Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday Muses #2 for 2014

We are already another week into 2014! While I feel like January is moving pretty slow for me, I know it has been quite the month for some of you. I have been trying to stay on track with my resolutions & goals for this new year, as well as getting the kids back on track with chores, school & their activities. If you want to see my resolutions for 2014 check them out here. I do plan on having my 2014 Goals & some tips on achieving them up in a post soon, so just keep an eye out. : )

I finished painting the kids playroom & now I just have to add the final touches to the room. Last week I shared some of my inspirations in last weeks Monday Muses post & I have a couple more to share for this weeks Muses. 

I have loved the idea of vinyl wall decals for years & now that we are starting to put more things up on our walls I wanted to find something for the freshly painted playroom. I did a search on etsy for kids-wall-decals & found this design by bwordy. I really like all of the rules on this decal as they are rules we sort of have established for the playroom already. If you are looking for some vinyl wall decals check out the bwordy shop on etsy, they totally have some awesome designs to choose from! 

Reading Lists for 2014 & Wish Lists 
One of the things I want to do this year is read, read, read. Between 2012-2013 I think I only read about 40 or so books, which is a huge decline in what I've read in previous years. This year I want to get back into reading & this time I'm going to compile a list of titles that I would like to read. Starting in February I plan to get the kids 1 new book for us to read a week. While I love the books we have now, we have been stuck in a rut-reading the same stories again & again. I've begun to use the "wish list" function on to start my book lists for both my 2014 reading list & the books I would like to purchase for the kids this year. If you have an Amazon account & didn't already can actually create multiple Wish Lists or Shopping Lists & title them whatever you would like. For example I now have ones called Books 2014, Cookbooks, Kids Books 2014. 

There have been so many changes in my life in the last couple of years, but as 2014 arrived I acknowledged that in April I will have been living in Alaska for 5 years & in August Justin & I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, as well as 5 years of being together. In the last few years I have changed, parts of me are refreshed & different, yet I still feel the core of me is the same. I know that life has many more amazing journeys, challenges & experiences up ahead & that I'm not quite the person I'm going to be. 
If you feel like you are going through some changes & becoming a newer-refreshed version of yourself, just keep moving forward. If you're feeling worn down & defeated, allow yourself to try something new & move on to something happier.

Alright guys, I'm keeping my Muses short & sweet this week. So get out there & love, create, dream, build, change....adapt....being again! 

as always, love from alaska