Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Muses #6 for 2014

Monday Muses 

Here we are again. Another Monday. Number 8 in the 2014 line up. For some it marks the start of another week of the daily grind, Monday through Friday. Surviving until the reprieve of the weekend. For others it's just another day in the monotony machine, a plain day, nothing brilliant, just existing. Then for others it marks something significant, something basically human. Perhaps a birthday, anniversary or time honored tradition is being celebrated somewhere by someone today. 

For was a reminder of how much of myself I need to still be evolving, changing, correcting & improving. Justin & I had a ridiculous argument over who broke our external hard drive, which almost resulted in the loss of 5 years...10,987 photographs, videos...snapshots of our lives. Images that marked our kids going from chubby faced babes to the spunky little sprites they are today. Videos from our random job sites around the great state we call home. All of it was just, corrupted. Sitting there in technological limbo. We ended up arguing for over an hour about who was the last one to use it, who ejected it properly, who synced their phone last. If we had been characters on a reality show I'm sure we would have a GIF circulating around tumblr right now featuring the stupid things we said. 

In the end, after calling the local computer-life-marriage-sanity-saving-store (It Works, in Wasilla), it was clear that it was nothing either one of us did. Just an expired life span on our external hard drive. Luckily every single photo & then some were able to be recovered & restored. As I sit here pouring over images from the last 10 years of my life (every photo/video is back, but none of them are in organized albums anymore.), I can see the great significance Justin has held on my life already. 

When we got together it happened so suddenly. There was hardly time to breathe. I never questioned if he was what I wanted...if WE were what I should have in my life. From the moment I met him something in me was ignited and with him moving through this lifetime with me, I have never been happier. Looking at our photographs from our first summer together to now, I'm amazed at how far we have come & how much more I adore him now. He's a proud father, an amazing provider for our family. I know our kids will grow up with an understanding & commitment to hard work, honesty & our family values. 

(Justin & I, Deadhorse 2009. This was about 24 hours after we got engaged. Although, there was some yelling today...we still spend most of our days like what you see in this picture.) 

Tonight, as a wife I feel honored to call Justin my husband. I feel humbled at his ability to support me through my daily roller coaster. It can not be easy to let someone cry, scream & shout at you over an external hard drive before 10AM on a Monday morning. Today that's exactly what Justin did. Then he made phone calls, packed up our laptop, hard drives, cords & took it all to It Works. After having them explain the problem & how to fix it, he came home sat down & repaired the whole damn thing. 10,987 images of our life are just a click away thanks to him (& the guys at It Works!). 

(Justin, in Seward the summer of 2010. This has always been one of my favorite pictures of him. Maybe it's because it's one of the only times in 5 years we were able to just stop for a moment & enjoy each other...) 

(New Years Eve 2011. This was the last New Years we celebrated together! Work has kept us apart on NYE since then. Maybe 2015 will be our year! haha!)

Today, for this edition of Monday Muses, my muse, my #1 Man Crush Monday for always, is of course...Justin. To anyone out there who runs a river filled with intense emotion like I do, full of raging moments of hot-headedness & stupid arguments...anyone, who has someone like Justin who sticks by them, loves them, & still patiently fixes a dumb technology problem when you've lost all glimpses of your personal sanity...give them a little extra love tonight. They certainly deserve it. 

To Justin...thank you for always loving me unconditionally. Even when I cry & scream & wail like the 5 year old version of myself. But seriously, can you start unloading the dishwasher once in a while & maybe clean a bathroom??? ;) 

If you had a day that started out a bit like mine did, or even is time to let it go. Just be finished with it. Say good bye to the ugly bits, apologize to the ones you love, & begin to move on. Tomorrow is another day & another chance at making movements towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

love always, from alaska

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Soap Box 2014

Fortune Cookie Spring Soap Box 2014
Over the weekend we received our Spring Fortune Cookie Soap Box, it was filled with such amazing products that I couldn't wait to share it with all of you! Lilliana joined in as she was thrilled to have a package that smelled so wonderful arrive. :) All of the information for Fortune Cookie Soap's subscription service is in the info box of the video. 
Watch. Like. Subscribe. Come back for more! :) 

as always, love from alaska
sadie & lilliana

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love with Food February 2014 Deluxe Box

