Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014 Favorites!

Beauty, Nails, Hair & Body Care, OH MY!
Another month has come & gone, I can't believe how quickly January moved along & ushered February in. I didn't share any favorites in December because I really wasn't using a whole lot of new products. I was just focused on making the holidays great for our kids & of course trying to get my hands on some of the Limited Edition holiday items/sets. Now that January has passed I've got lots of favorites to share so settle in for a loooong one. I tried out & fell in love with a little bit of everything from make-up to shower gel, January was a month filled with lots of product favorites...

Hair Products
Dove Shampoo & Conditioner 
I have been searching for my holy grail shampoo & conditioner for some time now. Back in December I was in Walgreens to fill a prescription, so I had a bit of a wander around & I saw that Dove hair care products were on sale. I picked up both of these for around $5! The shampoo leaves my hair feeling so super clean without drying my hair out & the conditioner packs in a huge amount of moisture without creating greasy build up. The shampoo is Dove's Advanced Care Damage Therapy & it's on sale on Walgreen', so there is a chance it is being discontinued. If you want to get your hands on it before it's gone you can purchase it here. The conditioner is the Dove Nutritive Therapy-Nourishing Oil Care. Currently the Walgreen's site doesn't have a price but I've seen it at Target, Walgreens & Fred Meyer's recently. 

You know those products that would definitely survive a ship wreck with you & wash up on a desserted island? Dry shampoo is one of my true & loyal companions. Saving me from greasy second/third/sometimes fourth day hair & allowing me to style my hair multiple ways within a week without having to blow dry daily. All dry shampoos are not created equal though! I have tried countless bottles & this one by Garnier is by far my top pick from the drug-store. It sprays evenly, doesn't leave behind a white residue, powder or flakes (which is a MUST HAVE with my black hair), smells clean/fresh & it leaves my hair much cleaner & less greasy. As far as the Instant Bodifier aspect, I think there are better products out there to help add volume at the roots & I don't notice a huge difference with my hairs overall volume when it use this dry shampoo versus others that are not formulated to add volume. 

Body Care
I purchased this towards the end of January & I'm obsessed. I have used it every day in the shower since I brought it home. It has a really sultry scent that is completely different from 99% of the products I usually go for. But when I was shopping I remembered that Tati/GlamLifeGuru on Youtube really loves & recommended this particular body wash. So, into the cart it went! Thank you to Tati for find this lovely little gem & sharing it with your followers! 

I have liked this perfume for a long time, thanks to perfume samples & a roller ball I haven't felt the need to purchase a full size. In December I was searching for the perfect-new fragrance to add to my collection & I came up short. I spent hours sniffing things out at Sephora & Nordstrom, I just couldn't find anything that was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up ordering a couple things from Sephora & saw that this 1.7oz size was on sale for $17! I thought it was reasonably priced at $38 but for $17 I just had to have it. I'm so glad I finally ordered a full size, I have worn it a few times now & each time I get compliments on how good I smell. Jennifer Aniston talks about smelling night jasmine growing up in California & it was one of the scent inspirations behind her first fragrance. I'm a huge jasmine fan myself & in this fragrance it's combined with citrus grove accord, rose water, violet, amazon lily, musk, amber & sandalwood. It is a very sensual scent that is a bit sweet, but clean & airy. I just love it! 

Victoria's Secret The Body Mist
This has been my "signature" scent since 2008 & when I went to the VS site to add a link for this post I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm afraid it has been totally discontinued & it is my last bottle forever! I hate when companies discontinue things without notice. This is also Justin's favorite perfume that I have ever worn, he literally compares every other scent back to this one. I would recommend it to all of you because it is a great daytime scent & the Eau de Parfume titled The Fragrance is it's nighttime companion & another fave of mine. Boo Victoria's Secret if they did actually discontinue this amazing mist!

Skin Care
Urban Decay b6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray
This is another product that made it's way into my favorites via the way of samples during the holiday season. I had added a sample size with my points to an online Sephora purchase & I'm oh so glad I did! Within the time it took me to use up the tiny sample bottle I noticed a reduction in redness of my skin & bit more clarity to my overall complexion. I purchased the full size in the beginning of January & it's been a daily must-have ever since. I still love my Caudalie Beauty Elixir, but I feel like this b6 spray is much more suited to my skin in the winter time when dryness & redness are more of a nuisance.

I have only ever purchased 2 or 3 of the Maybelline Color Show Nail Laquers & this one is by far my all time favorite. I wore it for almost 2 weeks earlier in January & I can see it becoming one of the first dark polishes I bust out next fall. It is the perfect wine shade & I like the regular finish when it's applied with the Sheche Vite top coat but I also really like how it looks with Orly's Matte Top Coat. 

Nicka K Absoloute Nail Polish Remover Pads-Peach
I received these in my PopSugar Monthly Must Have Box back in November & now they are gone. :( I initially didn't think they smelled much like peach at all, upon using them I found them to be much more pleasant than regular nail polish remover. They remove polish well, but sometimes they would leave a bit of a stain of polish, especially with dark shades around my cuticule & on my nail. I really liked them for their connivence & for how easily they removed polish. If I ever place an online order from Nicka K these will be a must-have!


