Saturday, January 25, 2014

Love with Food-January 2014 Box

Wake Up to the New Year!
My Love with Food Box arrived last week & the contents are almost completely devoured already! The kids & I have been snacking on all of the delicious items & each of us have found some new favorite treats. Love with Food featured Wake up to the New Year as their theme & mentioned that 2014 is all about "Snacking Smart & Doing Good" as they will be continuing to donate meals for each monthly box(2 with the deluxe box) purchased & sharing healthier snack options. 

Love with Food ships with USPS & this month all of the boxes shipped out a little late due to the winter weather on the East Coast. My box arrived 2 days later than the tracking information said it would but it was well worth the wait.
In December I upgraded our subscription from the regular option to the deluxe box. With the regular subscription there just wasn't enough to go around & I'm thrilled about the amount of snacks that are included in this months deluxe sized box. I will put the quantity of each snack at the end of the description of the product. :) 

How cute is the packaging on this healthy little snack? I'm not the biggest fan of freeze dried snacks like this, but when it comes to our winter snowmachining adventures & summer camping trips snacks like this are super convenient & the kids love them. This Mama's Magic Mix is made with freeze dried bananas, strawberries, salted peanuts, carmel puffs & chocolate covered graham crackers. (1)

My favorite candy combination has to be chocolate & peanut butter, Jer's Squares have taken that combination & added a couple of fun twists. The Original variety has Valencia Peanut Butter with Crunchy Rice Crisps, & covered in Milk Chocolate. The Pretzo Change-O has Valencia Peanut Butter, Sweet & Salty pretzel bits & then it's covered in Milk Chocolate. Both of the squares were delicious, I personally prefer the Original. (2 of each square)

Home Free Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (5oz. $5.49)
I have gotten these cookies before in various subscription boxes & I'm never disappointed to see them. While they are gluten free, they taste like the perfect cookie. Sweet, chocolatey with just a bit of a crunch. If you or someone you know is looking for a gluten free cookie I would recommend all of Home Free's cookie varieties. (3 1.1oz bags)

Lovely Candy Co Super Fruit Chews ($5.99)
When it comes to candy, I love chocolate & peanut butter & fruit flavored chew type treats. I'm was pleasantly surprised at how good all 3 flavors of these Lovely Chews were. The blueberry was my absolute favorite, followed by the pomegranate & I would of loved the raspberry more if the seeds were left out. According to the Lovely Candy Co site their products are available at Target & a bunch of other stores around the US. I hope that I can find them at a local retailer soon.

Caffe Borsa Hand Drip Premium Colombian Coffee ($8.30 for 8)
I initially assumed this packet was full of instant coffee & I put it aside as I simply can't handle instant makes me shiver in the worst of ways. Upon further inspection I figured out that this packet was an ingenious little surprise. Drip coffee inside of a unique filter system that allows you to make a single cup of coffee with just hot water & this Caffe Borsa Hand Drip coffee. The open style filter actually has "arms" which allow it to sit above the bottom of the cup & as you pour in hot water it brews.  I haven't tried it out yet, but if the coffee is as good as the filter-Hand-Brew invention is I will probably consider purchasing this for traveling. (1 Packet)

Oskri Orange Fruit Bar ($25.50 for 30 Bars)
I haven't had a chance to try these bars yet but with their simple ingredient list (oranges, dates, figs & raisins) I'm sure I will like them. Through the packaging they feel really soft & I'm going to bet that they are going to be extremely sticky as well. (2 Bars)

Annie's Organic Berry Berry Granola Bar ($4-$5 for a Box of 6)
We love Annie's products & these granola bars are among the kids all time favorites. This was one item we could of used more than 1 of in the box! Haha. Anytime we are sent an Annie's product I will be happy & the kids will be snacking on it the second the box arrives. (1 Granola Bar)

Almonds are my favorite nut to snack on & I really think these are perfect for the random salty-crunchy craving I randomly get. Usually I prefer fruity or sweet things, but when the salty-craving hits (time of the month!) I'm going to be sure I have these on hand. I don't think I will purchase the individual snack packs, instead I will try to find the regular sized bags as I like to avoid excess packaging as much as possible. (2-100 Calorie Packs)

This is another perfectly salted snack! While I really like the lightly salted almonds, I loooooovvved these! They have a texture somewhere between puffy cheetos & popcorn with just a hint of salt & the multigrain give the flavor a bit of depth. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for these at our local grocers. If you need to have them ASAP they are available from amazon as an add on item (ships free to most addresses) & also as a part of their Subscribe & Save program. (1-Bag)

Oskri Dried Cranberries (8 Pack $14.42)
Dried cranberries are always welcome in our home. We love them on salads, mixed in our oatmeal, as a part of our trail mixes & granola bars. I have a personal disgust of raisins-seriously, I do not know why but when I see little boxes of raisins I actually begin to feel nauseous, it is the oddest thing...luckily dried cranberries exist! I actually plan to use this pack when I make the kids some Morning Glory Oatmeal.  (1-Packet)

Morning Sunshine Rise & Shine Breakfast Cookie with ink! Coffee ($28 for 12)
This is the one product that intrigued me the most, I know coffee is becoming a popular ingredient in a lot of things-I just never expected to find it in a breakfast cookie. I consider coffee my lifeblood & without it I can't imagine how I would function. So, I'm going to do a little experiment & skip my morning cup of life & eat this cookie instead. Hopefully I will still get my "fix" & it will also take care of my usual breakfast skipping problem. (1-Cookie)

There is the January 2014-Love with Food Deluxe Box! I'm so glad I upgraded our subscription to the Deluxe Box & I can't wait to see what February's Box is full of! I'm hoping for an awesome Valentine's Day themed box with amazing sweet treats. If you are interested in signing up for the Regular Snack Box or the Deluxe Box just click here!!!! Boxes range from $10-$17 a month & you will find yourself addicted to so many great, healthier snack options. I highly recommend the deluxe size box for households with 4 or more people so that sharing is possible! :) 

as always, love from alaska