Love with Food
A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Hey guys! This month I decided to do a video review of the Love with Food Box for February 2014. We have switched over to the Deluxe size box & it is amazing! I brought in a happy helper to share all of the products from this months themed box... A Kiss to Build a Dream On. Please go check the video out & don't forget to like, subscribe & leave some comments! 

as always, love from alaska

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Muses-Our Weekend

A Perfect Weekend
We have been having some amazing weather here in our corner of Alaska over the last few weeks. January was just fantastic with warm temperatures up to 50 degrees & sunshine for days. Then February rolled in & the temperature cooled down but our hours of daylight are making a comeback & we have been getting out & enjoying the last of our winter season. 
This weekend was such a great one I thought I would share it with all of you. Justin came home last Wednesday & while he is home we always seem to be so much busier than usual, this weekend was no exception with the twins Valentine's Party at school, Nikoli's snowmachine race Saturday & the Iron Dog Start & Iron Pup race on Sunday. :) 

The twins had a small Valentine's Day Party in the afternoon & Justin, Danielle, & I all attended for the length of the celebration. Lilliana passed out handmade Valentine's (which I forgot to get pictures of!) that we put some organic Vitamin C fruit snack pouches in & Nikoli gave Cars 2 tattoo valentines. I let each of the kids pick a treat to bring from Pinterest, Lilliana chose Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods with pink & red sprinkes & Nikoli picked Sweetheart Buddies, which is a lot like Puppy Chow but much sweeter & perfect for a Valentine's Celebration. 

Lilliana with a mouthful of candy & a sweet smile.

Nikoli checking out one of his many, many treat bags. Thank you to all of the kids & families who participated in the class party. :) 

Twins! Taking a moment to let mom take a picture or two. 

The twins really enjoyed their class party & I think they really loved having us there with them to celebrate the love-love holiday. 

On Saturday Justin took Nikoli out to Big Lake to participate in the 120 snowmachine races. It was Nikoli's first ever time racing & he was so excited! I stayed home with the girls as we were all feeling a bit under the weather, as we had planned to be in Big Lake for the Iron Dogs Start & Iron Pup races all day Sunday. 
None of these pictures were ones I took as I wasn't there. So, a huge thank-you, thank-you to my sister in law for taking these amazing pictures! Her son has been racing in the 120 races for most of the season & Nikoli just loved watching him race so we thought we would give him a chance to try it out himself. 
(Some of these pictures were also taken by Justin)

Nikoli all geared out & ready to go for the 2014 Big Lake Winterfest 120 race! 

A father & son moment before the race. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the two of them of the last couple years. Thanks Jess for capturing this moment! 

Nikoli racing. 

3rd place overall in the 120 Stock Class! We are so proud of Nikoli for how he handled himself during the race. Now he just wants to do it all of the time! 

Sunday was the official start of the 2014 Iron Dog Race & the Iron Pup 120 Race. The Iron Dog is considered the World's Longest &Toughest snowmachine race, each year teams of 2 racers compete across Alaska from Big Lake to the halfway point in Nome & then finishing in Fairbanks. The race started in 1984 & has been growing ever since. Justin is a huge fan of the race & would like to participate himself someday. This year he was just happy to race with Nikoli in the Iron Pup race that took place after the Iron Dog teams had all taken off from Big Lake. 

Nikoli & Justin discussing the race route before they took off. For the Iron Pup team of 2, consisting of a child & an adult race together down the shoot that the Iron Dog teams left from & across Big Lake, then back down the shoot to the finish line. :) 

Nikoli pre race.

Our little racer!! 

Justin & Nikoli. 

