Friday, January 17, 2014

Shop My Stash #3

Spotlight Product of the Week

When it comes to trying products, I will try least once. I'm always looking for the best of the best when it comes to skincare, especially from brands you can find at the drugstore. I think everyone deserves to have the best skin possible & you shouldn't have to shell out hundreds to achieve a flawless complexion. 
Now, there have been total hits & total misses when it comes to the skincare products I have tried. I have experienced breakouts, dryness & other random reactions. But nothing. Nothing. NOTHING! Has made my face freakout like this weeks Spotlight Product. 

Introducing, the redness inducing, blotchiness causing, horror story worthy....

Freeman launched these paper masks in 2013 as an attempt to bring a version of the ever-popular Asian style paper masks to the US. I was so excited to see these masks, especially when they became available in Alaska. I picked up all 3 versions at our Wasilla Wal-Mart (It is the ONLY place I can find any Freeman or Montagne Jeunesse products! Which is irritating in itself as I despise Walmart!) back in November when my mom was visiting. I wanted to show her that there are some amazing skincare finds available at a reasonable price point, most of these style of single-use masks are available for $1.99-$3.00. 

About a month went by & then on one very late Alaskan winter night I decided to test this paper mask out. Justin was away at work, the holidays were rapidly approaching & the kids behavior was at naughty levels that only occur right before Nanny McPhee arrives. I thought I deserved a proper pampering at home, so I popped in a One Tree Hill Season 1 DVD, poured myself a glass of wine & applied this mask.

Now, I noticed 2 things when I opened the plastic packaging & applied the mask (well, attempted to...). 1.) The mask it self was super thin, I'm talking as thin as the cheap tissue you buy when you're in college & can barely afford Ramen thin. 2.) There is about 2 tablespoons of wasted serum left in the packet after the mask is removed. Considering the awful events that followed, I'm actually going to consider that a win. 

The mask is to be worn for 5-10 minutes & while it is attacking your face it is supposed to calm skin that is stressed from flare-ups & breakouts. I do not know who formulated the combination of Tea Tree & Witch hazel over at Freeman..but SERIOUSLY?! Either someone was hung over as hell when they made this serum or there was absolutely zero communication between the marketing team who put together the packaging & the people behind the actual product creation. 

I had set a timer for about 8 minutes but by the 6 minute mark I just couldn't take it anymore. My eyes were watering, my skin was on fire & I was freaking out! So I took the mask off, which somehow had turned into a paper-mask-peel-off-mask-hybrid & rushed to the bathroom to asses the damage. 

You guys, I scared myself. Literally at about 1AM AK time I was terrified by my own reflection in the mirror. In 6.34 minutes I had somehow transformed from a 20-something year old woman with a couple blemishes to an extra-in the latest Vampire skin burning in daylight scene from a chick flick. The only parts of my face flesh that were skin colored were the areas where the paper mask hadn't come in contact with them-around my eyes, nose & mouth.

I re-read the packaging in complete fear that I had done something horribly wrong, although I'm not sure how one can f-up the application of a friggen paper mask, but hey the people who made it failed so...The packaging actually tells you to press the extra serum INTO YOUR SKIN!!! 
I chose to skip said step & proceeded to hold a bag of frozen peas on my face for the next 20 minutes. Not only was my skin a bright, blotchy, red but it was burning. Like,  this girl is on FIIIIIREEEEE burning. 

I was laying there with the OTH drama playing out in the background & considering applying scoops of greek yogurt to my face as the burning sensation wasn't reducing when I decided to be brave & face the sight of my own face in the mirror once more. Upon checking myself out I found that the skin around my eyes had begun to return to my true-extra-white-pale shade & that my chin & forehead were also loosing their vibrant-red-hue. 

At this point I relaxed a bit, got myself a glass of water & returned to watch some more OTH. Within an hour my skin returned to just about normal, when I woke up in the morning everything was fine. None of my blemishes were gone, in fact they held on for dear life in my pores for about another week. 

Moral of the Story??? 
 Even for $1.99 I would not advise purchasing this mask...not even for your worst enemy. You know, the one who you sometimes picture ending in Final Destination scenes... 

Luckily there are many other products in the Freeman line & this has not deterred me from wanting to continue to use them at all. I still love the Chocolate Strawberry Mask & the Clay Mint & Lemon Mask. 
I do have the other 2 paper masks from the collection & I'm honestly a bit nervous to try them...but like I mentioned at the start of this post I will try anything once. So, once I do I will be sure to let you guys know how it goes. 

Next weeks Shop My Stash is going to feature a product that I totally love so if you weren't in the mood for a product-bashing post just come back next week....

as always, love from alaska