Friday, December 6, 2013

Mini-DIY Holiday Decorations

 Hey guys! I hope that all of you are having as much fun getting ready for the holidays as we are. Since our living room got such a lovely new look, decorating for this years holiday season has been even more wonderful. Today I'm going to share 2 mini-DIY Holiday Decoration ideas. Both of them are simple, take hardly any time at all & are perfect for adding a little holiday cheer to any room in your home. 


I had a bunch of red & green ornaments left over from decorating the tree this year. Usually our tree is 2-3 feet taller than the one we cut this year & I decided to use all of our other multi-colored ornaments on the tree. I was left with a whole set of red & green ornaments & I chose to use them as decorations throughout other areas of our home. 
This ornament garland that I hung on a bookshelf in our living room took me about 10 minutes from start to finish & you could create one with any ornaments that you have! 


  •   Any gardening twine. You could also use ribbon or string.
  • Tape. I used packing tape. As you will see it was only used to help string the twine through the ornaments. If your twine is thinner or the opening in your ornament is larger, you probably won't need the tape at all. 
  • Scissors.
  • Ornaments. I purchased mine last season at Target. Target carries a great variety of affordable, shatter-resistant, plastic ornaments that look great & are available in a huge mix of shades.

  • This is where the tape came in handy for me. I used it to keep the strands of twine together & to make it easier to pull it through each ornament. 
  • Cut the twine to the length desired for your ornament garland. To do this, I just pulled mine across the area of my bookshelf that I wanted it to hang from. The twine I used was thick enough so that I didn't need to tie or secure my ornaments in anyway. If you are using a thinner twine, string or ribbon you will probably need to secure each ornament in place, which means your length of medium you're hanging with will need to be longer. Just measure & account for each tie or knot. :)
  • I used a simple green-red-green-red pattern for the entire length of my garland. I had a mixture of matte, shiny, glittered & textured ornaments. You can use any pattern or variety that you would like! 
  • Once you've strung all of the ornaments on your length of twine, just secure it to the place you're going to hang it. This style of garland is best for mantles, bookshelves, other shelving, windows or other places where the ornaments will be able to freely hang.  
The Finished Ornament Garland...
You can also add some gorgeous white lights to make your garland look even more beautiful. I took mine down after the pictures because I didn't have a great place to plug them in without causing major tripping hazards. :( 

So there is our bookshelf all decorated! I added a set of tins that have Santa & his reindeer flying through the night sky, as well as little Santa bell that used to belong to Justin's grandparents. The left over ornaments are just sort of scattered on the top & I've left my floral diffuser (found on clearance at Lowe's for $2!), my Scentsy burner & a mirror I purchased on Zulily a couple years ago. 


This next little project requires 10 minutes, some ornaments & 1 over-sized bell mason jar that I found at Target when shopping for wedding decorations about 2 years ago.

You could recreate this decoration at home if you have any sort of large glass vase or if you are as ridiculously obsessed with mason jars as I am & have one of these already. I haven't spotted any at Target since I purchased this one & I have been looking for one! 
To fill up my jar I used a mix of large & miniature, red & green ornaments. As you can see at the top there are a few holes where I need to add some more miniature ornaments to fill up the entire jar. I will probably just wait for all of Target's holiday merchandise to go on sale & pick up a couple more boxes of ornaments to use in this jar next year. Again, like with the ornament garland you can use whatever color ornaments you would like! 
I put this jar in the center of our dining room table & you will be able to see it in a post featuring our Elf on the Shelf, Luca, very soon. 

This jar is great for decorating for any holiday season. Around the spring, for Easter I fill it with plastic Easter eggs & for fall I have filled it with miniature pumpkins & gourds. If you can find one of these jars & you enjoy decorating your house seasonally, it is perfect! 

If any of you have some quick & easy DIY decorating ideas, please let me know! It is so much fun adding little touches of holiday spirit throughout our house. :) 

as always, love from alaska