Lilliana. She has the most beautiful eyes. 

Michael & Aidan finishing in 1st place in the 2014 Iron Pup Improved Stock Class! 

Aidan racing towards the finishing line.

Nikoli starting off on this race in the Stock Class.

Nikoli finishing his race! 

Nikoli finished his race with one of the race officials as Justin stopped to help another racer whose snowmachine quit working in the middle of the course. 

 Nikoli with his participation trophy after the awards ceremony. I wasn't able to get any pictures during the ceremony itself, as we were towards the back of the tent. All of the 1st, 2nd  & 3rd place finishers got big trophies & other goodies. Then each of the kid who participated got a small trophy & a goodie bag. It was a fantastic event that we will be participating in for years to come! 
Justin & Nikoli after the races.

Once we were all wrapped up on Big Lake we headed over to Justin's sister's and brother in-laws house (Jess & Mike) for a late lunch/early dinner. All of the kids played outside as it was a beautiful winter day & we were able to discuss the races & just chat in general. It made for an amazing end to an already perfect weekend. 

A huge thank-you to the Big Lake Aurora Lions Club & AMMC Racing for putting on these awesome 120 events & races for kids. We truly appreciate having something for our kids to participate in & have enjoyed every race we have watched or raced in this year. 

How did you spend your weekend?

as always, love from alaska

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Favorites:The Body Shop

Winter Picks from The Body Shop
By the time the end of winter rolls around I'm officially sick & tired of struggling with dry skin & all of the oils, lotions & potions that I use to combat the scaly skin. This time I loaded up on a bunch of the Body Shop's products & my skin has not given me nearly as many problems as it usually would. There really is something to be said about staying on a consistent skin/body care routine & using great products to help with your biggest skin issues. 
 I've always been a huge fan of the Body Shop, but this winter I really spent some time trying new things out & I'm really impressed with everything. If you are frustrated by an on-going battle with dry skin this winter, check out my Winter Picks from The Body Shop below...

Body Butters

(From top picture down...Honeymania, Cranberry Joy & Vanilla Bliss)
The Body Butters are my all time favorite Body Shop product. Thanks to one of my Aunts when I was growing up I've never found a brand or lotion or anything that I love using as much as these body butters. They are creamy, extremely hydrating & they smell AMAZING! They are a really rich body butter & some of them leave behind a lot of moisture after they are applied. To avoid the annoying clothes sticking to my body butter situation (especially jeans!), I just apply them in the evening as I usually sleep in shorts & a tank top so my skin can soak up their goodness & I don't have to feel all sticky. 
Back in December I stopped into our Anchorage store to pick up a few new things since the 40% off holiday was happening. I did not expect to fall for a brand new scent (I've been a loyal Satsuma junkie for years!) but when I smelled the Honeymania I knew a connection had been made. It is a sweet smelling honey scent that I just adore! Then I picked up a Vanilla Bliss as it's my favorite holiday scent & I wish they would just make it a part of their permanent line already. Later in the month I placed an online order & scored the Cranberry Joy for $5! If you are looking to try Body Shop products keep an eye out for their online or in store sales because they are always AMAZING! 
Since you can no longer get the holiday scents (unless your local store still has some), I would recommend trying Satsuma, Mango, Strawberry or Honeymania. There is a new Atlas Rose scent & a Blueberry one available now...just get yourself to the nearest Body Shop & smell everything! You want to make sure you pick a scent you are happy with because the fragrance will linger on your skin for hours. 

Bath/Shower Products
I wasn't kidding when I said I fell in love with the Honeymania scent. ;) When I placed an online order I saw this bath melt & I just had to try it out. I'm a loyal Lushie as many of you know, so for me to try a different brands bath products is a pretty big deal. This bath melt is soooooo lovely! It has the distinct Honeymania scent & it is a very luxurious bubble product. It creates a bath full of bubbles with just a small amount & my skin feels hydrated & refreshed when I finally bring myself to get out of the tub. We have a jet-tub so the amount of bubble bath melt I use may not be the same for those of you who do not have a jet tub. I'm not sure if this is available in Body Shop stores as I haven't found it at ours yet, but it is currently still available online. Now The Body Shop just needs to make bubble bath melt for all of their scents! Satsuma, anyone?! 

