Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gift Guide for Your Manly Man-Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2014

2014 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him
I'm going to do something here that might be perceived as a bit rude, but it must be done. I'm calling out all of the mens gift guides for Valentine's Day, I'm calling them out & labeling them pure crap. I have spent weeks reading over numerous ones, from major magazine's websites to specific brands home page links. All of them feature the same ridiculous types of products over & over again, heart socks & money clips being the most common. Followed by some trendy coasters & finally rounding out the list are a slew of personalized gifts that are so boring I would be irritated if I received one.
My main source of frustration with these lists are that they seem to be suited towards a particular type of man. They are so generalized towards a particular guy that if you have a man who falls outside of the modern day hipster category & you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift, you're...screwed. Also, can I just say that the amount of articles I found for men to find the perfect gift for their girl on Valentine's Day is just out of control. Ladies, if you haven't been with a man long enough for him to know what to bring home to get your heart fluttering then just keep the holiday simple. Guys, if you have been with your goddess long enough that you should know what she really, really, wants (zig-a-zag-ahhh), & you're still turning to these generic online gift guides, buy a vowel or get a clue.

Now for you ladies out there who have a Manly-Man on your hands, you know the type of guy who prefers things with engines over electronics with screens. The man who frequently goes out into the woods to hunt down his next kill, responsibly & legally of course. If your beer drinking, scotch on the rocks type of guy is the one you're looking for the perfect gift for the lovey-dovey holiday, hopefully this Gift Guide will help. Please, do not take this as me saying one type of man is better than the other...I have just got a snowmaching, hunting, fishing, mechanic, amazing man on my hands who only wore a suit on our wedding day because I asked him to. So, he is very special in my eyes & heart, I always want to make sure that I'm showing him an equal amount of love & appreciation on holidays as what I would like him to give to me. This guide is filled with things that I know he would really like & things that he will certainly use. Like I mentioned in my Holiday Manly-Man Gift Guide I'm all about the coolness +function factor when it comes to gift giving for Justin. If these gifts aren't quite what you are looking for, go check that one out for some more ideas.

MANTRY-the Modern Man's Pantry Subscription
MANTRY is a fantastic gift for your guy if he is a bit adventurous, appreciates the Artisan trend in the culinary world, & enjoys trying new foods. We were subscribed to MANTRY for almost a year & Justin discovered a new favorite each month. Jerky, salsa, sauces, each month the crate comes packed with 5-6 full size products that are delicious & unique. In order to guarantee a February crate you will need to subscribe by the 10th, otherwise you will receive the March crate. When I got Justin his first crate I just printed off the order confirmation & put it inside of his card for a stocking stuffer. You could put yours inside of a Valentine's card or something more creative... ;)

The Accessory Pro-The Barrel Summer Accessory Kit for Go-Pro Cameras
If your man already has a Go-Pro camera this is a great gift idea! Justin has all of the basic mounts & accessories, so he has reached the point where he needs some more elaborate gear. This style travel barrel is available with summer or winter Go-Pro gear. I've selected the Summer because we are planning on going to Wisconsin & it would be great to capture the kids in the pool & our family out on the lake with our Go-Pro. Justin would also love the Winter barrel as he is very active in the colder season as well.
Midwest Supplies-Beer Brewing Kit of the Month Club
If your guy already has a home-brew set up, check it out to see what he's been using or what he needs for his next batch. Midwest Supplies has a kit of a month club & you can choose from All Ale, All Lager or a mix of both. Like the MANTRY crate mentioned above you can sign your guy up for this service & in March he can begin brewing some on point beer. 

If your man is going to be making beer he's going to need his own mug to enjoy his liquid labor of love...this pub beer mug is available with or without the monogram. For a more personal touch, check out vintage beer steins or mugs, then print off the subscription to Midwest Supplies Beer of the Month Kit & put it in the mug for a fun & unique gift. 

Colombia Men's Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket
Do you have a guy who loves to hunt, fish, camp, ect... on your hands? This Columbia Wool Jacket was on the top of all of the 2013 Hunting Gear lists. It is made with a super-silent, recycled-wool blend fabric, making it a very breathable-lightweight jacket, perfect for those long-colder weather expeditions. If you are feeling extra generous for this lovey-dovey holiday you can also get your man the matching Expedition Ridge Wool Pants. 

Broadbent's Bacon Trio Gift Pack
Bacon. Beer. You. Probably the perfect combination for the man in your life. ;) Now make that combo extra amazing with this trio of hickory, maple, & pepper bacon from Broadbent's. We found Broadbent's through our MANTRY subscription & Justin LOVES their bacon. It is a dry cured bacon so it doesn't need to be refrigerated, which means it can be packed for hunting/camping/fishing without too much fuss. 

Led Lenser F1 Flashlight

Justin has made LED lights his obsession in the last couple of years, switching almost every single light inside our home to LED bulbs, as well as the lights inside our vehicles, trailer & garages. At first it was driving me nuts, but here I am now-checking out LED flashlights to add to his obsession. This F1 light, gives off 400 Lumens, is waterproof & features electronic control with a temperature sensor. This is a truly neat & functional gift that would make any guy excited about the lights going out...

Filson Oil Finish Duffle Bag
Filson is a great American Company who still makes all of their products in the USA. The small duffle is made from a tough water-resistant, oil finish Tin Cloth & it is well designed to haul your mans gear through the field. It is also available in black with the same impressive features. I think this would be a great edition for any guy who likes to spend his weekends shooting, hunting or fishing. 

A lot of other Gift Guides for Men feature a watch of some kind. They are a traditional gift that can be really impressive if you find the right one. This Casio watch has a tide graph & moon data for helping choose the best time to hunt and fish. The tough Solar Battery can last for 23 months without needing to be recharged & it is water resistant to 200 meters. I'm going to show this one to Justin & see what he thinks...if he's impressed then it will be making an appearance as a Father's Day Gift. :)

There are all of my possession picks for the manly-man in my life for this Valentine's Day. Hopefully you've found a thing or two that works for your guy as well, or at the very least you saw something that sparked an idea. 
If you are still in need of a gift, you can check out all of the LivingSocial & Groupon deals available in your area. It's totally okay too book an event or experience that isn't on Valentine's Day. You can spend the actual holiday enjoying each other's company, good food, & a movie-then have an amazing date a couple months down the road. If your guy is an avid sports fan-buy some tickets to an upcoming game or any of his teams memorabilia is probably a safe-bet for a gift too. 

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week & that your Valentine's Day is one to remember...

as always, love from alaska