Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lowe's Adventure with Justin & Danielle


We were so lucky to have Justin home for about 12 days, starting right after the New Year. While he was home we made a couple trips to Lowe's so that I could round up some things that I needed to complete a few DIY projects around the house & so that we could get some information on hardwood flooring for our living room. 
Since we have been making almost weekly trips to Lowe's lately the kids have come to love our adventures & on this particular trip took place while the twins were at school so little Danielle had the experience all to herself. 

Justin & Danielle. Justin was having a beard-scratching moment while checking out some stuff & Danielle just loves pulling the blue basket-carts they have! She's also holding onto some paint color cards as we were deciding on the final shade for the playroom & my office. 

While we were waiting for our paint to be mixed & Justin checkout hardwood flooring Danielle & I made our way through the store checking out chandeliers (there are 2 I'm stalking until they go on sale!) organization solutions & then some carpeting. Danielle really loves the little carpet sample displays they have, especially the ones shaped like a teddy-bear & mittens. 

 Our Bogs, an Alaskan weather must-have! 

This was Danielle's reaction (I can't believe I caught it on camera!) when I told her that the bedroom she shares with Lilliana is going to become the utility room & they will each have their own room in what is currently the attached garage. We are probably about a year to 18 months away from even starting that project but it was really amusing to see her try & figure out where her stuff would go in the garage. Even after I explained that the garage wouldn't be a garage anymore & their would be different walls & carpet, she is still convinced her bed will just replace my car & that's how it will become their rooms. LOL! (She would probably take one of those basket-carts home if it was allowed!)

I shared this photo on Instagram (alaskalove12) & I still adore it. Danielle was telling a tale of some sorts as Justin finished up talking to the guys in the flooring department. He seriously spent almost 2 hours back there. He's know all full of knowledge about hardwood floors, the cost of materials/installation & all of the little things we are going to have to prepare to put hardwood floor in our house. 

Well guys that was one of our many, many trips to Lowe's recently. I ended up coming home with primer, paint, some painting supplies & a couple clearance holiday items. If you guys would like to see a haul of sorts please let me know! Also, if you are ever planning on taking on your own DIY project at home do some research at home first & then head to Lowe's. Everyone there is so helpful & I'm especially greatful to everyone in the paint department as they have prepared & shaken so many cans of paint & primer for me over the last couple months. :) 

The Lowe's website also has some great information & if you are looking for a Lowe's in your area you can utilize the Store Locator as well. You can check it all our here.

as always, love from alaska

***Disclaimer...I was not paid or sponsored by Lowe's in anyway for this post. It has just become our go-to spot for any projects or materials for our home & DIY projects. I seriously love getting lost in looking at lighting, paint, flooring & all of the other amazing things available at Lowe's.***