Honeymania Body Scrub
This is the BEST winter exfoliator ever. I try to avoid exfoliating in the heart of winter as much as possible as it is kind of tough on my skin & any extra time I spend in the shower seems to do more damage than good. This was another online purchase that I made just because curiosity got the best of me. It. Is. Fantastic. The consistency is much thicker than a lot of body scrubs, similar to a really thick hair mask really, with just a touch of grit. It gently exfoliates away dead skin & impurities, leaving a bit of moisture behind. Now if only I could get myself to take a cooler shower in the winter, my skin would be radiant & perfect. I just love a good, steamy hot shower on cold days! 

Mini Body Butters
(Mini Body Butters in Vanilla Bliss, Ginger Sparkle, & Cranberry Joy)
The Body Shops online sale really got the best of me, as this trio was a part of my haul back in December. I think the set was originally around $20 & I got it on sale for $8 plus 20% off my overall order! I like to keep a mini body butter in my purse, one in my car, one in the on-the-go bag I have for the kids & one at my desk. I primarily use them on my hands as I'm always applying some on my body before I leave the house. I've tried so many different hand creams & there is nothing that works as well for my skin as these body butters. The convenience of these mini's is just perfect! I have a Satsuma one, as well as a Strawberry one that I just refill from my full sized products as they run out. 
***The empty full size Body Butter containers are great for packing bracelets & earrings when traveling!*** 

This perfume has nothing to do with winter body care, but it was a purchase back in December & I just love it! I've actually added a few new fragrances to my collection so I haven't used this as much lately, but it smells so wonderful. The Body Shop has some amazing fragrances, just go smell'll be in love.

All of my must-haves from The Body Shop for getting my skin through these long, harsh Alaskan winters. There are a couple of products missing from this line up as I have run out & haven't replaced them just yet. The Lip Butters are quite superb & I also really like the shower gels. Now, there are a few other products that I use to keep my skin healthy in the winter time, if you would like to see more of a daily routine-product post just let me know! 

If you are wanting to try out Body Shop products I recommend going into a local store when you have some time & smell, smell, smell, they really have something for everyone. Be sure to sign up for their rewards program & like them on Facebook. I ended up using a $10 Facebook promotion, & my birthday reward, during the 40% off sale in December & I walked out of the store with 2 full size body butters, the Night Jasmine Perfume & a lip butter for around $25!!! Since the Body Butters are usually $20 each that was quite a deal! :) 

Are there any products from the Body Shop that you just love??? 

as always, love from alaska

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two Must-Have Wet N Wild Color Icon Singles

Color Icon Singles
When it comes to products from the drugstore there are a lot of misses & worthless items that do not deserve a home in anyone's collection. Then a product comes along that is so well formulated, & too spectacular not to share. These are the Holy-Grail products that beauty bloggers & YouTube Guru's rave about, they are often sold out & sometimes impossible to find. 
I'm going to share 2 of my Must-Have-Worthy products with you. They are extremely affordable, pigmented, beautiful & deserve to live in your permanent make-up collection.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Singles in Nutty & Brulee 
I have used these 2 shades so much that this is my second Nutty & my third Brulee. The entire Color Icon Singles collection are quite hit & miss, so you really can waste $1 or $2 on some shades if you aren't careful. Now if you are looking to try a new shade, I would prefer to spend that amount over high end prices any day. Nothing is worse than spending $20+ on shadow & having it end up being something you regret purchasing down the road.

Nutty on the left & Brulee on the right. 