I've been using this Sheiseido foundation in my make-up rotation for almost 2 years now. It is among my all time foundation favorites, especially in the winter. I really like the amount of light to medium coverage it gives my skin & the flawless finish it seems to have. I can wear it for an entire day with only occasional touch ups. I was previously using the shade I20-Natural Light Ivory but in November when shopping at Nordstrom with my mom I went to the Shiseido counter & was shade matched with O20-Natural Light Ochre, so if you are interested in trying this foundation out I would suggest going to a Shiseido counter to get shade matched as well. 

 CoverGirl Bombshell ShineShadow in Color Me Money
I grabbed this shadow at Target towards the end of January & I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't read any reviews or researched it in anyway. Usually by the time new collections reach Alaska they have been available in the Lower 48 for what seems like forever & I have read at least a few reviews & watched numerous YouTube videos featuring new products. Somehow I managed to find something that wasn't here way after everyone else had gotten ahold of it! There are 6 shades in the collection, I selected Color Me Money which is a khaki green color & it is stunning! I've been using it as a base for more dramatic looks or letting it be all on it's own. I want to try a couple more shades, especially Ice Queen & Platinum Club.

 Swatch of Color Me Money. I just used a small amount for this swatch but you can build up the pigmentation very easily.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Corrector + Treatment in 210 Fair
I picked up this concealer to use as a highlight & it has been working great! I use it to contour or to just bring some brightness to my skin. The only area that I avoid using it is under my eyes as it is prone to crease & doesn't quite have the brightness that I often need in that area. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles + Concealer is perfect for the under eye area. My only issue with both products is the sponge tipped applicator, see how messy & dirty that thing gets?! I clean it after each use & the cap still ends up all messed up with product.

Last week I posted a review of the Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stains & in it I mentioned that I had lost the Nudist Colony Balm Stain. Over the weekend I went grocery shopping & Fred Meyer had replenished the collection & I picked up another one. It is beautiful all on it's own or layered with other lip products, especially if used to highlight the center of the lips to create a fuller looking lip effect.

Swatch of Nudist Colony. If you want to see my review on the other shades in the collection you can read it here.

This was an early birthday present to myself towards the end of November, if I had done a December Favorites this would of been on the top of that list! As you can see it is really well loved & I would consider this a holy grail, must have for anyone. There are 28 shadows, with everything you would need to create an endless amount of looks. The blushes are all fantastic & the bronzers are quite versatile. My favorite things in the palette are the two Soft Light shades in Lens & Shimmer. I actually will probably need to purchase an individual full size of Shimmer soon as it's my most reached for highlight at the moment. There are attached plastic protectors with all of the shades printed on them which aids in preventing the fall out of the products from mixing together when the palette is closed.

Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Palette
Thanks to my amazing cousin Holly I have this palette in my collection! It was sold out online & at our Sephora by the time I went to purchase it & she was able to track it down on the East Coast, shipped it to me all the way in AK. Talk about amazing! The palette was part of a limited edition collection that was only available around the holidays. It has a beautiful mix of jewel toned shadows, as well as 2 blushes & 2 bronzers. I could really go on & on about this palette but I feel like that would be rather rude to anyone who was lusting after it, but wasn't able to get a hold of one. Especially because the ones that are available are on Amazon for $192! If you weren't able to score this palette, go check out all of Too Faced's other palettes & products, I haven't met one I do not love yet! 

The shadows in all their pretty, pretty glory. I especially love Moon on Their Wings, Snowflakes, Soiree, Dark Chocolate, Tinsel, & Party Time.


I ordered this sparkly pink bow pocketback holder & Merry hand sanitizer back in December & I've just fallen in love with how adorable it is. I really like the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers, & I ordered a Pocketback Holder & sanitizer for each of the kids as stocking stuffers. They love theirs more than I like mine! :) I couldn't find this particular holder on the site, but there are a bunch of new super cute ones available.

If you have a Beauty Blender or any other type of sponge for make-up application this is a 100% Must-Have! I clean my Beauty Blender before each use & this makes the process so much quicker & easier. I have also used it to clean my entire brush collection & it removes all of the make-up & build up with ease. It takes away all pigment & doesn't leave behind any sort of a soapy or greasy product build up residue. I will be making sure I always have this blender cleanser on hand from now on.

This is another item that would have been in my December Favorites if I had made one. It adds just a touch of glam to a simple winter outfit. I love head wraps & head bands like this one for days where I just want to throw my hair up & call it a day. It's my go-to on errand running days or when we are going to be outside for winter events. 

Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candle, Marsh-Mallow Fireside
This is my all time favorite candle from Bath & Body Works. It is sweet, warm & just perfect for making your house feel cozy during the winter time. The candle itself is no longer available online, but you can still purchase the WallFlower refills, here.

There are my 2014 January Favorites! I told you it was quite the list. :) I hope you all found some amazing products during the first month of 2014 & that your hearts & lives are filled with love & happiness in this new month. I will be back with another post soon.

as always, love from alaska