Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Muses #4-Home Office Inspirations

Time to Re-Do My Office Space
Since my mom was here for her visit in November I have been making my way through the house, painting a room here or there, purging stuff out of another, re-evauluating the decor or lack of in the next room & so on. 
Now, I have gotten to the point where my little-itty-bity office needs to be updated. Currently it is just a thrown together mess that is some-what organized, a slight-bit functional, with a hint of decor but a total lack of inspiration or creativity. Actually, I set up a table in the living room to blog/work from because I hate my office so much. Now, a huge amount of that is due to the total lack of natural light in the office. 
I very much prefer to work in well lit, bright spaces & if possible I will sit in front of a window with natural light, which is the case with the living room "desk." The other reason I work from the living room sometimes is that it is a space large enough for the kids to be in without totally distracting or disturbing me. They are able to read books, play with small toys, color or watch a movie while I work...seriously, if I'm in the room typing away with them they will almost always leave me alone. As soon as I move into the office, there are bickering contests, walls or tables colored on, toys thrown everywhere & I have a little visitor who needs my attention in my office about every 2.5 minutes. 

I really need to move my work space back into the office & in order to do so I need to make the space as inspiring and comfortable for me as possible. There is nothing I can do about the lack of natural light as the office sits in the middle of our house, far away from any windows. I can however, replace the lights with brighter daylight LED bulbs. Beyond the lighting I turned to Pinterest (of course!) for some decor, design, & organizational inspiration....

My desk is a constant source of clutter & there is never enough room for our laptop, printer or for my camera & external hard drives. It's hard to work at your desk when you have to clean it off before you can even begin working. I need to seriously organize the entire office & clear out all of the random crap that is cluttering up the space. The desk itself needs a little DIY upscaling & I'm also in need of a comfortable office chair. Since we are planning to invest in a brand new Mac desktop computer I really need a clean & cleared off desktop.

I currently have 3 clipboards on one of the walls in my office. One is for the current months bills, one is for important paperwork & the last one is for the twins school stuff-homework, permission slips, notes...I have wanted to add some more clipboards for other things & seeing this clipboard moodboard has sealed the idea! 

Here is another idea for a clipboard moodboard. I really like the mixed prints & patters on the ones shown here. The hanging pegs above really do not make sense to me, as hanging something there that would fall infront of the clipboards seems really odd....

Pops of color. When it comes to the overall color scheme of the room I have decided to go with bright white walls & ceiling as I want to make the space as bright as possible due to the lack of windows/natural light. I want to add a pop of color to the shelves/accenting items in the room-which is pretty obvious & unoriginal when it comes to decor. LOL! But I had never considered adding some color to the door way like what is shown here. 

I'm going to continue to gather inspiration for my home office space & I will also be cleaning out all of the clutter/unnecessary crap.  I will update all of you with my progress soon! 

I hope that if you have a home space that you need to utilize but are avoiding because it is a mess or in need of a little TLC that this post has helped you take a step towards being inspired to change & improve your surroundings! 

as always, love from alaska