Nutty is a soft taupey-brown with a hint of shimmer. It is a great crease shade when you are wanting to create a nude-colored smokey eye. Since re-purchasing it a few weeks ago it has become a staple in my daily routine, I think I wear it at least 4 days a week. I'm obsessed!
Brulee is a matte-cream shade that is perfect for under the brow or brightening up your over all eye look when things have gone a bit cray-cray. I use this shade anytime I feel like there is not enough brightness to my eyes & I need an extra dose of make-up illusion awake. 

Nutty is on the top left & brulee the bottom right. 

As you can see both shades are soft in their pigmentation. They are totally buildable though & Nutty has a beautiful almost auburn depth too it that looks great on blue eyes. Brulee is such a great matte color that is not chalky, making it an ideal shade for anyone's collection. 

If you are interested in trying out either of these shades, keep an eye out for them at your local drugstore or grocery store. I picked mine up for around $2.99 when Wet N Wild was Buy One-Get One Half Off at Fred Meyer. Now, I have heard that Nutty was discontinued but I spotted it at the Wasilla Fred Meyer last week! We are usually the last one to have things show up on our shelves & the last ones to have discontinued items pulled here in Alaska. Let me know if you can find them at a store near you! 

What are your must-have's from the Wet N Wild Color Icon Singles Line??? :) 

as always, love from alaska

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gift Guide for Your Manly Man-Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2014

2014 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him
I'm going to do something here that might be perceived as a bit rude, but it must be done. I'm calling out all of the mens gift guides for Valentine's Day, I'm calling them out & labeling them pure crap. I have spent weeks reading over numerous ones, from major magazine's websites to specific brands home page links. All of them feature the same ridiculous types of products over & over again, heart socks & money clips being the most common. Followed by some trendy coasters & finally rounding out the list are a slew of personalized gifts that are so boring I would be irritated if I received one.
My main source of frustration with these lists are that they seem to be suited towards a particular type of man. They are so generalized towards a particular guy that if you have a man who falls outside of the modern day hipster category & you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift, you're...screwed. Also, can I just say that the amount of articles I found for men to find the perfect gift for their girl on Valentine's Day is just out of control. Ladies, if you haven't been with a man long enough for him to know what to bring home to get your heart fluttering then just keep the holiday simple. Guys, if you have been with your goddess long enough that you should know what she really, really, wants (zig-a-zag-ahhh), & you're still turning to these generic online gift guides, buy a vowel or get a clue.

Now for you ladies out there who have a Manly-Man on your hands, you know the type of guy who prefers things with engines over electronics with screens. The man who frequently goes out into the woods to hunt down his next kill, responsibly & legally of course. If your beer drinking, scotch on the rocks type of guy is the one you're looking for the perfect gift for the lovey-dovey holiday, hopefully this Gift Guide will help. Please, do not take this as me saying one type of man is better than the other...I have just got a snowmaching, hunting, fishing, mechanic, amazing man on my hands who only wore a suit on our wedding day because I asked him to. So, he is very special in my eyes & heart, I always want to make sure that I'm showing him an equal amount of love & appreciation on holidays as what I would like him to give to me. This guide is filled with things that I know he would really like & things that he will certainly use. Like I mentioned in my Holiday Manly-Man Gift Guide I'm all about the coolness +function factor when it comes to gift giving for Justin. If these gifts aren't quite what you are looking for, go check that one out for some more ideas.

MANTRY-the Modern Man's Pantry Subscription
MANTRY is a fantastic gift for your guy if he is a bit adventurous, appreciates the Artisan trend in the culinary world, & enjoys trying new foods. We were subscribed to MANTRY for almost a year & Justin discovered a new favorite each month. Jerky, salsa, sauces, each month the crate comes packed with 5-6 full size products that are delicious & unique. In order to guarantee a February crate you will need to subscribe by the 10th, otherwise you will receive the March crate. When I got Justin his first crate I just printed off the order confirmation & put it inside of his card for a stocking stuffer. You could put yours inside of a Valentine's card or something more creative... ;)

