Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Muses. #1 for 2014!

First Monday Muses of 2014! 
Monday Muses, I have missed you! There is something so wonderful & fun about finding some things to inspire the start of a new week. I love being able to share the things that inspire me with all of you. Some of these Monday Muses turn into week long muses, some last for a month & others become an obsession. 
This week is all about the mini-playroom makeover I'm in the process of completing, seeking out some unique-stylish-functional organizational pieces for our house, & continuing to make 2014 my best year yet. :) 

Be still my playroom heart. 
Cube-style shelving/storage units have become so popular in recent years & I have added a couple to our house recently, they are so easy to design into a room & I'm almost certain that I want to add one to the playroom soon. I really like the edition of the framed world map shown here & it is a component I would like to add to our playroom in the future. I also really love the idea of a shelf that is totally out of reach from little hands & the using a tassel garland as an accent. I think this garland I found on etsy from ProjectPaper is perfect! 

Another thing I want to add to the playroom is a chalkboard space. My grandparents had (& still have!!) a large framed chalk board outside on their porch & I have so many wonderful memories of playing/drawing/creating on that chalkboard with my brothers & cousins. Chalkboards are low maintenance & chalk is one of the easiest things to clean up if it happens to get somewhere that isn't wanted. This chalkboard set up here would be my dream setup, but since we do not have an Ikea available in Alaska (99% of what's shown here is from Ikea), I'm going to have to get creative & DIY-Alaskan style. ;) 

 Since Ikea has not decided that Alaska deserves to have their own store yet...yes, I'm quite bitter about it! Haha! I have to search out other companies that are either available in Alaska or ones that will ship to Alaska for a reasonable rate. My go-to is Target, the piece shown above is the Circo Brand, Chole & Connor Armoire with Toybox- in Chocolate. Originally this was about $200, I found it online marked down to $99 & thanks to my amazing Target RedCard I was able to have it ship FREE! I did read alot of the comments on this unit before I purchased it & one of the most common issue was that inside of the cabinet style doors there were not any cube-style shelves. Luckily, I did not want those shelves as I plan to add a shower-curtain rod to make it into the perfect dress up-storage space. 

Paint. Paint. Paint. Oh how obsessed am I with painting our home right now?!! This Olympic-One brand is available at Lowe's & I totally love it. It is pretty much fool proof & with 2 coats your walls will look flawless! The shade shown here is Toasted-Almond & after this post is finished the playroom walls will be coated in it. ;) I went with a neutral shade since the girls & Nikoli equally use the play room I chose a shade that I could accent with pops of color. I had considered doing two walls one color & the other two walls another, but that was just becoming a mess in my head & I was a bit afraid of it looking dated. Of course I will show you guys the finished room! 

My totally random organization inspiration this week is this neat bathroom storage! Recently I have been finding myself freaking out about my lack of organization with the products that I've collected to blog about. I actually have a set of shelves in my office that these type of storage bins would work perfectly with, I will let you know if I attempt to DIY them. 

Yesterday when I was at our local Fred-Meyer I stumbled upon this super small L'oreal display that had a range of nude nail lacquers on it & as I checked it out I saw that there were some familiar faces from Eva Longoria & Frida Pinto to Julienne Moore...I was sooooo excited! But ALL of the polishes had been opened so unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to purchase any of them. All of the shades were totally gorgeous. When I searched for the collection online I couldn't find ANYTHING in the US...but I did find the photo above (which linked to NOWHERE), from a UK collection. I have my fingers crossed that the entire collection will be released here in the US soon because those lipsticks look amazing! I'm pretty certain that the collection is called the Influential Women Collection or something, but I'm not 100% sure. Let me know if you have seen any of these new L'oreal products at your local drug stores. :) 

Alright guys, that is it for this weeks Monday Muses. I hope you are all having a great start to your new week & that 2014 is bringing lots of goodness to your life. 

as always, love from alaska