Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Muses #3 for 2014


Taylor Swift at the Grammys 
When I saw Taylor on the red carpet for the Grammys I gasped. I think that this is the most amazing that she has every looked, I love the slightly darker blonde hair with the subtle smokey grey-silver eye look & the chain-mail-metal-mesh Gucci dress just fit her perfectly. I will be trying to re-create that polished & very gorgeous ponytail this week. I really loved her performance dress by Alberta Ferretti (Pre-Fall 2013 Collection) & if I was going to do my wedding all over again I would sell my soul to be able to wear at as my wedding dress! haha. :)

Hair Care
Lately I have been feeling a little lack-luster about my hair. I think I really need a root touch up & a trim...but beyond that my hair care approach needs an overhaul. My shower routine is literally a 7 minute process which usually involves mediating a dramatic kid problem from behind the curtain while attempting to keep soap out of eyes. I'm keeping track of my hair care as well as skin care right now so that I can pin point some major issues & fill in the gaps with what products or treatments I'm missing.

This cake...this cake...If my next birthday had nothing but this cake it would be the best birthday of my life. It is a vision created by San Diego cake designer Stevi Auble & I recommend looking at the all of the gorgeous, perfect cakes & cupcakes on the site here.

Seven Days of Love
I came across this picture on pinterest of course & the concept itself is designed to be used for a spouse(totally sweet & cute!) but I want to modify it a bit so that I can use it as a little weekly sharing of love with the kids. The twins have started to develop reading skills during their second half of kindergarten & Danielle would like to have these little notes read to her. I find that when Justin is away for work I just end up becoming so focused on our routine, discipling & all of the other parenting things...I need to find ways to step back & just give our kids more love more often.

as always, love from alaska