The Accessory Pro-The Barrel Summer Accessory Kit for Go-Pro Cameras
If your man already has a Go-Pro camera this is a great gift idea! Justin has all of the basic mounts & accessories, so he has reached the point where he needs some more elaborate gear. This style travel barrel is available with summer or winter Go-Pro gear. I've selected the Summer because we are planning on going to Wisconsin & it would be great to capture the kids in the pool & our family out on the lake with our Go-Pro. Justin would also love the Winter barrel as he is very active in the colder season as well.
Midwest Supplies-Beer Brewing Kit of the Month Club
If your guy already has a home-brew set up, check it out to see what he's been using or what he needs for his next batch. Midwest Supplies has a kit of a month club & you can choose from All Ale, All Lager or a mix of both. Like the MANTRY crate mentioned above you can sign your guy up for this service & in March he can begin brewing some on point beer. 

If your man is going to be making beer he's going to need his own mug to enjoy his liquid labor of love...this pub beer mug is available with or without the monogram. For a more personal touch, check out vintage beer steins or mugs, then print off the subscription to Midwest Supplies Beer of the Month Kit & put it in the mug for a fun & unique gift. 

Colombia Men's Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket
Do you have a guy who loves to hunt, fish, camp, ect... on your hands? This Columbia Wool Jacket was on the top of all of the 2013 Hunting Gear lists. It is made with a super-silent, recycled-wool blend fabric, making it a very breathable-lightweight jacket, perfect for those long-colder weather expeditions. If you are feeling extra generous for this lovey-dovey holiday you can also get your man the matching Expedition Ridge Wool Pants. 

Broadbent's Bacon Trio Gift Pack
Bacon. Beer. You. Probably the perfect combination for the man in your life. ;) Now make that combo extra amazing with this trio of hickory, maple, & pepper bacon from Broadbent's. We found Broadbent's through our MANTRY subscription & Justin LOVES their bacon. It is a dry cured bacon so it doesn't need to be refrigerated, which means it can be packed for hunting/camping/fishing without too much fuss. 

Led Lenser F1 Flashlight

Justin has made LED lights his obsession in the last couple of years, switching almost every single light inside our home to LED bulbs, as well as the lights inside our vehicles, trailer & garages. At first it was driving me nuts, but here I am now-checking out LED flashlights to add to his obsession. This F1 light, gives off 400 Lumens, is waterproof & features electronic control with a temperature sensor. This is a truly neat & functional gift that would make any guy excited about the lights going out...

Filson Oil Finish Duffle Bag
Filson is a great American Company who still makes all of their products in the USA. The small duffle is made from a tough water-resistant, oil finish Tin Cloth & it is well designed to haul your mans gear through the field. It is also available in black with the same impressive features. I think this would be a great edition for any guy who likes to spend his weekends shooting, hunting or fishing. 

A lot of other Gift Guides for Men feature a watch of some kind. They are a traditional gift that can be really impressive if you find the right one. This Casio watch has a tide graph & moon data for helping choose the best time to hunt and fish. The tough Solar Battery can last for 23 months without needing to be recharged & it is water resistant to 200 meters. I'm going to show this one to Justin & see what he thinks...if he's impressed then it will be making an appearance as a Father's Day Gift. :)

There are all of my possession picks for the manly-man in my life for this Valentine's Day. Hopefully you've found a thing or two that works for your guy as well, or at the very least you saw something that sparked an idea. 
If you are still in need of a gift, you can check out all of the LivingSocial & Groupon deals available in your area. It's totally okay too book an event or experience that isn't on Valentine's Day. You can spend the actual holiday enjoying each other's company, good food, & a movie-then have an amazing date a couple months down the road. If your guy is an avid sports fan-buy some tickets to an upcoming game or any of his teams memorabilia is probably a safe-bet for a gift too. 

