Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Popsugar Monthly Must Have December 2013

December Popsugar Must Have Box
Better late than never, right? At least that is what I'm going to tell myself as this post goes up. December has come & gone a long time ago, hell we are in a new year now, but 2014 can hold on because I just had to share the amazing December Popsugar Box. Now, the fact that this post is beyond fashionably late to the party is not entirely my fault. I actually didn't receive my December box until 2013 was coming to an end, as in December 29th! I emailed the crew over at Popsugar & they still haven't ever gotten back to me, my box just showed up...
All is forgiven because I just loved the December box! 

I will never be upset by a tube of mascara arriving in any of my subscription boxes. This is actually the second full-size version of this Model Co. mascara that I have received. The first one was in a Birchbox about 2 years ago, & it was something really new & different at the time, as fibre mascaras hadn't quite taken off like they have now. I liked the formula & for a fibre mascara I was pleased with the results, wear & dark black color of this mascara. I'm looking forward to trying this out again, I just hope that the -20 degree weather it was delivered in didn't totally mess up the formula. The mascara tube itself has a mirror on the opposite side of whats shown here, making it a perfect travel companion, or if you are like me, a great mascara to apple when your husband is driving/shifting/plowing. Seriously, I can apply my make up in just about any situation since moving to Alaska! 

Nail wraps are my favorite product for when I need to make an at home mani happen quickly & still look fantastic. They are available from so many brands now & come in such a spectacular array of colors, prints, finishes, textures & patterns. At first they were such a pain to apply to my nails, I actually was so upset because I had purchased about 6 different styles & I didn't think I could make them work. I wear my nails really short so they are a bit tricky to apply, but I've found having a fresh-file works best to shape them once I've put them on my nails. Now, these prints are obviously quite festive & an ode to the holidays. Since my box arrived so late I didn't get to wear them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but I think they can be paired with some other nail products to make a cute Valentine's mani. If you are looking for non-holiday themed nail wraps check out these & these.

I think I might be the last person to know about Go Vino. I really wish that I had known about them around the time I was planning our wedding because their products would of been way more budget friendly than all of the rented drink-ware we rented. All of Go Vino's products are made with a 100% BPA free-polymer, they are reusable, recyclable & shatter proof. I also wish that I had found these back when the kids were transitioning from cups with lids & straws to open drinking glasses. Since the glasses have a little notch on the side I think they would of been easy for little hands to grip & they are pretty indestructible too. 

This wrapping paper is so perfect! I absolutely adore everything about it, from the seasonal prints to the labels, it's just a set that is ready for you to wrap, wrap, wrap. I didn't think I would be able to use any of the 3 sheets at all this year as Christmas was over by the time my December Box arrived. Then I remembered that I didn't have Justin's gift wrapped, so I used the sheet you see on the top here. I think he liked it, but he was certainly more interested in tearing it off to see what was inside. Hehe. MIXT has a lot of other great, unique products & I would love to order some of their reusable wine totes for hostess gifts. 

These were perfect for stocking stuffers & for sharing with the whole family. One bag was filled with 3 holiday favorites, Egg Nog, Peppermint Bark & Pumpkin Spice Caramel. The other was just the Milk Chocolate & Caramel flavor, which are my favorites. ;) 

I have a very, very, very, high standard for caramel corn because my mom makes the most amazing version ever. I was a bit skeptical about the CC Made Caramel Corn, every pre-packaged version I have ever tried is either too sweet or the texture is off. I'm pretty sure that CC Made uses the exact same recipe my mom does because this stuff was delicious! I tried to make the little 4oz package last as long as I could but late night holiday snacking got the best of me & it was gobbled up in one evening. 

This was PopSugar's "big" edition to the December box & I have to say I'm really loving the bracelet the more I wear it. I think the simplicity of the pendant style charm makes it a beautiful piece to wear on more casual days & the sparkle/shine allows it to be a versatile piece that can be dressed up on more special occasions. I know that I never would of spent $110 on a bracelet for myself, even on a piece like this so I'm very happy it was included in my December box. 

Total Value of the December Box: $187.95
Monthly Subscription $39.95

Popsugar raised the monthly subscription box back in November & I was concerned that with the cost of the box itself going up the value of everything sent each month wouldn't be as amazing or exceed the cost of the box. Luckily, I was wrong! The boxes have been fantastic & I can't wait to see what's in my January 2014 box. 
If you are interested in signing up for your very own Popsugar Monthly Must Have Box, you can sign up HERE!

as always, love from alaska