Thursday, January 30, 2014

Popsugar Monthly Must-Have January 2014

Popsugar January 2014
As much as I love Popsugar, their shipping is really starting to get to me. On average my box arrives over a week after it is scheduled, not only is it frustrating but by the time it gets to me most subscribers have had theirs for weeks! I really wish they would just ship USPS-Priority instead of USPS Parcel Post... 
Shipping woes aside, the January box arrived with everything intact. While it wasn't the most WOW-tastic box (yes I made up a word there) it is a very functional, practical box,  perfect for the start of a New Year.

Jack + Lucy Tech Gloves 
What did all of us smart-phone addicts do when the weather turned cold before the creation of tech gloves? I know I was constantly texting, walking & attempting to pull a glove off with my teeth. All while getting to class on time & replying with many grammatical & spelling errors due to my fingers freezing. Thankfully tech gloves came along & these Jack & Lucy ones are made from 100% Terylene Fabric. They are knit, grey & quite cute. However, their fit is kind of off, when it comes to tech gloves they need to fit your hands just perfectly or they do not allow you to utilize your touchscreen while wearing them too well. I have a different set of tech gloves from Bula that fit me much better due to numerous size options (I have the S/M), they also keep my hands much warmer than these Jack + Lucy Gloves do. I know a lot of Popsugar subscribers loved these gloves but they are pretty basic & not really something I will use for their intended purpose due to them not fitting me 100% perfectly.

Malin + Gotez has been appearing in multiple subscription boxes over the last few months. This is the first full size product from the line that I have received & it couldn't of come at a better time. I'm currently chronicling my skincare routine so that I can improve my skins overall appearance & I've noticed so far that I really need a detoxing face mask. I will save the rambling for another post & after I have given this Malin + Gotez mask a few spins I will let all of you know what I think. Apparently, this product was Allure's 2008 Best of Beauty Winner in the Best Deep Cleaning Mask Category. I had no idea Malin + Gotez had been around for that long! 

Between 2012-2013 I dabbled in juicing. While I initially enjoyed large glasses of fresh green juice every morning, over time I became bored & eventually just stopped making fresh juice altogether. Then 2014 rolled in & I found myself staring at my juicer like a long lost friend...I knew if I was going to venture into the world of fresh juiced everything, I would have to educate myself, plan & prepare much more than I had done in the past. Apparently, the team over at Popsugar must have heard my thoughts because they included this book in the January box. It is informative, the photographs are bright & colorful, & it will make a great coffee table book once I'm finished reading it. 

 Just a peek of what you can expect inside of the book...I'm pretty certain you can get a better preview if you check it out on amazon. For those of you who aren't into actual books it is available as an e-book too. :)

All I want to say about this little box of 6 mini nail files is...seriously, popsugar, seriously? I was excited when I first heard about the Marchesa collection for Revlon but the last thing I would of ever considered purchasing were these files. They are really pretty for files & I know I will use them, I just wish Popsugar had sent the compact mirror or some of the nail appliques from the collection instead. Now, I just have an excuse to go to Target....

You know how some people are chip people? Well, I'm a popcorn people. Since my childhood I have enjoyed big bowls of freshly popped corn with butter, salt & brewers yeast. It is one of my favorite snacks/dinner choices & now the kids are as addicted as I am. So, anytime there is a popcorn included in a subscription box it is devoured pretty much instantly. Which is exactly what happened to the bag of White Truffle Pipcorn that Popsugar included in this months box. Thanks to Pipsnacks for the screenshot of the picture above because ours did not even last 24 hours after I opened the package! The little Pipcorn is great for snacking because there are no sharp-evil kernel shells to get stuck in your teeth & the white truffle flavor is subtle & savory. 

Rifle Paper Co products are not new to Popsugar, in September subscribers received this set of Botanical Coasters. I had wanted a flip style calendar for my desk for 2014, I just wish Popsugar had sent this in December as I already purchased 4 different calendars from Target. Still, I will make use of this one & I love Rifle Paper Co. I'm still loving this little recipe card box, & now I feel like it is a must-have because it matches the colors I used in the kitchen/dining room. 

That's everything that was in my Popsugar Monthly Must-Have for January 2014! Like I mentioned at the start of this post is was a box filled with very practical, functional items. I will utilize everything that was in the box & I'm really looking forward to being wow-ed & amazed with the February box. 

I got an estimated $97.92 value for everything in the January 2014 box, I gave the Jack + Lucy gloves a value of $20 as I couldn't find the price anywhere online. I also used the sale price on the Rifle Paper Co. calendar & the online-Amazon price for the Juice Generation book. 

Popsugar Monthly Subscriptions are $39.95 monthly & right now if you use the code VDAY10 you will get $10 off of your first order! The code is only eligible for 1st time subscribers & will expire on February 4th. You can subscribe HERE!

as always, love from alaska