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week & that your Valentine's Day is one to remember...

as always, love from alaska

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Polish Review

Scented Nail Polish in 2014
Nail art has been a trendy-trend for years now, from printed nail stickers to chalkboard nail designs & super bling polish, there is a nail fad for just about everyone. So I really shouldn't of been surprised when Revlon released their 2014 Parfumerie Line of 24 Scented Polishes, ranging in shades from Bordeaux to Lime Basil, metallics, shine finishes & even some glitter. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the line on display at Fred Meyer & Target. 
I knew instantly that the line was a must-try for me. It took hold of my nostalgic side right away & I was transported back to my early sleepover days. You know the ones where 90's kids liked to smell scented markers & we painted our nails from friends' big sisters polish stashes & scratch & stiff stickers were all the rage. I picked up a couple of shades & now you can check them out too...

Revlon Parfumerie Polishes in Wintermint(left) & African Tea Rose(right). 

When I initially saw the displays it was the packaging that sucked me in. I'm a total sucker for different styled packaging, so to Revlon's marketing got me on this one! ;) The I glanced at the shades that were available & the Wintermint shade caught my eye. It is a metallic mint color with flecks of darker mint glitter. 

Here is Wintermint when applied to my nails. Now, I applied this just for the sake of getting a picture for this post, it is not my best application & as you can see I was in need of an overall mani-fix. I applied two coats of the polish without a top coat or base coat. I did wear this polish on all of my nails without a base coat (seriously, someone remind me to buy one sometime), 2 coats of polish & the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Surprisingly it lasted for almost 5 days without chipping. My mani's only ever last me 2 days or so without chipping. The golden polish that you see chipping here was on my nails for 3 days at this point. 

I picked up the African Tea Rose pink shade over the weekend at Target & it is one of my favorite polishes in my collection already. I have a really hard time finding pink polishes that I really love because I'm so picky about them. They can't be too nude or too baby-pink, I do not like orange toned pinks either. Pink is one of my favorite colors so I have no idea why finding pink polishes has become such a challenge. African Tea Rose is the perfect blue-toned pink shade & I will be wearing it a bunch for spring/summer 2014.

This was my mani before days 3 & 4 hit. The pink is of course African Tea Rose, the taupey shade is a favorite from Wet N Wild-Wet Cement & the glitzy gold is a new-ish edition from Sephora-Formula X Sparklers in Light My Fire. Each polish is shown with 2 coats, no base coat & a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. The African Tea Rose shade has held up quite well on my nails with only a couple of chips after about 5 days of wear, most of this due to me doing lots of cleaning & washing my hands about 20+ times a day.

The thing you're all probably curious to know about these polishes, the hype that surrounds them....the SCENT! I selected my shades based on their colors, not on what their scent would be as I figured the scent would be pretty short lived. Initially both of them had a strong traditional nail polish smell with just a hint of fragrance. I actually thought Wintermint would give me a head ache it was so strong. Once the polishes were applied their scents were obvious & true to their name sakes with Wintermint having a light, sweet minty scent & African Tea Rose smelled of actual roses. After I applied the top coat the scents were still lingering & I could smell them for about 3 whole days.  The scent isn't strong enough for anyone else to really notice, unless you know, you ask them to sniff your nails or something. So they are totally safe to wear to work & out & about without annoying people with your snazzy-jazzy scented nails. 

All in all I think these are a fun product & if you see a shade you like go ahead & go for it. The packaging is adorable & would look chic displayed on a vanity or your beauty desk. I think these would make a great gift (if the age appropriate shade is selected) for a tween or teenager who is just starting to venture into doing her nails. The scents are just a fun novelty bonus that add a little something extra to painting your nails. Which in the scheme of things is really quite nice. :) You can find these polishes at your local drugstore as well as online at Ulta. 

I will probably try to see if I can find the Moonlit Woods shade & the Ginger Melon as I think they are well suited for Spring/Summer 2014. 

Have any of you tried this new line of trendy polishes by Revlon out yet? What did you think? Leave a comment below & don't forget to subscribe via bloglovin! :) 

as always, love from alaska