Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Muses #6 for 2014

Monday Muses 

Here we are again. Another Monday. Number 8 in the 2014 line up. For some it marks the start of another week of the daily grind, Monday through Friday. Surviving until the reprieve of the weekend. For others it's just another day in the monotony machine, a plain day, nothing brilliant, just existing. Then for others it marks something significant, something basically human. Perhaps a birthday, anniversary or time honored tradition is being celebrated somewhere by someone today. 

For was a reminder of how much of myself I need to still be evolving, changing, correcting & improving. Justin & I had a ridiculous argument over who broke our external hard drive, which almost resulted in the loss of 5 years...10,987 photographs, videos...snapshots of our lives. Images that marked our kids going from chubby faced babes to the spunky little sprites they are today. Videos from our random job sites around the great state we call home. All of it was just, corrupted. Sitting there in technological limbo. We ended up arguing for over an hour about who was the last one to use it, who ejected it properly, who synced their phone last. If we had been characters on a reality show I'm sure we would have a GIF circulating around tumblr right now featuring the stupid things we said. 

In the end, after calling the local computer-life-marriage-sanity-saving-store (It Works, in Wasilla), it was clear that it was nothing either one of us did. Just an expired life span on our external hard drive. Luckily every single photo & then some were able to be recovered & restored. As I sit here pouring over images from the last 10 years of my life (every photo/video is back, but none of them are in organized albums anymore.), I can see the great significance Justin has held on my life already. 

When we got together it happened so suddenly. There was hardly time to breathe. I never questioned if he was what I wanted...if WE were what I should have in my life. From the moment I met him something in me was ignited and with him moving through this lifetime with me, I have never been happier. Looking at our photographs from our first summer together to now, I'm amazed at how far we have come & how much more I adore him now. He's a proud father, an amazing provider for our family. I know our kids will grow up with an understanding & commitment to hard work, honesty & our family values. 

(Justin & I, Deadhorse 2009. This was about 24 hours after we got engaged. Although, there was some yelling today...we still spend most of our days like what you see in this picture.) 

Tonight, as a wife I feel honored to call Justin my husband. I feel humbled at his ability to support me through my daily roller coaster. It can not be easy to let someone cry, scream & shout at you over an external hard drive before 10AM on a Monday morning. Today that's exactly what Justin did. Then he made phone calls, packed up our laptop, hard drives, cords & took it all to It Works. After having them explain the problem & how to fix it, he came home sat down & repaired the whole damn thing. 10,987 images of our life are just a click away thanks to him (& the guys at It Works!). 

(Justin, in Seward the summer of 2010. This has always been one of my favorite pictures of him. Maybe it's because it's one of the only times in 5 years we were able to just stop for a moment & enjoy each other...) 

(New Years Eve 2011. This was the last New Years we celebrated together! Work has kept us apart on NYE since then. Maybe 2015 will be our year! haha!)

Today, for this edition of Monday Muses, my muse, my #1 Man Crush Monday for always, is of course...Justin. To anyone out there who runs a river filled with intense emotion like I do, full of raging moments of hot-headedness & stupid arguments...anyone, who has someone like Justin who sticks by them, loves them, & still patiently fixes a dumb technology problem when you've lost all glimpses of your personal sanity...give them a little extra love tonight. They certainly deserve it. 

To Justin...thank you for always loving me unconditionally. Even when I cry & scream & wail like the 5 year old version of myself. But seriously, can you start unloading the dishwasher once in a while & maybe clean a bathroom??? ;) 

If you had a day that started out a bit like mine did, or even is time to let it go. Just be finished with it. Say good bye to the ugly bits, apologize to the ones you love, & begin to move on. Tomorrow is another day & another chance at making movements towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

love always, from alaska