli starting off on this race in the Stock Class.

Nikoli finishing his race! 

Nikoli finished his race with one of the race officials as Justin stopped to help another racer whose snowmachine quit working in the middle of the course. 

 Nikoli with his participation trophy after the awards ceremony. I wasn't able to get any pictures during the ceremony itself, as we were towards the back of the tent. All of the 1st, 2nd  & 3rd place finishers got big trophies & other goodies. Then each of the kid who participated got a small trophy & a goodie bag. It was a fantastic event that we will be participating in for years to come! 
Justin & Nikoli after the races.

Once we were all wrapped up on Big Lake we headed over to Justin's sister's and brother in-laws house (Jess & Mike) for a late lunch/early dinner. All of the kids played outside as it was a beautiful winter day & we were able to discuss the races & just chat in general. It made for an amazing end to an already perfect weekend. 

A huge thank-you to the Big Lake Aurora Lions Club & AMMC Racing for putting on these awesome 120 events & races for kids. We truly appreciate having something for our kids to participate in & have enjoyed every race we have watched or raced in this year. 

How did you spend your weekend?

as always, love from alaska