Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pinterest Inspirations-January 2014

Oh Pinterest, you are the consumer of too much of my spare time, my go to source for inspiration, birthday party ideas & last minute dinner recipes. I seem to find so many things I like on Pinterest that I end up with hundreds of pins hanging out under my LIKES. Once a month I like to go through my pins & find ones that I plan to use, normally I have been just adding them to the Board that works for what type of pin it is, ie- Kid Stuff, Beauty,  or Camping.  This method has worked for a while, but now that I have been pinning away for over 2 years things have gotten a little out of hand. Instead of pinning things to boards based on type, I'm going to create a board for each month & pin the things that I want to do/create/make/use for that month. 
I'm going to share a few of the things I've rediscovered from my current 400+ likes & at the end of this post I will link my January 2014 Board. The board itself will be a work in progress as I will continue to move things over from my Likes & of course pin new things I find throughout the month to it. :) 

I'm always keeping an eye out for a new cookie recipe & brown sugar cookies are amongst our favorites. I think this twist of adding oatmeal & coconut will make a basic cookie extra delicious. Since we use organic-unsweetened coconut & Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats I'm going to have to modify the recipe a bit & I will let all of you know how these cookies turn out. 

We drink coffee like it's our lifeblood. Currently we have an entire kitchen rack dedicated to all things coffee & tea, I would like to add a quote about coffee above the rack itself once I finish painting the kitchen. This is my favorite one that I've come across so far because Justin & I both stumble around like grouchy-creatures in the morning until our coffee has been brewed. 

I love a good beauty pin & this one is fantastic if you are looking to find an affordable matte lipstick at the drug store. I've mentioned before how much I just love the Wet N Wild matte formula & from this pin I can see all of the shades. I'm actually considering printing this off & marking off the ones I already own. Two of my favorites that are shown here are 905-Smokin Hot Pink & 908-Sugar Plum Fairy. (If you are planning to purchase any Wet N Wild products keep an eye out at Fred Meyer for the on-display coupons. I've gotten 99% of my Wet N Wild products for half off or even BOGO!)

You guys probably have already figured out that I love Pinterest for the images I use on almost all of my Fall in Love Friday posts. There are so many uplifting, humorous, & touching quotes to be found & this one I think is especially fitting for January as we are all trying to stay on track with our goals, resolutions & ideas for 2014. 

Books for Behavior
Have you ever clicked through a pin & found yourself on an amazing blog or online resource?! That is exactly what happened to me when I clicked this pin which was labeled as a list of books about different types of children's behavior & found myself on the Little Miss Kindergarten blog. Not only is the list of behavior books amazing the entire blog is a fantastic resource whether you are homeschooling, working on preschool or even have kids attending kindergarten. I have found things that are perfect for Danielle & others that have helped me with the twins as they journey through their first year of public school.

How to organize our TV set up has been a source of many a conversation & even some frustration. We have our TV, blu-ray player, cable box, wii & surround sound all on a TV stand that I purchased from one of the local Facebook-Buy-Sell-Trade groups. While the stand fits in with our living room & keeps everything organized I just feel like we can do something more modern & us with the entertainment-area set-up. I just love how this Master Bedroom TV Wall that is shown here incorporates home decor, photographs & a television. Obviously this one was designed to be used in a master bedroom, but I would love it see it in our living room.  

One thing that I really want to do more of in 2014 is...READ! I have bookcases overflowing with books that I haven't read & at least 20 or more unread items on my Kindle. Seeing this pin reminded me that I needed to take the time to make my own 2014 reading list & try to read at least 3 books a month. 

HAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard when I saw this pin. If you take away WalMart, AC Moore & add Lowe's, & Jo-Ann's this is exactly me when I find something I just HAVE to do on Pinterest. 

There are a few of the things that I have found on Pinterest so far this month. Keep checking out my JANUARY 2014 board for all of the things I will be pinning throughout the month. If you guys want to see some reviews of recipes or things I've done from Pinterest please let me know. 

as always, love from alaska