Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Popsugar Monthly Must Have-November Box.

Before I share all of the amazing things that were in the November Popsugar Monthly Must Have Box I received I wanted to tell you that a subscription to this box would make a fantastic gift! I really love my subscription boxes & getting someone a gift that they will receive for months to follow the holidays is just so special. After the brightness of the holidays has dimmed your gift recipient will get an amazing box filled with such wonderful snacks, treasures, accessories & plenty of other surprises. Now...November's box did not disappoint as it was stuffed with some quite practical but luxurious holiday-ready pieces. Check them out below & I will also include a link where you can subscribe to Popsugar yourself or gift it to a luck person in your life! 

Usually I save my favorite item from the monthly box until the end of my post, but this one was just begging to be put first. ;) If my picture seems rather odd to you, it's because I draped it over a lamp in our living room. Click the link above for some better styled images. This wrap is amazing! I have worn it out & about as a scarf & used it at home as a cozy wrap. I think it will become my go-to travel scarf because it is large enough to cover up with in-flight & then transition into being a chic component to a travel ready look. 

If Popsugar sent a candle or diffuser every month I would be totally thrilled. This candle is perfect for burning in the winter months, especially around the holidays. It has a spiced-woodsy scent that is so warm & inviting. It might be due to Justin leaving for work today, but I think this candle smells just like him! Whenever I miss him I light my Mahogany Teakwoods candle from BBW, but this one is much closer to his scent. Yes, I'm a bit of a weirdo I suppose, but when you miss your miss your man! If spiced-woodsy scented things aren't up your alley, check out the Nice version of this candle & how fantastic is the Give & Give collection by Illume? I will be keeping Illume in mind for future candle purchases & gifts to give.

This is one of those items that I want to be excited about, but I just feel sort of blah about it. Red is not among my top 5 favorite colors & I usually choose green as my holiday statement color instead. While this is a very practical item if you are someone who takes their own bottles of wine places frequently, I usually only drink at home or on special occasions.Even when I take bottles of wine or sparkling cider to family's homes around the holidays I use a Fred Meyer wine-tote bag so that I can carry more than 1 bottle safely. I may just use this as a hostess gift for Christmas or New Years. No need keeping something at home I won't use all too often. ;) 

Maison de Monaco is a San Francisco based business that is using traditional French recipes to create delicious jars of goodness. All of their products are made with the highest quality ingredients with 70% fruit & absolutely NO preservatives. I'm really excited to taste this variety as strawberry/raspberry are my 2 favorite jam/jelly/preserve choices. Due to the lack of preservatives (YAY!) these jars will keep for 2 years unopened & once opened they will need to be refrigerated & used within 3 weeks. 

Recently I have fallen back in love with bar soap & this bar is just so festive. Since it's about 10:30PM & I'm progressively getting worse at describing things, I'm going to share with you what The Soap & Paper Factory printed on the back of this soap. ;) "Roland loves the fresh, clean feeling of a pine forest on a dewy morning. He is happy, invigorating, and is in touch with his feminine side. Totally moisturizing and packed with Shea Butter, Roland will cleanse you gently while nourishing your sweet skin. He is biodegradable and is always looking for ways to conserve our natural resources. Roland would NEVER SHOWER ALONE!" This soap is Vegan, cruelty free & packaged in 100% recycled paper. I think any of the Shea butter soaps from The Soap & Paper Factory would make amazing gifts. 

I love anything involving nail products & this little Absoloute! package of acetone free nail polish remover pads is so cute! I adore the pink packaging & unlike most conventional nail polish removers these little pads are packed with Vitamin C & E. I will probably try a couple of these out & then save the rest for travel because they are so small & convenient. I will say that the "peach" scent isn't as close to fresh peaches as it is to say....a sweetened peach Absolute vodka. Even without the acetone & another scent layered into the formula, nail polish remover still smells like, nail polish remover. 


Popsugar has included some awesome gift cards in the past but this one from Canvas Pop might just be my favorite! I really wanted to get a canvas print done using the photo I took of the kids for our Thanksgiving Cards from Tiny Prints (30% off Tiny Prints orders this week until 12/3 with code CB13) & now thanks to Popsugar & Canvas Pop I probably will! I still have to spend some time on the site to figure out the actual pricing, but hey, $30 off is $30 off! 


Okay, I might be the only one...but I just do not understand the hype over apple chips! They are never crunchy & they also lack the ripe-snappyness of fresh apples. They always seem to be some weird chewy-tough texture & I just do not like them! I thought that I might actually like these because I love sea-salt-caramel-apple flavored everything else, but nope...still gross! Give me some dehydrated mango or pineapple any day, but you can keep the apples!

Well there are all of the wonderful-fantastic-amazing-beautiful Must-Haves from Popsugar this month! From practical to fun, I just adored this box! If you are interested in your very own treasure box each month click here to subscribe! You can use the code REFER5 to save $5 off of your first months box.

as always, love from alaska