Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nikoli's Gift Guide (Gifts 6 Year Old Boys)

Gift's for a Strong Willed, Outspoken, Active, Dirt Loving, Adventurous Boy

Hey guys! I know the holidays are so rapidly approaching & this weekend really marks the end of the shopping season, so I wanted to make sure that I shared Nikoli's & Danielle's 2013 Gift Guides. Much like Lilliana's, which you can see here, I'm going to share a few things that we are considering purchasing for Nikoli this year. I will be shopping in Anchorage over the weekend & I will be keeping an eye out for these items as well as some other things...

As I mentioned in Lilliana's Gift Guide we are planning on getting each one of the kids their very own subscription box. Nikoli is so curious by nature & anytime we have done an sort of science based projects together he has loved them. Appleseed Lane sends 2-4 science & math based projects monthly & the boxes are designed for kids ages 4-10. I've put a lot of thought into which box to get for each kid & plan to have them each pick 1 project out of their box to do alone with me/Justin/both of us & 1 to do with their siblings. That way each kid will be able to get some one on one time with Justin & I, as well as share the fun of their box with their siblings. 

While my mom was here in November we were discussing some of the AMAZING presents she always found for my brothers & I. Among them there was a Rokenbok set for my youngest brother Paul, while we were talking about it we could not remember what the exact name of the product was. Somehow I stumbled upon the Rokenbox site during my gift search & I'm so glad I found it! Nikoli absolutely loves building with his LEGOS & I think this will only expand his love of building & creating things. Plus I think Justin is going to seriously love playing with Nikoli & his Rokenbok set. This is a great product that you can continue to add to each year. I only hope that I can find it somewhere locally because I don't think it will arrive by the holidays! 

Cranium Cadoo Board Game
We love playing board games with our kids, but I will be the first to admit that Candy Land & Shoots & Ladder have gotten a little...old. I have been searching for a new fun game to get each of the kids this year & I think Cranium Cadoo will be a perfect combined gift. I would link to a reliable site to purchase from, but I can not really find one. There seem to be some for sale on amazon & ebay so I'm not sure if the game is no longer being sold or made or what. I will keep an eye out for it this weekend & hopefully I will be successful in finding one because I think we will have so much fun playing this together. I LOVED the original Cranium game & spent countless hours in high school playing it with friends, so out of all of the games I could select for the kids I'm going with this one, partially for the nostalgia & partially for the laughs.

I'm certain that I want to get each of the kids an Interactive Story Buddy from Hallmark this year. For the last 3 years at least I have gone into Hallmark to pick out their ornaments to put in their stockings & I spent at least 20 minutes checking these little creatures out. I finally feel like the kids are old enough for the concept of these & that it will increase their passion to learn how to read. For Nikoli I selected the Jingle puppy as he loves our dogs so much & currently his favorite movie is 8 Below. If you are looking for a great toy to send to a grand-kid, niece or nephew check out Hallmark's Interactive Story Buddies Line or their Recordable Story Books. 

Lincoln Logs Sets 
Lincoln Logs, if you've ever stepped on a LEGO & thought that hurt...haha! I have so many memories of playing for hours with my brothers with Lincoln Logs. We built our dream cabins, farms, houses, & other buildings. I think that Nikoli will love having a set of his own to build with. I may just try to find one big set to give to all 3 of the kids. Luckily, all 3 of them are great about sharing with each other (97% of the time) & they enjoy building with LEGOS together so hopefully the same will happen with Lincoln Logs. This is a great gift if you are looking for a good, strong gift that will last for a very long time, as long as no dogs or puppies find them! 

Anytime I see anything with moose or Alaska printed on it, I feel a strong urge to purchase it. Then you add it to a pair of really adorable little boy pajamas & well the must-have cross over is made! Hopefully I can find these locally as a lot of stores near us carry Carters pajamas. If not I will just place an order online & start obsessively checking shipping notifications & updates. 

Land of Nod-The Great Indoors Sleeping Bag 
Land of Nod has some of the most adorable sleeping bags that I have ever seen! These are perfect for sleepovers & camping nights in. Since they are not rated in any particular way for weather or temperatures I wouldn't plan to take these tent or truck camping. I want to also find a small-ish tent that I can set up for the kids & I in the living room so we can camp in over the weekends this winter. With how long our Alaskan Winters are I'm always trying to find new ways to keep all of us occupied & having fun! 

Other Items I'm Going to Keep an Eye Out For:
-Socks (The boy always needs socks!)
-Small LEGO Sets

I hope all of you are having an amazing week & that you will be able to finish your holiday shopping without too much stress or BAH-HUM-BUG-ING! 
as always, love from alaska